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People Are Taking Body Modification Way Too Far

Body Modification

Over the years, people have been pushing the envelope when it comes to body modification. Years ago, people were merely getting tattoos and body piercings to satisfy their body modification desires. The more popular tattoos and piercings became, people, felt the need to go a bit further to make a statement. Today, people are doing some pretty crazy things to their body to get attention.

Going To the Extreme

Some people go pretty far when it comes to body modification. The less these people look human, the more they like it. Most people who are into extreme body modification don’t think much about the future. They don’t think about what would happen if they needed to find a new job where their appearance would be unacceptable. They also don’t think about what they are going to look like when they are elderly, ready for retirement.

Charles Bentley

Charles Bentley is a man from Australia. He traveled to Stockholm to have a shocking body modification procedure performed. This man has inside of his ears taken out in new body modification trend. He went to the Calm Body Modification studio to have the procedure performed.

According to the studio’s owner, Chai Mailbert, it is called a ‘conch removal.’ Mailbert says the procedure will not make you deaf. He says that your hearing would be impaired for the first week or two while your brain gets used to your new ears. He also says that your ability to hear from behind will get better because you won’t have the back of your ears blocking the sounds. This modification cannot be reversed, and it is very drastic. Charles says that he considered stretched earlobes but decided that they were too mainstream. He says that having the inside of his ears taken out was a spiritual change.


Charles and Chai received mixed feedback regarding the procedure. Some people said that it was the stupidest thing that they had ever seen. One girl wrote, “I personally think this looks rad.” Everyone had their own opinions about what Charles did, but at the end of the day, Charles didn’t care what people thought. He wanted to have the procedure performed, and he was happy with the results.

An Audiologist Weighs In

An audiologist named Sar Gilani saw the photo, and he decided to let the world know what he thought about the procedure. He wrote, “As an audiologist, this is really making my eyes bleed. The whole post, picture, everything. Please, for the love of your own ears and hearing, do not get this procedure done thinking it won’t make a difference to your hearing. Please use your brain with common sense before getting such procedures done.”

Split Tongues

Conch removal isn’t the only thing that Chai does in his studio. He is also famous for performing split tongue procedures. He takes the tongue, and he cuts it down the middle. Next, the stitches the tongue and allows it to heal. The final result resembles that of a snake. Not only is this a significant modification procedure, but it is also irreversible. It is unknown whether or not this procedure affects the way that you taste your food.

Henry Damon

Henry Damon is a fan of Captain America. He loves to movies so much that he decided that he wanted to look like Red Skull, Captain America’s villain. Rather than getting a mask, like most people, he took body modification to a whole new level. First, he had his face tattooed red and black. He even had his eyes tattooed black. He had implants put in over his eyes, and he had most of his nose removed. The final result left him looking nothing like his old self. You can only hope that he doesn’t regret it one day because these changes cannot be reversed.

Ted Richards

Ted Richards if from Bristol, England and he loves parrots. He isn’t your typical pet lover. Most people who love their pets don’t go through painful procedures to look like them. Ted did. First, he had his entire face tattooed to look like a parrot. Next, he used colored contacts to make his eyes two different colors. If this isn’t enough, he underwent a six-hour procedure to have his ears removed. Since parrots don’t have external ears, he didn’t want them either. This is just too extreme.

Marcus “Creature” Boykin

Marcus Boykin can’t seem to find a roommate. He cannot even find a landlord willing to rent to him. It isn’t because he cannot afford his rent, but because of his appearance. This man calls himself “The Creature,” and he has hundreds of piercings and tattoos all over his face and body. He gets a new tattoo every day. Marcus says that without his daily tattoo, he would lose his purpose in life. He is having trouble finding an apartment in Los Angeles, a city that is home to many weird and eccentric people, so you know that he must look really strange.

Think Before You Modify

If you are thinking about any type of body modification, you should think about it carefully first. Most body modifications are not reversible. Reversing them will cost you thousands of dollars. If you miss your old look, you better be ready to pay.

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