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People Hate Jennifer Aniston Again – Here’s Why

Jennifer Aniston has generally been known to global audiences as a nice and charming girl next door due to her role as Rachel Greene in the hit television sitcom Friends. However, those who have worked with her have a somewhat different experience with the A-list Hollywood and television star. Since her heyday during the peak of Friends, success, stories about negative experiences with the show’s star have seeped through the woodwork. While these tales have generally subsided over the years, people hate Jennifer Aniston again – here’s why.

For the most part, A-list television and film star Jennifer Aniston has been defined to the public by two things. These things are her role as Rachel Greene in the hit television sitcom Friends, and her tabloid marriage to fellow film star Brad Pitt. In both of these scenarios, Aniston is generally seen by the public as a naive and innocent girl next door type. However, in reality, Aniston has always maintained a little bit of a dark side. Although it’s a side that the public rarely gets to see, it’s a side that those who have worked with her have often had to become privy to. Regardless of the degree, many of the people who have worked with Jennifer Aniston have surprisingly negative things to stay about the starlet.

It’s hard to know exactly how Jennifer Aniston behaved before becoming famous. However, after becoming an A-list star, many of her co-workers have complained about what they described as “diva-like behavior”. Aniston was catapulted to A-list stardom through her work in the hit sitcom Friends. When that show ended in 2004, many people in Hollywood were anxious to work with the star. However, the reality they’d find was much different than the cute and bubbly persona they had become used to on television. In fact, Aniston has developed a reputation for having somewhat of a negative attitude on set.

Many of her Hollywood co-workers have found the 51-year-old Jennifer Aniston to be a little bit hard to approach. One such story of her being hard to approach comes from the set of the 2011 romantic comedy Just Go With It. Aniston starred in this film alongside famous comedian Adam Sandler. Cast and crew would report that when everyone was eating lunch together in the cafeteria area, Aniston would grab her lunch and go somewhere to eat it alone. She also notably ordered her private trailer to be kept miles away from the set of the film, which crew members were quick to point out was somewhat strange and off-putting. Many fans gave her the benefit of the doubt, assuming the star just preferred being alone because she was shy or stressed. However, others felt the behavior was emblematic of Aniston thinking she was better than others and deserved special treatment. As a crew member on the film put it, “there’s no reason why she has to act [like she’s] any better than anyone else on that movie set”.

This 2011 incident certainly wasn’t the first (or last) time that someone took umbrage with the star’s behavior on set. Over a decade prior, Aniston starred with then-unknown comedian Jay Mohr in a romantic comedy that was titled Picture Perfect. Mohr has gone on to share that the shoot for that 1997 motion picture was incredibly troublesome for him in particular. Although he has been hesitant to name names, many have connected the dots to realize that the person he is talking about is most likely Aniston.

Apparently, Aniston was upset that she was having to work in the picture opposite someone who wasn’t a star in their own right. She would ridicule Mohr, both to his face and behind his back. She would often break down during filming, yelling at Mohr and the crew. She went out of her way to make it as clear as possible to the rest of the cast and crew that she was above working with Mohr. While Mohr did his best to brush it off and remain professional on the job, he reportedly had to go to his mother’s house sometimes after shoots to cry and let off steam. Mohr claims he will never tell the world exactly who the story is about, but it’s not hard to infer that it’s Aniston. She is notorious for being somewhat of a control freak, after all.

In fact, Jennifer Aniston has gone on record about the fact that she exhibits some of the behaviors of a control freak on set. According to an interview she did for another Adam Sandler comedy, 2019’s Murder Mystery, Aniston expressed her desire to be in firm control of every aspect of her life. As she claims, this was the result of her being “so out of control while [she was] growing up”. However, given that Sandler has repeatedly worked with Aniston, once can assume that not all Hollywood celebrities have had negative experiences with her. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to press the like button to show you’re support! As well, subscribe to Facts Verse if you’d like to be among the first to know when more content is dropping in the future!

Besides the aforementioned incidents on the sets of Just Go With It and Picture Perfect, Jennifer Aniston has managed to rub many other celebrities the wrong way. Some of the many celebrities who have had less-than-kind words to share about the film and television star include Kristen Stewart, John Mayer, Elisabetta Canlis, Piers Morgan, Joan Collins, and the late comedian Joan Rivers.

Aniston did a live Q&A in 2016 with Piers Morgan. While the Q&A itself went okay, Morgan made some comments afterwards showing his true feelings for the actress. According to him, she was a somewhat self-obsessed celebrity who needed to get a better grip on reality. Joan Rivers also said in 2011 that “she would like to take Jennifer Aniston and put her hair over her… face.” It’s hard to know exactly what any of these celebrities saw in Aniston that made them dislike her. However, where there’s smoke, there’s usually at least a little bit of fire. Celebrities are oftentimes judged to a higher degree than the average person, so perhaps we should take all of these criticisms with a grain of salt. Still, it’s hard not to be a little curious when there’s so many different celebrities all sharing similar experiences with the Hollywood starlet.

More recently, Jennifer Aniston has been rubbing the public the wrong way for a much different reasons. Over the 2020 holiday season, Aniston shared a picture on her social media that many of her followers considered somewhat insensitive. The picture in question was a simple picture of a wooden ornament engraved with the words “Out First Pandemic 2020”. Of course, the ornament is in reference to the global Covid-19 pandemic that changed the way many citizens across the world were able to celebrate the holidays. Given the serious nature of the topic, many took issue with what they perceived as Aniston making light of it. As soon as the picture was posted, many people began arguing about whether or not they felt the picture was appropriate. Of course, Aniston’s attitude was once again called into question. To many people, this incident just showcased once again how out-of-touch the star has become.

Some people have come to the actress’s defense, however. Aniston has made proactive comments supporting mask-wearing during the pandemic. As well, she has been vocal about her support for small businesses that have been struggling due to lockdowns. In fact, the ornament in question was purchased from a small business, the shop “Rustic Raleigh”. According to shop owner Brittany Sutton, she is incredibly grateful for Aniston’s support of her business. She claims that her ornaments are good-spirited and that she made them as away to share positivity during the pandemic. While many may disagree with the final product, it appears that both Aniston and Sutton had their hearts in the right places. Still, even if Aniston’s intentions were pure, that doesn’t change the fact that many people were offended.

This most recent episode is just one of many where Aniston has been seen by the public as the bad guy. Even if her intentions aren’t malicious, she exhibits slightly out-of-touch behavior that simply turns much of the public off. Whether it’s acting like a diva on set or sharing insensitive pictures on social media, many people likely share Piers Morgan’s earlier sentiments that the Hollywood actress could use a better grip on reality. It’s all too common for Hollywood celebrities to become out-of-touch with the rest of the world as a result of their social status. When you are treated like a celebrity, you become used to being pampered. Over time, you may forget that you are just another person in a sea of people, and that your actions may have unintended consequences. Although Aniston certainly didn’t mean to offend by sharing a picture of her new holiday ornament, she didn’t stop to consider how the picture might come across to her fans who have suffered from Covid personally. As well, she likely didn’t consider how it would look to fans who have had friends and family members pass away from the virus.

At the end of the day, the public’s hatred of Jennifer Aniston is perhaps a little exaggerated. However, it is emblematic of a common problem that many Hollywood stars face after a certain point in their careers. When you live your life in the public sphere, all of your actions will be observed under a magnifying lens. If you make one small wrong move, the public will notice. If you continue to make wrong moves, the public will see a pattern. Perhaps Aniston, and many others in her position, could benefit from taking a step back and re-examining the way they deal with both the public and their co-workers. Otherwise, they will likely continue to stay on the public’s bad side.

Jennifer Aniston certainly isn’t the only Hollywood film or television star who has developed a somewhat negative reputation in the public sphere. Comment down below if you’d like to share your own personal tale of an irksome celebrity, or if you’d like to play devil’s advocate by throwing some kind words Aniston’s way. As always, like this video if you felt that the content was to your liking, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are dropping in the future!

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