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Pregnant Side Chick Texts The Wrong Person And Things Take A Hilarious Turn

Thanks to the invention of memes, posting on social media, sending DM’s (direct messages), and texting has become a lot more fun and a lot more entertaining. This story is proof of that. The photos of the text conversation was posted on Imgur by a user who calls themselves “OddOdd.” The text conversation is real, and it is great. When pregnant side chick texts the wrong person and things take a hilarious turn.

I’m Pregnant

The text conversation starts out with a woman texting her baby daddy girlfriend (or so she thinks), to let her know that she is pregnant. To make the story easier to understand, we’ll call the pregnant girl “Mary” and the baby daddy girlfriend, “Beth.” When Beth gets the text, she plays stupid and asks which boyfriend Mary was talking about. Mary gets angry and tells Beth that she is being serious. Beth tells Mary that she understands that its serious but she needs more to go on. Mary says that she is pregnant by Sam and that he has been ignoring her.

Narrowing Down the Sams

Beth tells Mary that she needs to narrow it down for her, so she sends her a picture of Sam from Supernatural. She asks if it was that Sam. She sends two more photos of famous Sams and asks if it was him. After sending the photos of three Sams, Beth says that if it were the first Sam, she would be disappointed because he is her favorite.

Mary Gets Angry

Mary asks Beth what is wrong with her and she asks if Beth thinks that she is funny. Beth tells her that the whole situation is funny and that she is hilarious. She adds a photo of the guy who plays Dean on Supernatural with a caption that read, “I’m Batman.”


Mary wrote, “So your boyfriend cheats on you. He makes me pregnant, and you’re making jokes! I should have known you’re crazy to stay with a guy like Same. I mean he didn’t’ even take me to nice food places he took me to the Spur! And if you’re happy with those standards then I suppose you must be crazy.” This didn’t rattle Beth. Instead, she had some pretty good comebacks. First, she corrected Mary’s grammar by using “you’re” the wrong way. She even wrote the meaning of the different versions of the word.

Schooling Mary

Next, Beth tells Mary that the word that she was looking for was restaurant. She added that rather than taking Mary to Spur, Sam should have taken her to McDonald’s because it sounded like she needed a Happy Meal. By this point, Mary is furious. She asks Beth if she thinks she’s funny. Beth responds with another photo of Dean from Supernatural with the caption, “I think I’m adorable.”

Do You Have Sam?

By now, Mary is angry. She tells Beth that she wants to speak to Sam and asks if Beth has him. Beth says that she does have him in the trunk of her car. She says that she will keep him n there until he’s done with his pregnant making ways. Mary isn’t amused, and she asks Beth what is wrong with her. Beth responds to a meme of Crowley from Supernatural with a caption that read, “You’re sarcasm is so perfect they think you’re serious.”

Stop With the Supernatural!

Mary is very mad at this point and tells Beth to stop making Supernatural jokes. Beth responds with a meme of Dean from Supernatural with a caption that read, “Let’s talk about something other than Supernatural.” She added her own text that read, “I’m sorry I don’t understand…” Mary tells Beth to wait, and Beth says that she is waiting.

Wrong Number

Beth waits, but there is no text right away so she texts back and asks if Mary is trying to break Sam out of her car. Mary tells Beth that she thinks that she has the wrong number and she’s sorry. Beth responds with a photo of Sam from Supernatural screaming. When Mary says that she is sorry, Beth says that she isn’t as sorry as Sam is going to be. When Mary asks what Beth means, Beth says, “He’s still in the trunk of my car…what am I going to do with him now? He’s been wrongfully accused?!

Psycho Jerk

Mary tells Beth that she is a psycho. Beth says that she is right, but she should go to bed. In nine months, Mary won’t sleep ever again. Mary gets mad and calls Beth a bitch. Beth comes back and calls Mary a jerk. Finally, the text conversation ends.


This story is proof that if you are going to text someone with life-changing news, you better make sure that you have the right number.

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