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Priscilla Has Revealed What Elvis Used To Ask Of Her, And It’s Astonishing

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley will forever be known as “The King Of Rock ‘n Roll.” He was one of the most influential people of the 20th century, and since his death, there are over 85,000 Elvis impersonators around the world. Most fans think that they know everything Elvis, but there are some fascinating facts that most people don’t know.

Just Average

When Elvis was in school, his music teacher told him that he was just average. He didn’t get along with the other kids, and they often teased him for playing his “hillbilly” music. When he was younger, he hated performing in front of other people.

Elvis Never Had Naturally Black Hair

Elvis’ hair was not black; it was dyed. He was born blonde and started dying his hair at a young age to give himself an edgier look. When he was younger, he admits to having used black shoe polish to make his hair black.

Elvis Didn’t Want To Play the Guitar

Elvis wasn’t always interested in music. It wasn’t until he was 11-years-old that he got his first guitar and started to play. He would have rather had a firearm on his hip rather than a guitar, but his mother wouldn’t allow it. After picking up the guitar and learning to play, he fell in love with it.

He Never Performed Outside Of North America

Elvis had fans all over the world, and regardless of this, he never played a show outside of North America. He performed all over the U.S. and Canada, but that is it. Many people believe that it was his manager who kept him from traveling and playing around the world.

He Was In the Army

In 1958, Elvis was drafted in the Army. This is something unimaginable thing for stars today. When he as drafted, he was offered a position in Special Services, where he would entertain and live in priority housing. He turned down the offer and wanted to be a regular soldier. This move won over many of his haters and gained him a lot of respect.

Elvis Met Priscilla When She Was 14-Years-Old

Shortly after Elvis was drafted in the Army, he was stationed in Germany. It was there that he first met Priscilla Beaulieu. She was 14 at the time, and he was 24. The couple married, but it came at a cost to Priscilla Beaulieu.

Dating Elvis Wasn’t Always Easy For Priscilla

Priscilla says that dating Elvis wasn’t always easy, especially at a young age. She says that she lost who she was early in life, and she never really had any teenage years. She says that she spent so much time with him and she learned so much from him at a young age, that she started thinking the way that he did.

Elvis Hated Spending Nights Alone

Elvis hated to spend his nights alone. Some thought that it was because he was coping with the loss of his mother, who passed away shortly after the Army sent him to Germany. Sadly, it wasn’t always Priscilla Beaulieu who was by his side at night.

Elisabeth Stefaniak

While Elvis was in Germany and courting Priscilla, who was the daughter of a U.S. Navy pilot, there was another woman. A 19-year-old German girl named Elisabeth Stefaniak was hired by Elvis to handle his fan mail after she asked him for an autograph. Their short romance ended when he went back to the United States to marry Priscilla Beaulieu.

One Marriage

Elvis was known as a ladies man, but the only woman he ever married was Priscilla Beaulieu. Elvis married Priscilla in Las Vegas in 1967. The two made an adorable couple, but things weren’t as great within the marriage as most people thought.

Elvis Never Saw Priscilla Without Makeup

Priscilla has revealed what Elvis used to ask of her, and it’s astonishing. Elvis never saw Priscilla without makeup, and he never saw her getting dressed. He says that the mystique was very important to him. She said that it took years before she let him see her with very little makeup on.

The Choice To Marry Wasn’t Only Up To the Couple

While Elvis and Priscilla were deeply in love, there are rumors that it was Elvis’ manager, Colonel Tom Parker who pushed them to get married. He believed that the wedding would be good for Elvis’ image.

Distance After Children

Elvis and Priscilla split up in 1972, after a few years of marriage. Things changed between the two after the birth of their child, which caused distance between the two. Eventually, things ended.

Secret Phobia

According to Priscilla , Elvis was a germaphobe. He would go to great lengths to avoid germs. He didn’t eat at other people’s homes, and if he did, he brought his own silverware. And he would also drink where the handle was because nobody would ever drink from that side.


Elvis had a pet chimpanzee named Scatter. Scatter was the perfect name because he would run around Graceland when they had parties, screaming and scaring the guests. Elvis dressed Scatter in a Hawaiian shirt often and taught him naughty tricks.


Elvis loved guns as much as he loved his guitars. Tom Jones remembers seeing guns in Elvis’ dressing room. Ginger Alden, his ex-girlfriend says that he fired at the television set once.


Elvis ex, Ginger Alden, says that he liked to get her attention. There was one night when she was sleeping, and he shot at the headboard right above her. She says that it was the wrong type of attention.

Strange Sandwich Choice

Elvis made a very strange sandwich that he loved. It was a peanut butter, bacon, banana, and honey sandwich. Most people would find this sandwich, but he loved it.

Elvis Was a Twin

Elvis had a twin brother named Jesse, who was stillborn. His mother gave birth in their tiny two-room house, and she almost died after. They didn’t have a funeral for Jesse, and his body was put in a shoebox and buried in an unmarked grave. As a child, Elvis often searched for his brother’s remains, but never found them.

The Book That Killed Elvis

Two weeks before Elvis died, the book Elvis: What Happened? was released. The book was written by three of his former bodyguards, and it detailed many secrets about his personal life. He tried to stop the book from being published, but it didn’t work. The stress exacerbated his enlarge colon, his high blood pressure, his liver damage, and his glaucoma. Two weeks after the book was released, Elvis was gone.

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