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Probation Officer Gets Shock Of Her Life When Her Boyfriend Enters The Courtroom Handcuffed

Probation Officers

Probation officers don’t have the easiest jobs in the world. It is up to them to make sure that criminals do what they are supposed to be doing. This can include performing drug tests, checking up on them at home and at work. It can be a frustrating and thankless job at times, but there are people who are willing to take it on.


When a couple gets engaged, it is one of the biggest days of their lives. The first thing that a man does is goes ring shopping. This is how couples seal the deal. Most guys already have an idea of the type of ring that their fiance-to-be will love. After buying the ring, he needs to plan a proposal. Some guys are fine with simply taking her out to dinner and proposing after dessert. Other guys plan fun and creative proposals. Either way, the day a couple that gets engaged is a day that they will never forget.

Showing Up At the Workplace

When your significant other stops by your work, it often isn’t a big deal. They might be stopping by to bring you lunch, coffee, or just to say hello. If you are a probation officer working in a courtroom, showing up at your job isn’t the best idea. That is what happened to a probation officer named Tiffany Allison.

Tiffany Allison

Tiffany is a probation officer at the Justice Network in Desoto County in Mississippi. Most days, she was in the Hernando Municipal Court sitting near a judge. Allison had a boyfriend named Brett Stidham. The two were together for a few years, and he was never in her courtroom before this day. This probation officer gets shock of her life when boyfriend enters the courtroom handcuffed.

Handcuffed In a Prison Jumpsuit

For Tiffany, the day started out like every other day. Men and women were coming into the courtroom to stand before the judge. It was just like every other day. She was working on paperwork between the cases. She looked up, and she was shocked to see her boyfriend, Brett, being brought in by a deputy. He was wearing handcuffs and a yellow prison jumpsuit. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She saw Brett that morning before she left for work and everything was fine. She couldn’t imagine how he got himself arrested in just a few hours. She was shocked, and a bit embarrassed. Her coworkers were sitting around her, watching the deputy bring her boyfriend before the judge. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Addressing the Court

Allison was shocked when her boyfriend stood before the judge. She was even more shocked when her boyfriend addressed the court. He started by saying, “Your Honor, will all due respect there’s no need for his court to examine me, I’m guilty.” Tiffany’s jaw hit the floor when she heard this. She was shaking and terrified for her boyfriend.

Continuing His Speech

After shocking Tiffany and the entire courtroom, he continued to say, “I’m guilty of being madly in love with the girl of my dreams. She’s my best friend; I’ll forever be in love with her. From the moment we met, my heart has been a captive of your love. You and you alone are the one I want to represent me in the trial we call life.” When Tiffany realized that it was a marriage proposal and Brett wasn’t in trouble, she was relieved.

The Judge Was In On It

When Brett proposed, realized that the judge, the deputies, and even her coworkers were all in on the surprise. The whole time, Brett and everyone in on the proposal was watching the two. Brett kept his head sown like he was ashamed and he didn’t make eye contact with her, but he could see the confusion and the bewilderment in her face. When Brett was standing before the judge, Tiffany started to hyperventilate. Brett thought that she was going to pass out, and for a moment, he was considering telling her the truth right away. He decided to see the whole thing through, and he’s glad that he did.

Getting Down On One Knee

After making his speech, Brett got down on one knee with the ring box in his hand. Tiffany started crying right away. She couldn’t believe that Brett was proposing in this way. It was sweet, romantic, and very creative.

The Proposal Of a Lifetime

Brett’s amazing proposal was caught on video and posted online. On one site alone, the video has over three million views. People from all over the world loved Brett’s proposal. The range of emotions that Allison experienced in just a short time is adorable.

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