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Puppy That Was Too Nice For The Police Is Now The Governor’s Vice-Regal Dog


Dogs are pretty amazing animals. Not only are they friendly, loyal pets, but they can also have jobs. Dogs are also very intelligent, so they can have jobs. Some work as service animals for people who have physical disabilities, and some offer emotional support. Dogs can be in the military, handling the stressful job of sniffing out bombs, and others work for the police. Dogs can even work on farms. Some dogs have more exciting dogs than humans.

Gavel the German Shepherd

Gavel was a foster pet. He was abandoned from a very young age and was living in a shelter. Since most police dogs are German Shepherds, Gavel was recruited from the shelter for Queensland’s dog police academy. In 2016, he and 40 other puppies entered the training program to be trained to track down criminals. This was a huge honor for all of the puppies who entered the program.

Gavel’s Progress

Gavel was just 10 months old when he entered the training program, and he really impressed the Queensland police. He was very confident and had no nervous tendencies. He also showed a willingness to retrieve, prey drive, and ball drive. And he was even motivated by food for a reward. Sergeant Dean Hansen, one of the officers in charge of training the dogs, had very high hopes for Gavel. Unfortunately, Gavel had one quality that made him an undesirable candidate.

February 2017

In February 2017, Gavel was 10 months into his 16-month course. It was then that the officers leading the class realized that Gavel had one quality that was not good for the Queensland police department. He was too friendly. Gavel was more interested in being friends with the bad guys than catching then. They realized that he wouldn’t run after the criminals to catch them. Instead, he wanted to play. Because of this, he had to be dropped from the program.

Gavel’s Future

When Gavel was cut from the program, his future was up in the air. Fortunately, someone had another job in mind for him. Because he was friendly and trained, it was believed that he would be better suited in politics than for the police force. While he was in the training program, he was being fostered by Governor de Jersey. The Governor realized that Gavel had great promise, and he gave him a job.

Vice-Regal Dog

The Governor created a unique position just for Gavel. He was going to be the Vice Regal Dog. Gavel’s job was to greet visitors at the Governor’s mansion. He often stood by the Governor during ceremonies and speeches. It was the perfect job for the German Shepherd because it required obedience and friendliness. These were two qualities that Gavel possessed. During the first year in the Governor’s mansion, he impressed everyone. People loved to see photos of Gavel wearing his vest and doing his job. He often traveled with the Governor, and he loved his new position.

Celebrating His Birthday

In February 2019, a celebration was held at the Government House for Gavel’s birthday. He was 3-years-old in human years and 21-years-old in dog years. During the ceremony, Gavel greeted all of the guests that way a perfect host would do. The officers who trained him at the police academy were present, and all agreed that Gavel found his true calling with the governor.


The Governor says that Gavel has been doing excellent in his political role. He often takes long walks with the Governor and is by his side at many important events. He says that Gavel is very loyal, and although it has not been necessary yet, he believes that Gavel would jump in and save him if he were in danger. The Governor says that Gavel has a permanent place by his side, and hopes that he is with him for many years.

Nice Guys Don’t Finish Last

Gavel is proof that nice guys don’t always finish last. He may have been too nice to be a police dog, but he ended up with a cushy position in the Government House. He doesn’t have to put himself in danger daily. Instead, it is his job to be friendly, loyal, and kind. He is doing what he was meant to do.

From Dropout To Politics

Gavel may have failed out of police school, but it was a good thing. He was better qualified for politics than police work. Today, he is happy in his role by the Governor’s side. His future may have been up in the air while he was in the shelter, but now, he has a wonderful job. He is loved and respected. This is something that every dog deserves. This puppy that was too nice for the police is now the Governor’s Vice-Regal Dog, and he is the best dog for the job.

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