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Rare Photos Not Appropriate for History Books

History may be interesting, but it’s not always appropriate. In fact, the most interesting parts of history may be the parts that are the least appropriate. There’s a lot of interesting Hollywood history that you won’t learn about in your history books, and the best way to learn about it is through pictures. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at steamy historical photos that aren’t appropriate for history books.

Susan Sarandon Can Barely Contain Her Bosom in the Controversial Film Pretty Baby

A few years after busty actress Susan Sarandon rose to prominence in the controversial cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show, she appeared in an even more controversial, but not quite as notable, film by the name of Pretty Baby. In addition to proving to the world that Susan Sarandon was more than just a B-movie musical actress, the film Pretty Baby also introduced the world to Brooke Shields.

In the film Pretty Baby, Susan Sarandon played a prostitute who makes the decision to auction off her 12 year old daughter’s virginity to the highest bidder. That daughter was played by Brooke Shields, who would later rise to even greater prominence thanks to roles in equally risqué works like The Blue Lagoon. Going into the 1980s, Susan Sarandon would continue performing in a variety of films with decidedly adult themes. In 1983, she could be caught performing a memorably steamy lesbian scene in the picture The Hunger. Besides Susan Sarandon, the movie also featured musical artist David Bowie in a rare film role.

Susan Sarandon is still around in the entertainment industry, and still loves flaunting her cleavage! However, nothing quite beats looking at pictures of the actress during the era in which she was in her prime, such as during the filming of 1978’s Pretty Baby. This photo in particular is sure to please!

Politician Budd Dwyer Prepares to Commit Suicide

The next photo we’ll be taking a look at isn’t very sexy, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t interesting! It shows the late Pennsylvania state treasurer Budd Dwyer just before he’s about to commit suicide in front of his loathing public with a revolver at a press conference. The suicide came just prior to the politician’s planned sentencing hearing for accepting bribes and engaging in racketeering. Few people pitied the corrupt political figure when news channels went on to air the graphic footage of the politician’s public suicide later the same day, though many wondered if it was appropriate for television! Today, Budd Dwyer is remembered for his shocking public end at his own hands, and stands as a lesson to future politicians not to be corrupt!

Jamie Less Curtis Revealing Ample Cleavage with Her Famous Mother, Actress Janet Leigh

Many people in the audience might not know that Hollywood movie star Jamie Lee Curtis is actually the daughter of two equally big stars from the industry’s Golden Age, with those stars being Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis. The two got married in 1951. Years later, first daughter Kelly was born in 1956. Jamie Lee was then born the following year.

According to Jamie Lee Curtis, her conception was meant as a way to save her parents’ rapidly failing marriage, which had taken a sharp turn for the worse around the birth of the star’s older sister. Sadly, Jamie Lee’s birth didn’t end up doing much to save the marriage of her parents, as they divorced anyways. This picture shows a young Jamie Lee Curtis exhibiting a generous amount of cleavage beside her mother. It comes from around the time that Jamie Lee first broke out into the entertainment industry.

Janet Leigh made a name for herself as one of the first scream queens ever with her appearance in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, and Jamie Lee Curtis followed in her mother’s footsteps by becoming the most iconic scream queen of her own generation thanks to her appearances in films such as Halloween, Prom Night, and Terror Train.

Princess Diana Lives Life on the Edge

The public adored Princess Diana… that is, until her tragic death! The beloved royal figure loved to gain the public’s respect by campaigning for social justice causes, with her being particularly passionate about such things as domestic violence and mental health awareness. Early on in her time as a royal figure, Princess Diana made history by shaking hands with an AIDS patient. She passed away in 1998.

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Donald Trumps Canoodles with His Young Daughter

Everyone hates Donald Trump now, but there was a time when the celebrity politician was revered by much of the public. Around this time, fewer people knew much about Donald’s daughter, Ivanka. This photo features the future president of the United States canoodling with daughter Ivanka in the back of his limo, and it did a great deal to humanize the wealthy figure back in the day.

Cher and Sonny Bono in Swimsuits

When Cher and Sonny Bono first met, Cher was 16 years old and Sonny was over 10 years her senior. Sonny was 28 years old, but that didn’t stop the two from becoming romantically involved! Perhaps Cher being taller than Sonny covered up the age gap. The two rose to prominence as a performing duo, both on television and on the radio. Their first big hit came in 1964 with the release of the single “Baby Don’t Go”. The following year, the duo released what was soon to become their signature song: “I Got You Babe”.

From being successful chart performers to having their own variety series, it seemed that there was nowhere to go but up for Sonny & Cher. However, their relationship had problems behind the scenes, and the pair ended up divorcing. Sonny Bono turned his sights towards politics after the divorce, becoming mayor of Palm Springs, California. Meanwhile, Cher has gone on to have an incredibly successful solo career and is considered a veritable entertainment icon to this day, particularly with the LGBTQ crowd. Sonny passed away in 1998, but Cher’s still around.

Little Elvis with his Mom

Everyone knows what Elvis looked like, but not many people have seen what the beloved rock icon looked like when he was growing up. This photo of an innocent little Elvis Presley sitting with his mother is sure to please audience members. The two were very close when Elvis was growing up. The singer was born in 1935. Many people may not know that Elvis was actually born alongside a twin brother. Sadly, that brother was stillborn. According to Elvis’ mother, the singer absorbed all the power of his twin, making him twice as strong as a normal person! Sadly, this also made it so that Elvis lived a life only half as long as the average person.

When Elvis became a big success, he made sure to take care of his mother. In fact, Elvis’ obsessive love of his mother seems to have gotten in the way of many of the singer’s adult relationships with other women. Based on how pretty she looks in this picture, we can’t blame him!

Heather Thomas of The Fall Guy Shows Her Nipples

The Battle of the Network Stars was a competition aired on the ABC channel involving stars from the network’s many shows. This photo shows Heather Thomas of The Fall Guy swimming in the competition via 1983. It gives us a good opportunity to see the beautiful actress’s protruding nipples. Heather Thomas is still alive today at the age of 64, though her staggering good looks and protruding nipples weren’t enough to guarantee her continued success in entertainment. Since the start of the new millennium, Heather has only appeared in one measly production.

Maureen McCormick Looks Pissed with a Swollen Nose

Everyone remembers the episode of The Brady Bunch where the character of Marcia got a swollen nose, but fewer people will know that the episode was actually written after the writers were inspired by actress Maureen McCormick getting a swollen nose in real life. In contrast to the episode, Maureen’s real-life swollen nose came as a result of a car accident. She showed up on set one day with a swollen nose, and the writers found the young star’s pain so hilarious that they wrote an entire episode of the show around it.

Besides the fact that the show’s writers laughed at her pain, there were also other reasons for Maureen McCormick to be looking pissed off on the set of The Brady Bunch. Being the actress tasked with playing the eldest Brady daughter, Maureen was the oldest of the show’s child actresses and often found herself embarrassed by the show’s more kid-friendly aesthetics. The young actress campaigned for the show to take a darker direction, but having Marcia get a broken nose wasn’t what she meant!

Pat Priest Exhibiting Cleavage in the Munsters Koach

In this picture, we have two of the most iconic things from the beloved television series The Munsters, with those being Pat Priest and the Munsters Koach. Casual fans of the series may not have ever noticed that Pat Priest wasn’t the first actress to portray the character of Marilyn Munster. That honor went to an actress by the name of Beverly Owen, who portrayed the character for the show’s first 13 episodes. When the show went into syndication, the later episodes featuring Pat Priest were played much more often, making Pat the more iconic Marilyn in the eyes of many fans.

Some parts of history may be too steamy for the history books, but we’re thankfully here to shed some light so you can learn about them anyways! Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Elvis Presley grew up so close to his mother Gladys that it ruined many of his adult relationships with women, and that Susan Sarandon has always loved showing off her cleavage whenever she can? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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