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Riddles Only A True Genius Can Solve

Riddles Only A True Genius Can Solve
#1 Name the Country
This riddle can be difficult if you don’t know what the image means. You have the letter I and a runner. If you are a genius, you would put the two together, I and Ran which creates the name of the country, Iran.

#2 What Always Ends Everything?

Many people believe the answer to this riddle is death. While this is a good literal answer, it is not the best. The letter G is always at the end of the word everything, therefore, G is the answer.
#3 The More You Add The Less It Weighs
The laws of physics tell us that the more you add to something, the more it will weigh. That is why this riddle is difficult to figure out. The answer is a hole. The more you add to the hole the smaller it will get, making it weigh less.
#4 What Is the Easiest Way To Double Your Money?
To answer this riddle, you need to be clever. Most people in the investment world will tell you there is no sure way to double your money. If you put it in front of a mirror, it will appear that you have even though you are still holding the same amount in your hand
#5 It’s Greater than God; Its More Evil Than the Devil; the Poor Have It; and If you Eat It, You will die. What Is It?
This is one of the riddles only a true genius can solve. The answer is nothing. There is nothing that is greater than God and more evil than the Devil. The poor have nothing and if you eat nothing, you will die of starvation.
#6 Henry’s Mother Had 4 Children; April, May, and June Were the First 3. What Is the Name of the 4th Child?
This riddle is very simple if you really think. Most people will say July is the 4th child. This is wrong. Henry is the 4th child because the riddle talks about his mother’s four children.
#7 Three Men are Illiterate. One Is Deaf, the Second is Unable to Use His Voice. The Third Man is Blind. The Deaf Man Kidnaps the Blind Man’s Wife. How Will the Second Man Reveal This to the Blind Man?
Technology answers this question. The second man can use a text message or a program that can speak to the man. These men live in the 21st century and just about anything is possible.
#8 A Book Slipped From a Man’s Hands and Fell On the Floor Making a Loud Noise. 20 Eyes Looked At Him. How Many People Were In the Library?
The answer is 11. People have two eyes, however, pairs of eyes weren’t mentioned. There were 10 people in the room plus the man who dropped the book. He might not have been able to look at himself, however, he was still in the library.
#9 A Man Was Born in 1955. He Is Alive and Well Today at the Age of 33. How Is This Possible?
The man was born in a hospital in room 1955. We never said that it was the year 1955.
#10 Why Can’t You Take a Picture Of a Man With a Wooden Leg?
It is impossible to take a picture with a wooden leg. You would need a camera to take a picture of a man
#11 Spot The Numbers
This is more of a test for color blindness. If you have perfect color vision, you will see and 838.
#12 Find the Odd Color
This is another color vision test. If you have perfect color vision, you would notice that the shade of pink in the number 3 spot is different from the rest.
#13 What Am I?
My first is at your door, my second is in your cereal. My third is everyone’s desire. My whole is one of the United States. What am I?
The answer is matrimony (mat rye money). A mat is at the door, there is often rye in cereal, everyone wants more money, and matrimony is a state of unison. This one is pretty tough to get.
#14 The Wet Question
What is wetter and wetter the more it dries?
A towel. As the towel dries you, it will get wetter and wetter.
#15 The Traveler
What travels around the world while staying in a corner?
The answer is a stamp. A stamp is always in the corner of the envelope no matter where in the world the letter is sent.
#16 Down Then Up?
What is it that does down and then goes up?
The answer is rain. When rain falls, it evaporates and then goes up into the atmosphere.
#17 Never Share
When you get hold of me, you want to share me. When you share me, you can no longer have me. What am I?
The answer is your secrets. When you know a secret you want to share it. When you share it, it is no longer your secret.
#18 Knock Knock
A woman books a hotel to say overnight. When she is ready to go to sleep there is a knock on the door. When she opens it, there is a man standing there saying I’m sorry. He says that he must have mistaken the two rooms. The man leaves and takes the elevator downstairs. The woman goes back to her room and calls hotel security. What made her suspicious of the man?
She was suspicious because people don’t knock on their own hotel room door.
#19 The Useless
The one who made me had no need for me. The one who bought me had no use for me. The one who used me could not see more or feel me. What am I?
The answer is a coffin. Coffin makers don’t need them. The person buying the coffin is alive and they don’t need it. The person who uses the coffin is dead and they cannot see it or feel it.
#20 The Lady Murderer Riddle
A lady shot her husband. Next, she dips it under the water and hangs it up. The next morning, she and her husband have breakfast. What really happened?
The woman shot a picture of her husband. She dipped the photo in the water and hung it up to process it.
#21 What Is It?
I can be seen in water but I never get wet. What am I?
The answer is a reflection. You can see your reflection in water but the reflection cannot get wet.
#22 Who Survived?
There is a plane crash. The media reports that every single person died. If so, who survived?
Married couples survived. The media said that every single person died, not the married ones.
#23 Answers Please!
You always come to answer me, however, I never ask you a question. Who am I?
The answer is a telephone. You answer the phone even though it never asks a question. It just rings.
#24 The Non-Living Riddle
I have four fingers and carry a thumb. I am not alive. Who am I?
A glove. Gloves have four fingers and a thumb and they are inanimate objects.
#25 The Winner of the Race
You are in a race. The person in front of you is in the second position and then you pass him. What is your current position?
You are in second place. If you passed the second place runner, you went from third place to second. Many people answer first. This is wrong.
#26 What Am I?
I have a heart but no organs. What am I?
The answer is a deck of cards. One of the suits in a deck of cards is hearts.
#27 The Confusing Riddle
This has keys, but no locks. It has space, but no room. You can enter, however, there is no way out. What am I talking about?
A keyboard. Keyboards have keys, a space bar, and enter key.
#28 What Is This Delicate?
I am so delicate that even saying my name will break me. What am I?
Silence. Just saying the word silence will break the silence.
#29 The Who Comes First Riddle
A monkey, a cat, and a bird are racing up a coconut tree. Whoever climbs the fastest eats the banana. Who will eat the banana?
Nobody will eat a banana. They are climbing a coconut tree.
#30 The Stay Out Riddle
What is easy to go into but difficult to come out of?
The answer is trouble. You can easily find trouble. Getting out of it will be more difficult.
#31 A Six Letter Word
There is a word with just 6 letters. If you take one out twelve remains. What is the word?
#32 The Father With No Son
A is the father of B, however, B cannot be the son of A. How is that possible?
Because B is A’s daughter. There is no son in the family.

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