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RIP Geoffrey Scott, Dynasty Actor Dead at 79

2021 is shaping up to be a another turbulent year in terms of celebrity deaths. We always hate to be the bearer of bad news. But deeply saddened to share with you that actor, Geoffrey Scott, best known for his roles in ‘Dark Shadows‘ and ‘Dynasty’ has died. His wife confirmed the heartbreaking news on Tuesday March 2, although he passed several days earlier on February 23rd. He was 79 years old. The cause of his death attributed to Parkinson’s disease. He died just minutes after midnight on the day after his birthday in Broomfield, Colorado.

In addition to starring in numerous television shows, he was also an accomplished actor appearing in over 100 commercials such as the ‘Walk a Mile for a Camel’ ad campaign shot at the Taj Mahal. He also appeared a popular Maxwell House Coffee advertisement alongside actress Margaret Hamilton, who you might remember as the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz.  Geoffrey Scott also remembered as one of the Old Spice spokes-figures in addition to being one of the Marlboro men. Join Facts Verse to know the details about the death of Geoffrey Scott, a Dynasty Actor that died at 79.

Who Was Geoffrey Scott?

Geoffrey was born on February 22, 1942 and grew up in the San Fernando Valley region of California. His father, Reed, worked as a manager at Lockheed producing planes, and his mother, Jayne, was a homemaker. Scott had some high-profile neighbors back then as well. Reportedly he lived on the same street as both John Wayne and Clark Gable. Can you imagine how cool their block parties and summer BBQs must have been?

Geoffrey spent his early years working with his brother Don, who later became a lawyer at Universal. Scott got his start in the entertainment industry when he signed by legendary talent agent Dick Clayton who represented stars like James Dean, Jane Fonda and Burt Reynolds. With his help, Geoffrey eventually landed himself a contract with Universal.

His first major role came in 1970 when he cast as Sky Rumson in the vampire-themed soap opera ‘Dark Shadows’. Two years later in 1972, Scott got the chance to play Jeffrey Jordan in ‘Where the Heart Is’. In 1974 he appeared in the made-for-TV film ‘Houston, We’ve Got a Problem’ as the character Mel Anderson. The movie was about the Apollo 13 spaceflight and starred Ed Nelson in the role of the NASA flight director Gene Kranz.

In 1979, he appeared in the NBC series ‘Cliffhangers: The Secret Empire’ as U.S. Marshal Jim Donner, and then in 1981 he had another small role in the CBS series ‘Concrete Cowboys’ which was based on the 1979 TV-movie of the same name.

The role that Scott is best-known for, however, was his recurring role as Mark Jennings in the ABC primetime Soap Opera ‘Dynasty’ for the shows third and fourth seasons. Stick around for a full-rundown of his character. We’ll get to that in just a minute so don’t touch that dial.

Scott’s other notable TV roles include playing Bob Dorsey on HBO’s ‘1st & Ten’ from 1984 to 1985 and David McAllister on ‘General Hospital’ for a season in 1989. Scott’s final role was in 2003’s ‘Hulk’ where he played the president of the United States.

Scott retired with his wife and family in Louisville, Colorado where he lived out the rest of his days pursuing his lifelong love-affair with skiing. He survived by his wife, Cheri Catherine Scott, and his two son’s Christopher and Matthew Scott.

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Scott Married Three Times

Scott’s love life was always a subject of media attention. The actor married his first wife, Tanya Thompson, in 1960. She was his high school sweetheart and they ended up having a daughter together, Shannon. Things didn’t work out and they wound up calling it quits just two years after tying the knot in 1962.

Scott married his second wife Carol Englehart in 1975. They divorced 13 years later in 1985. Not much is known about that particular marriage but the one thing we do know is that they didn’t have any children together. The same year that they split up, Scott crushed his legs in a serious cycling accident. He almost killed as he struck by a fast moving vehicle on the shoulder of the road but with great perseverance able to stage a full recovery.

Scott’s third marriage was to Cheri Catherine Scott in 1993. The couple ended up welcoming two children into the world, Matthew and Christopher. She’s the one that Scott ended up settling down with. They lived in the Boulder area for a decade before moving to Louisville to be closer to those powdery slopes.

On Dynasty He Played A Tennis Instructor

For anyone familiar with the sport, Tennis players on TV are almost always depicted with a little extra dramatic license. Geoffrey Scott’s character on Dynasty, Mark Jennings, was no exception to that rule.

For one thing, Mark only ever gave lessons to smoking-hot drop-dead-gorgeous women. And these lessons often interrupted by more ridiculously good looking women with names like Krystle, Alexis and Fallon.

These lovely ladies often walk right out onto the court and start discussing topics that would make most people blush even in the safe confines of their own homes. When interrupted by these vixens, Mark would never apologize and inform them that he was busy with a client. Rather, he would brush his pupil aside and immediately turn his attention to the fresh face.

What’s even more ridiculous is that the young lady that he totally robbed of a full teaching session never seemed offended by the fact that she didn’t get the full hour that she paid for. Instead, she would stroll off the screen looking happy as a clam. Presumably because she counted herself lucky enough to receive any of Mark’s attention. And which apparently a valuable limited resource or something.

Mark doesn’t have to worry in the least bit about retaining any of his clientele with his teaching techniques anyway.  He keeps them crawling back for more with his unbelievable displays of superhuman ability. And because of the fact that the court is for some reason always packed full of beautiful people apparently at any given time. There’s never a shortage of audience members to witness his impromptu exhibitions.

There was this one time that he placed pyramids made up of four tennis balls each in the far corners of the court’s service boxes and then BOOM, like a machine-gun, he blasted off four balls in rapid succession exploding each little pile. If that’s not some kind of flex, then we don’t know what is.

If the Dynasty crew had put Serena Williams out there on the court and asked her to accomplish the same feat. It would have probably taken several dozen takes to nail the shot. But thanks the wonders of television magic Mark managed the feat in one go. And followed up with a shot of Mark nodding to the camera nonchalantly.

In a different episode, Dynasty further butchers the game to demonstrate Mark’s unbelievable mastery of the sport. In  the scene in question, Mark is confronted by Fallon’s justifiably jealous Husband, Jeff, who walks right up to Mark – in the middle of a lesson mind you – and announces that he is going to ‘show him up’.

With that declaration, Jeff serves the ball at a very dumbstruck Mark, who still hasn’t moved from his footing at the net. That doesn’t matter though because he effortlessly volleys the serve back. Thus kicking off one of the longest back-and-forth tennis points in history.

By the time it’s all said an done, Mark has somehow managed to maneuver back to the baseline. And all the way up to the net again three consecutive times before he unleashes a slamming put-away volley just out of Jeff’s reach. And with that fateful blow, Jeff Collapses rather dramatically head-first on to the court.

Mark’s character cliches not just limited to just his good looks, seemingly limitless talent or his cocksure demeanor. He’s also an expert at stringing his clients along. In one particularly cringe-worthy scene, Mark is seen losing to an older man that’s obviously less skilled at the sport than he is. But as he walks off the court, he reassures the crowd of beautiful people on the veranda that he just let the guy win so he’d keep coming back to pay for more lessons. Classy right?

Anyone familiar with tennis will tell you that Mark gives really poor instructions as well. Couple that with the fact that he has numerous affairs with club members and purposely loses to his clients just to con them into taking more lessons form him. It’s a wonder that he’s not on anyone’s hit list. But somehow on the contrary he is still seemingly adored by everyone in his orbit.

Anyway, as the show progressed, Mark is eventually dropped by his circuit sponsor. Maybe it was karma coming back to teach him a lesson about being so cocky. This led to his marriage to Krystle falling apart. He ends up divorcing her in Guadalajara.

Later on it’s revealed that their divorce never legal in the first place. Apparently, it was just a piece of paper that he purchased in a Mexican Bar. Nevertheless, they eventually divorced for real and Mark hooks up with Alexis and Fallon.

Later on when Mark Saves Krystle and Alexis from a fire. Alexis rewards him for his bravery by making him her private bodyguard.

In the end, Mark is murdered by Neal McVane, who snuck up behind him wearing a wig and dress while on the terrace and pushed him to his death. You got admit thought that it kind of an ironic twist of fate considering the fact that Mark had just finished telling Krystle earlier in that episode that happier than he had in his entire life.

That just goes to show you though, what goes up, most come down. Gotta love soap opera!

Well, here we are once again at the end of another facts-packed video. Criticisms of Geoffrey’s Dynasty character aside. We send his friends and family our deepest condolences in the wake of his passing.

How do you remember Geoffrey Scott? Do you remember him from Dynasty or did you think of  ‘Dark Shadows’ when you heard his name? Let us know in the comments section.

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