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Scandalous Letter Reveals Frank Sinatra & Judy Garland Affair

Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland are two of the most notable celebrities of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Frank comes from a background in music and Judy grow up as a child star. Both stars are romantically involved with a good deal of partners throughout their lifetimes. Not many people know that the two actually had two separate affairs together! The first time, Frank marries his first wife Nancy and Judy marries her second husband Vincente Minnelli. The second time, Frank marries his second wife Ava Gardner and Judy marries her third husband Sidney Luft. Despite the pair’s romantic relationship ending after their second affair, they remain friends and Frank pays for Judy’s funeral. Join Facts Verse as a scandalous letter reveals Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland’s affair.

Complicated Married Life of Frank and Judy

Frank and Judy are the most successful stars of their time but this didn’t translate to their personal love lives. Frank Sinatra marries four times throughout his life, and Judy marries five. Additional to their spouses, each host of other lovers that they hook up with, outside or during these marriages. Neither Frank nor Judy against each other’s numerous spouses, they share separate love affairs and remain friends until Judy’s death.

It rumor that lifelong friends Frank and Judy are romantically involved at some point. But recently recovers a letter composed by Judy for Frank to end their first affair. The couple’s first affair is in 1949. It occurs after Judy fires from the production of the film Annie Get Your Gun due to a nervous breakdown. Actress Betty Hutton replaced Judy in the feature. Upon her firing, Judy admits to a psychiatric hospital in order to recover from the breakdown. Upon her release, she decides that she needs a little bit more rest and relaxation. She called up her friend Frank Sinatra, and the two met up together in the Hamptons.

Letter Composed By Judy for Frank

They spend a lovely time together in the Hamptons. They recover a letter composed by Judy to let Frank know that their affair to coming to an end. At the time, Judy marries film director Vincente Minnelli. Vincente is Judy’s second husband, after marrying musician David Rose in the early 1940s. Meanwhile, Frank was still with his first wife, Nancy. As it was an extramarital affair, Frank and Judy understandably kept their romance secret. The letter shows Judy regrettably informing Frank it’ll end, but the two get a second affair several years later.

Judy Garland’s Affair

After their first affair, Judy divorces her second husband, Vincente Minnelli, and marries her third husband, Sidney Luft. Sidney Luft was a famous film producer, and the pair met in 1950. Judy and Vincente separate at the time, though their divorce won’t finish until 1951. Judy and Sidney then married in 1952 and remained married until 1965. Over the course of Judy and Sidney’s marriage, the couple had two children together, Lorna and Joey Luft. Judy consists of a child with her second husband Vincente, that child is more publicly notable as Liza Minnelli.

In addition to being Judy Garland’s husband for several years, Sidney Luft also served as her manager during the period. Sidney’s management helped revitalize the star’s career, which had suffered mildly in the few years prior. Despite the fame and children that Sidney brings her, Judy it didn’t satisfy the relationship. It ends up having to turn back to Frank to fill the void.

Frank Sinatra’s Love Affairs

After his first affair, Frank divorces his first wife Nancy Barbato and moves on to his second wife Ava Gardner. Frank had three children with Nancy, and she gained custody of them after the divorce. Frank devastates, feeling as if he lost his family. Although his new Hollywood wife helps him to forget, it can’t compare to his life with Nancy and the kids. Like Judy, Frank finds himself empty and dissatisfy in the mid-1950s and game starts up their romantic relationship once more. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Although Frank didn’t have five spouses in his life as Judy did, his only one spouse didn’t count. Frank marries four times, though he claims that there is one woman that he loves more than any other. People assume that the one he loves the most is Judy Garland since they have two separate affairs with her. He even pays for her funeral and claims that the woman he loves more than any other is Mia Farrow. Mia was Frank’s third wife, though their marriage only lasted for a few years during the late 1960s. It says that Mia’s son Ronan is actually Frank Sinatra’s son.

Frank Sinatra met and married his first wife Nancy Barbato in 1939, near the very beginning of his singing career. The two subsequently moved out to Beverly Hills together when Frank decided that he wanted to make a name for himself as an entertainer in Hollywood. Frank and Nancy stayed married until 1951, though their 12-year marriage wasn’t the happiest. The pair have numerous troubles throughout their marriage, most of them because of Frank’s alcoholism and innumerable bouts of infidelity.

Numerous Affair of Frank and Judy

Besides Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra had extramarital affairs with numerous other women throughout his marriage to his first wife Nancy. Some of the many other lovers that Frank involves during his first marriage to Nancy include Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich, and Angie Dickinson. Of course, these numerous affairs contributed a great deal to the dissolution of Frank and Nancy’s marriage, in addition to the star’s alcoholism. These issues only got worse after Nancy divorced him, and Judy had similar personal problems of her own. It was likely these demons that helped Frank and Judy relate to each other, and this may have been why the pair only ever hooked up in secret.

Frank married actress Ava Gardner in 1951, the same year he had divorced Nancy and two years after his first affair with Judy. Frank is in a dark place throughout his relationship with Ava, and the pair separate when Frank and Judy start their second affair. After his and Judy’s second affair in 1955, Frank and Ava’s divorce ends in 1957. Frank romantically ties to both Juliet Prowse and Lauren Bacall before eventually entering into a third marriage. Frank’s third marriage was to the aforementioned Mia Farrow. While Frank claimed Mia was the true love of his life, their marriage was his shortest.

Although Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow’s marriage didn’t last very long, the pair remained friends up until Frank Sinatra’s death in 1998. After divorcing Mia, Frank married his fourth wife Barbara Marx in 1976. With three marriages worth of wisdom at his disposal, Frank’s marriage to Barbara proved to be the most successful of his life. He marries Barbara for 22 years, and the pair separates after Frank Sinatra’s aforementioned 1998 death.

Judy Garland’s Death

It’s uncertain if Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland would’ve ever gotten back together for a third affair if the latter hadn’t died in 1969. Frank ended up outliving his old friend by nearly three decades, though he certainly never forgot the times that they had spent together. Judy had fallen on hard times in the days leading up to her untimely death, and she was said to have been $4 million in debt. There wasn’t any money left behind to pay for the funeral service, so Frank Sinatra funded Judy’s memorial service himself.

Frank Sinatra attended Judy’s funeral with fellow crooner Bing Crosby, and there were numerous other stars in attendance. Judy’s husband at the time of her death was Mickey Deans, and he was in attendance alongside Judy’s children and their respective fathers. In between being married to Sidney Luft and Mickey Deans, Judy had a fourth husband named Mark Herron, who was an actor.

The Burial of Judy

In addition to the surplus of celebrities in attendance, which also included stars Lauren Bacall and Mickey Rooney, there was also a crowd of thousands that had amassed in front of the location where Judy’s service was being held. The service was held on June 27, 1969. Though there were some who knew that Judy’s old friend Frank Sinatra had helped foot the bill for some of the funeral expenses, few knew the extent to which Frank had contributed, and it was likely that no one knew the truth about the pair’s relationship. It wasn’t until many years later that the public finally learned the truth about Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland’s two affairs.

Although Frank Sinatra and Judy Garland never counted each other among their numerous spouses, the two were lifelong friends that had two separate romantic affairs together during their lifetimes. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Frank Sinatra paid for Judy Garland’s funeral because they had previously been lovers during their lifetimes, or did you think that it was because they were simply lifelong friends? As always, like this video to show your support, subscribe, and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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