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Scientists Have Warned That Eating Instant Noodles Can Have Devastating Effects On Your Body

Instant Noodles

People love instant noodles. One of the most significant selling points is that they are very inexpensive. College students who are living on tight budgets practically live off of instant noodles. Another huge selling point is that they are quick and easy to make. You can have a nice meal, ready to eat, in three minutes. Best of all, you can add your own ingredients to make you noodles taste great.

Popular All Over the World

Instant noodles are popular all over the world. According to the World Instant Noodles Association, over 100 billion portions of instant noodles were served in 2018. China sold the most, but the United States wasn’t far behind. According to a research firm called Euromonitor, the United States sold over four billion packets of instant noodles, which puts the U.S. in the top five consumers of instant noodles.

Not The Best Choice

If you love instant noodles, you might be upset to learn that they aren’t good for you. In fact, scientists have warned that eating instant noodles can have devastating effects on your body. Eating them on a regular basis can be harmful to anyone, but there are certain people who are at higher risk.


There are plenty of food items available. You can cook some at home, and you can order some at a restaurant. Noodle dishes are very popular because they can be prepared in a variety of ways. They can also be paired with a variety of meats and vegetables. Of the types of cuisines available, they are the most popular in Chinese dishes. Noodles are a staple in Asia and a core part of their diet. People in China have been eating noodles for thousands of years.

Changing Noodles Forever

In 1950, a Japanese man named Momofuku Ando was working for Nissan food company in Japan, and he came up with an exciting idea. He was going to create instant noodles. The first noodles were sold under the name, Chikin Ramen, and they hit the stores in 1958. These noodles had a lot going for them. The noodles were dry, which would help them last longer than other types of noodles. They were also quick to make. They could be boiled in water for just a few minutes.

Gaining Popularity

The first version of instant noodles was such a hit that they became one of Asia’s top-selling food items. By the beginning of the 70s, Nissin Foods created Cup Noodles, which was their first ready meal of its kind. People fell in love with the dishes, and their popularity spread all over the world.

Taking a Closer Look

Over the past few years, people within the scientific community decided that it was time to take a closer look at the nutritional content of these noodles to determine if they are harming our bodies. They found that instant noodles are high in fat, high in salt, and high in calories. The fact that they are processed doesn’t make them a healthy choice either. Some of the brands contain monosodium glutamate (MSG). Anyone who pays attention to food additives and what they do knows that MSG can be harmful to your health. Even in small doses, it can cause concerning issues.


MSG has flavor-enhancing properties, but it also has various forms of toxicity. It has been linked to metabolic disorders, obesity, Chinese Restaurant Syndrome, neurotoxic effects, and it can even have effects on your reproductive organs. This caused people to wonder if MSG should be banned from all food products. Unfortunately, the FDA chose not to ban MSG since it is such an essential component in many foods; it is vital to understand how harmful they can be to your body.

Other Harmful Ingredients

MSG isn’t the only potentially harmful ingredient in instant noodles. They also contain a chemical preservative called tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ). This preservative can add to the shelf life of these foods. It is also used in perfume, cosmetics, and varnishes. In high doses or with frequent use, it can be a carcinogenic.

Think Twice

The next time you are at the supermarket, and you are being drawn in by the fact that instant noodles cost as low as 30 cents a package, you should think about what the noodles contain. The next time you start craving a cup of instant noodles, you should think about the cancer-causing agents that are included in the noodles. These noodles might be quick and convenient and pretty delicious, but they can do serious harm to your body. Since nobody knows exactly what a safe limit of MSG and TBHQ are, you are better off avoiding instant noodles altogether.

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