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Scientists Reveal The Dramatic Impact That Eating Oatmeal Every Day Has On Your Body


Oatmeal has been a popular breakfast choice for years. According to Zion Market Research, in 2016, the international oatmeal industry is worth about $2 billion and the value is $2.5 billion by 2022. Part of the reason for this is that more and more people are trying to eat healthy. Have you ever wondered if oatmeal is actually good for you? Scientists reveal the dramatic impact that eating oatmeal every day has on your body.

Many Varieties

If you have ever walked down the supermarket aisle and paid close attention to the oatmeal available, you know that there are plenty. Just the types of oats can boggle the mind. There are oats, oat groats, rolled oats, instant oats, Scottish oats, and steel-cut oats. Each different variety of oats serves a different purpose.

Grain Processing and Oat Groats

The process of grain is what makes each type different. The various health benefits and side effects would depend on the variety that you choose. All kinds of oats need to process. You can’t just pluck the oats from a farmer’s field and eat them. This is because tough outer shells surround unprocessed oats. Before you can eat the oats, the husks need to be removed. When the shell is removed, you are left with oat groats. You can buy oat groats in the store; however, they aren’t the most popular option. They take much longer to cook, and they still have a fibrous consistency.

Steel-Cut Oats and Rolled Oats

These oats get their name from their processing. They slice with a steel instrument to make smaller sizes. This makes the gains smaller and easier to incorporate into oatmeal. Rolled oats, aka old-fashioned oats, are also popular. They steam and then squash until they are level. They keep in the cupboard for a while and don’t take long to cook. Also, they are popular in cereal.

Scottish and Instant Oats

Scottish oats reduce to meal. Instant oats are put through a more prolonged steaming and leveling process. They can be cooked very quickly, making them a more convenient option if you need to make breakfast in a hurry.

Which One Is Nutritionally Better?

No type of oat is better than the next. The processing of the oats won’t change the nutritional content. This means that all kinds of oats are pretty much the same. Many people use oats to make their breakfast, and they can be cooked in water or milk. You can also add toppings to your oatmeal, such as fruit, yogurt, or peanut butter. Despite what you put in your oatmeal, each type is nutritious.

A Healthy Breakfast Choice

According to Professor Shengmin Sang of A & T State University in North Carolina, there is evidence that eating whole-grain oats can improve your health. According to Professor Sang, oats can prevent diabetes, while keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Oats are healthy because they contain beta-glucan fiber, and fiber is excellent for the digestive tract. Of all the different types of grains, oats contain the most beta-glucan fiber. The fiber in the oats attracts bile acids in the gut that are loaded with cholesterol, and help you pass them. Unfortunately, the cholesterol-reducing benefits of oats aren’t clear-cut. Some studies have shown that they can decrease cholesterol, while others have not shown any significant results.

Oats Are Filling And Provide Energy

One great benefit of oats is that it prevents your digestive system from working too quickly. When you eat many breakfast foods, you get a quick burst of energy, and then you crash. Soon, you will start feeling hungry again. This won’t happen with oatmeal.

The Oatmeal Diet

There is a fad diet called the oatmeal diet. Dieters are supposed to eat oatmeal for all three meals. Doctors believe that this is a bad diet. The low calories and its restrictions is not that good. Fad diets often don’t work, and this one is on the top of the list.

Part Of a Healthy Diet

If you want to start eating a healthy diet, you should start eating oatmeal for breakfast. It will keep you full until lunch while preventing high cholesterol and diabetes. If you are going to start eating oatmeal to get healthy and lose weight, you should avoid the flavored oatmeal that comes in the envelope. This type of oatmeal is loaded in calories and sugar, and it will hinder your diet progress. If you are going to start eating oatmeal, stick with the unflavored version. You can always add your own flavorings, such as fruit, yogurt, or even a pinch or two of sugar. This will help cut back on your calorie or sugar intake.

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