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Sean Connery’s Dirty Affairs Finally Come to Light

Former James Bond star Sean Connery was one of the biggest sex symbols of his time. And this fact led to the renowned actor having numerous romantic affairs. Although only married twice, the star certainly got around. While many of these affairs kept secret while they occurring, they have since exposed to the public. Join Facts Verse as Sean Connery’s affairs finally come to light.

Sean Connery was born on August 25, 1930, in Edinburgh, Scotland. Sean was initially a small child, but began going through rapid growth spurts starting at the age of 12. At the age of 14, Sean began his womanizing ways. As legend has it, the future star lost his virginity to a female ATS officer. By the time he was 18, Sean had reached his adult height of 6’ 2”. And had also developed his signature good looks.

Sean joined the Royal Scots Navy at the age of 16, though discharged at the age of 19 after suffering from a duodenal ulcer. After discharged, Sean performed menial jobs before eventually becoming an artist’s model. Once realizing that there money to made from his good looks, Sean became interested in bodybuilding.

As a bodybuilder, Sean became a winner of the Mr. Universe contest. Some sources claim he won the contest in 1950, while others claim he wont in 1953. Either way, the results were the same. Sean gradually became disinterested in bodybuilding as people became more interested in muscle mass and less interested in athletic abilities. The future star then switched over to playing football for a time before eventually deciding that he wanted to become an actor

Although he would later become better known as a film star, Sean started out acting on the stage. His first role was in a production of South Pacific. In 1957, Sean given his first credited role on screen in the film No Road Back. However, he wouldn’t get his big break until several years later. Portraying the character of James Bond in the 1962 film Dr. No. The role would make Sean a star overnight. And he would go on to star in six more films as the character.

After his seventh James Bond film, Sean decided to give up the character. However, he continued acting in films for many more decades and maintained ubiquitous celebrity status up until the time of his death in 2020. He appeared in a vast number of other films before and after his final appearance as James Bond. With some of his later career hits including Dragonheart and The Hunt for Red October.

Like the character of James Bond, Sean Connery was a successful womanizer during his day. Although he’s only married twice, he had numerous affairs. Some of Sean’s many affairs were with actresses that played Bond girls, such as Lana Turner. Some of these affairs occurred while Sean married to other women. While plenty others occurred in between or before his two marriages.

Many of the women that Sean found himself engaged in romantic affairs with during his lifetime were actresses the he was working with on the set of his films. One such actress was Jill St. John, who appeared alongside Sean in the 1971 Bond film Diamonds Are Forever. Jill played the role of Tiffany Case, and became the first American Bond girl in the franchise. Sean dated Jill while he separated from his first wife, although the two still technically married.

Sean also dated another Bond girl from Diamonds Are Forever, actress Lana Wood. Lana was the sister of Natalie Wood, and played the character of Plenty O’Toole in the film. Lana later said that the two were trying to keep their romance a secret from the filmmakers. Which became difficult when it came time to film their love scenes. Join Facts Verse as Sean Connery’s affairs finally come to light.

Not all of the actresses that Sean Connery dated were Bond girls. Sean said to have dated actress Carole Mallory after a mutual friend that a Hollywood producer introduced the two. Sean married at the time, and Carole later expressed that she wasn’t too happy about the fact that she had to sneak around every time the two met up. However, that isn’t the only thing that Carole later expressed dissatisfaction with when it came to her and Sean’s affair.

According to Carole, Sean didn’t have much respect for women. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that are familiar with the late Scottish actor’s supposed views regarding domestic violence. Not only that, but Carole has said that the James Bond star was disappointing in bed. For these reasons and more, the affair between the two eventually came to an end. Still, Sean had plenty more actresses at his disposal, such as Magda Konopka. That Polish model and actress is another woman that Sean said to have had an affair with. Sean and Magda apparently spent a few nights together in Porto Rotondo.

Every once in a while, Sean would become involved with a woman that wasn’t an actress. One such woman was Julie Hamilton, who was the daughter of notable documentary filmmaker and feminist figure Jill Craigie. Sean and Julie said to have lived together for a year before Sean married his first wife. It was actually Sean’s attraction to the woman that was to become his first wife that was the reason that Sean and Julie ended their live-in relationship.

Actress Diane Cilento became Sean’s first wife in 1962, and the two married for over a decade. The actress best known for her role in the film Tom Jones, which had garnered her an Academy Award nomination. The two separated in 1971, but their divorce not finalized until 1973. Many years after their divorce, Diane came forward with accusations that Sean had been incredibly abusive towards her during their marriage. These accusations put forward in the actress’s 2006 autobiography. Join Facts Verse as Sean Connery’s affairs finally come to light.

The accusations that Diane made in her autobiography sparked renewed interest in questionable comments that Sean had made in the past regarding his views on domestic violence. Sean had apparently said on numerous occasions that he thought it was okay to hit women, just not the same as you would a man. If Diane’s tales are any indication, this is truly how Sean felt. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Sean Connery and Diane Cilento had a son during their marriage, and that son named Jason. Jason Connery is still alive today, having survived his father after his 2020 death. After divorcing from Diane, Sean married a painter by the name of Micheline Roquebrune. The two married in 1975, and remained married until Sean’s death. However, Sean said to have had many extramarital affairs. Join Facts Verse as Sean Connery’s affairs finally come to light.

The most notable affair that Sean became engaged in after marrying Micheline was with pop singer Lynsey de Paul. The two met in 1989, at a party that both Sean and his wife were attending. Apparently, Lynsey was sitting next to Micheline on a sofa when Sean slipped her his number. The affair was said to have lasted for a few months, but ended abruptly after Sean simply decided to never call Lynsey back one day. Many years later, Lynsey expressed regret for being involved with Sean after his views on domestic violence were called into question. The affair made headlines, but the attention didn’t seem to harm Sean’s marriage to Micheline.

Before his death, Sean publicly expressed that he no longer believed that it was right for a man to hit a woman. However, this reversal of belief had arguably come far too late in the game for many of his detractors. Sean had made many public remarks expressing the opposite sentiment to numerous media outlets during his lifetime, and only seemed to change his mind once the fans started critiquing him.

Sean officially retired from acting in 2006 after the failure of 2003’s The League of Extraordinary Gentleman. The actor had famously been offered the role of Gandalf in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, but turned it down for the part of Allan Quatermain in the prior film. The failure of The League of Extraordinary Gentleman humiliated Sean, and the actor had finally had enough after over half of a century in the industry. Sean essentially made good on his retirement, though he did perform a few voice roles in 2012.

After over half of a century working in Hollywood, Sean spent his remaining years alongside his wife in the Bahamas. The actor was said to have died peacefully in his sleep on October 31, 2020, though he had apparently been suffering from dementia for several years prior. At the time of his death, the former James Bond actor was 90 years old. On Sean’s death certificate, the official cause of death was stated to be a combination of pneumonia and heart failure. After Sean passed away, his ashes were cremated and scattered around Scotland. Join Facts Verse as Sean Connery’s affairs finally come to light.

Due to his good looks, suave personality, and womanizing ways, Sean Connery was certainly the perfect person to first portray James Bond. Comment down below to share if you think there’s been another James Bond that has compared to Sean, or if you were surprised to learn about the late Scottish star’s numerous extramarital affairs. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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