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Security Camera Catches The Moment A Formerly Homeless Couple Wins $200,000

Scratch Tickets

Most people can say that they have bought a scratch ticket at least once. When you pay for your gas or when you stop at the convenience store for a gallon of milk, you use the few dollars that you have left to buy a scratch ticket. While you hope for a big winner when you scratch, it doesn’t happen too often. Many people will $2, $5, and some consider themselves lucky when they win $100. Hitting big on a scratch ticket is rare, which is what keeps the state lotteries in business. When someone does hit big, it is an amazing feeling. It is even more amazing when the winner has been through financial hardships the way that Jordan Ross and fiancee, Jayde Hicks had.

Jordan and Jayde

Jordan and Jayde didn’t always have it easy. The couple had some financial issues that got worse over time. Soon, things got so bad that they lost their home. Even though they were living on the street and they didn’t have a place to call home, they stayed together. Homelessness is a serious problem, and in many cases, it tears couples apart. Often, couples blame one another for their situation, and soon, it becomes too much. This didn’t happen with Jordan and Jayde. They stuck together during their difficult time, and they even got engaged. It is clear that these two really loved each other. They just needed a stroke of good luck.

Looking Up

Things started looking up for Jordan and Jayde. They were able to find jobs, and it got them off the streets. They didn’t have the greatest place, but it was home. They wanted to get married and have the wedding of their dreams, but they couldn’t afford it. They were barely making ends meet and keep a roof over their heads. Spending thousands of dollars on a wedding was something that they just couldn’t do. Regardless of their financial situation, the couple still planned to get married. Jordan says that he was going to get married in his “boardies,” which are surfer shorts. As long as they were together, the type of wedding that they had didn’t really matter.

Lucky Charm

Jordan and Jayde lived near a convenient store called Lucky Charm. They went to the store often to buy milk, bread, and toilet paper. In May 2017, the couple went into the store to pick up a few necessities. They also bought a $20 scratch ticket. This wasn’t something that they did often, but they had a few extra dollars, so they figured they would take a chance. The store was called Lucky Charm, so they hoped that it would be their lucky charm. They thought that maybe they could turn their $20 into $50. They had no idea how lucky they really were.


After purchasing the ticket, Jordan and Jayde went outside to scratch their ticket. They both hoped to make a few dollars, or at least get their money back. They scratched the ticket, and it said that they won $200,000. At first, they thought that they were mistaken. They were sure that they were reading the ticket wrong. Jayde told Jordan that the only way to know how much they won, if anything, was to take the ticket into the clerk so that he could scan the ticket to let them know what they really won. When they went inside, they got the shock of their life.


When the clerk scanned the ticket, they discovered that they were right. The security camera catches the moment a formerly homeless couple wins $200, 000. They couldn’t believe it. When the clerk told them that it really was a winner and that it was a fortune, everyone in the store cheered. Nobody in that store was as happy as Jordan and Jayde.

A Dream Wedding?

When Jordan and Jayde found out that they won all that money, that started thinking about their dream wedding. Jayde imagined a beautiful white dress and lovely flowers. Jordan imagined a party to end all parties. After thinking and planning, they decided that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a wedding just wasn’t the best option. Together, they made some better plans on how to spend their money.


Jordan and Jayde decided to use some of the money for their wedding, just not all of it. Jordan always dreamed of owning a boat. They figured that they could have years of fun together on a boat, which was better than a lavish wedding that lasted just one day. They could spend their honeymoon on the boat, and they could get out on the water every chance they got. They decided that it was a much smarter way to spend the money than putting it all into the wedding.


With money allocated for a boat and a reasonable wedding, the couple had more money to spend. Jordan immediately thought of his mother. She had helped him, and Jayde get back on their feet, and they wanted to show her how much they appreciated all of her help. Since Jordan was a young boy, his mother always talked about one day owning her dream car, a Mustang. She never had the money to buy one, and now that Jordan had money, he could make her dream come true. He and Jayde decided together to buy his mother, a Mustang.

An Amazing Twist Of Fate

Before that amazing day in the Lucky Charm convenient store, things were tough for Jordan and Jayde. When they won that money, their dreams came true. Best of all, they were allowed to make one of Jordan’s mother’s dreams come true as well. This is one couple that really deserved their sudden windfall.

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