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Seemingly Normal Man Has One Strange Ability That No One Else On The Planet Can Match

Adrenaline Junkies

There are many people who love the rush of adrenaline they get when doing something dangerous. Some people bungee jump, some jump from planes, and the ones who attempt to climb Mount Everest are considered the adrenaline junkie of all junkies. Each year, hundreds of people try to make the 29,035-foot climb. The journey is incredibly dangerous, the temperatures are bone-chilling, and there is very little oxygen at those heights. While hundreds of people try, not everyone makes it to the top. It is a one strange ability.

Base Camps

People who attempt the climb set up base camp at specific points on the mountain. This gives climbers a place to rest before the next leg of the journey. The higher the altitude, the colder the temperatures and the more dangerous the climb becomes. With high altitudes, there is also a lack of oxygen. To prevent suffocation, climbers need to wear oxygen tanks. They also need to hold on to ropes to keep from falling. One false move could result in a deadly fall, which means that you have to have a fearless mindset to scale the peak.

Kami Rita

Kami Rita is a Nepalese man who was born in 1970. He knows Mount Everest better than anyone in the world. He is a seasoned climber who has spent countless hours studying the terrain, trying to find the best way to reach the summit. If you saw Kami in the real world, you would have no idea that he was a skilled climber who was willing to face whatever Mount Everest dished out. You also wouldn’t know that he’s a Sherpa, which means that he can handle the most extreme conditions imaginable.

The Sherpa People

Before Mount Everest became a popular spot for thrill-seekers, the Sherpa tribespeople spent a lot of their time trading goods and herding yak deep in the Himalayan mountains. They live in rugged conditions, a one strange ability, which gives them the incredible stamina and knowledge necessary for such an intense environment. When people started showing interest in climbing Mount Everest, Kami was the best person to guide them. Climbing the mountain without a Sherpa guide can be difficult and even impossible. They know every section of the mountain and the safest path to the top.

The Death Zone

The Sherpas create a complex network of ropes, anchors, and reinforced ladder bridges to find the best way to the summit. Every year, the route changes as the terrain changes, so the Sherpas go out every year to find the best route before they lead the first group. Nothing is more dangerous than “the death zone.” This is the part of the mountain that sits at the highest altitude, and there isn’t enough oxygen to breathe. Kami makes sure that the climbers have enough oxygen, and to reach the top, Kami says that he needs to rely on a heavy spiritual practice.

A Goddess

The Sherpas believe that a goddess inhabits the mountain, and to ensure a safe climb, she needs to be satisfied. Before the epic ascent, Kami goes though an intense ritual. Months before the climb, he starts worshiping asking for forgiveness because he will be putting his feet on her body. He treats the mountain with the utmost respect, and it has allowed him to do things that most people cannot fathom.

24 Times

Kami has reached the top of Mount Everest 24 times, which seems impossible. He first reached the top in 1994, and since then, he has led tons of expeditions. When it comes to Mount Everest, Kami is a celebrity. There was one week where he climbed it twice. He has also climbed K2, which is the second-highest mountain behind Mount Everest. He also reached the summit of the world’s sixth-highest mountain, Cho-Oyu. Kami gets a lot of media attention for his mountain climbing, a one strange ability .

Other Rewards

The media attention isn’t the only reward that Kami has received. He has been given plenty of plaques for his work, and in 2018, he started earning $10,000 per climb thanks to his experience. For him, it is a great living. He loves his life, but there is one person in his life who doesn’t care much for his line of work.


Kami’s wife, Lakpa, fears for his safety each time he does a climb. She tries to tell him that they can look for other jobs or start a small business. She wants him to have a safer profession so that he won’t be taken from her and their two children too soon, but his passion for climbing wouldn’t allow him to do this.


Karmi is 48-years-old, and he plans to continue his climbs until he is 60. That is when he is going to retire. His family tries to be supportive because they love him so much. This seemingly normal man has one strange ability that no one else on the planet can match, and this is why he isn’t ready to give it up.

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