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Sharon Osbourne Faces Alarming Health News Once Again

Sharon Osbourne is the longtime wife and manager of husband Ozzy Osbourne, and she rose to prominence as a celebrity in her own right thanks to the early-2000s television series The Osbournes. One of the most memorable arcs of that classic reality series showcased Sharon undergoing chemotherapy for colon cancer. Nearly two decades later, Sharon’s health is still suffering. Join Facts Verse as Sharon Osbourne faces alarming health news once again.

Sharon Osbourne Was Just Hospitalized

In mid-December of 2022, Sharon Osbourne fans were given a shock when it was revealed that the celebrity had been hospitalized as a result of an undisclosed medical emergency. The news came out as a result of a social-media post made by Sharon’s son, Jack. Jack claimed that his mom had been hospitalized for a few days before being given the okay to come home. However, he said that he was going to wait for his mom before explaining what the issue was. Sharon has yet to personally reveal what the medical emergency was the catalyzed her recent hospitalization, but the celebrity has been no stranger to health concerns.

Apparently, Sharon Osbourne’s recent medical emergency, and subsequent hospitalization, occurred while she was filming a new reality-television series. Sharon rose to prominence as a celebrity in the early 2000s as a result of her appearance on the reality series The Osbournes. Prior to her appearance on The Osbournes, Sharon was better known in the music world as her more famous husband’s manager. Sharon has been her husband’s manager throughout the entirety of his solo career. If it weren’t for Sharon, Ozzy’s career wouldn’t have lasted past the Black Sabbath days. The popularity of The Osbournes has endured, and the recent series that Sharon was filming before her hospitalization was a follow-up show.

The follow-up series that Sharon Osbourne was filming prior to her recent hospitalization for a medical emergency is The Osbournes: Night of Terror. The Osbournes: Night of Terror has already aired a season, and it’s premise mixes the original premise of The Osbournes with a paranormal investigation series. The horror-themed show airs on the Travel Channel. It remains to be seen how much of the show’s filming was interrupted by Sharon’s hospitalization. Besides The Osbournes: Night of Terror, the Osbournes also recently appeared in another Travel Channel series. This one went by the name of The Osbournes Want to Believe.

Health Scares Are Nothing New for Sharon

The medical emergency that Sharon Osbourne was hospitalized for occurred at a location by the name of the Glen Tavern Inn. Emergency medical services arrived on the scene at 6:30 PM on December 16, and they rushed Sharon to the nearby Santa Paula Hospital. Sharon is currently 70 years old, and she’s had her fair share of health concerns in the past few decades. Back during the days of The Osbournes, Sharon was suffering from colon cancer. In recent years, Sharon became better known as one of the hosts of the daytime talk show The Talk. However, Sharon was forced to give up her role on The Talk as a result of controversy that stemmed from rumors of racism.

Sharon Osbourne exited The Talk in the spring of 2021 after being a staple on the series for 11 seasons. Another interesting thing that happened to the Osbournes recently involved Sharon’s daughter, Aimee. Sharon and Ozzy have three children, but only two of those children chose to appear alongside their parents on The Osbournes. Jack and Kelly are the more well known of Sharon’s three children. The child that chose not to appear on The Osbournes is named Aimee. Recently, Aimee almost passed away as a result of a fire that occurred at a recording studio in Hollywood. The fire ended up claiming a life, though Aimee thankfully survived.

Back when Sharon was first rising to prominence as a celebrity on The Osbournes, the world got to watch as the woman underwent a battle with colon cancer. The battle was documented on the television series, and the world got to see just how strong Sharon was. Sharon was first diagnosed with colon cancer in July of 2002. At the time, she was 49 years old. Before receiving the diagnosis, Sharon hadn’t been to the doctors in a while. She only ended up going at the behest of her husband. It’s a good thing that Ozzy was so persistent. If Sharon hadn’t gone to the doctors at her husband’s behest, the cancer might’ve never been caught.

Sharon Underwent Chemotherapy During The Osbournes

After being diagnosed with colon cancer in July of 2002, Sharon Osbourne underwent surgery to have her colon cancer removed. It seemed as if the surgery was successful, but cancer was found in other parts of the celebrity figure’s body a mere week later. It became apparent that the cancer had spread, and that more drastic measures were going to have to be taken. Ozzy Osbourne was by his wife’s side, and seemed to be praying the whole time. This was ironic given how much of Ozzy’s rock-star image has been Satanic.

Sharon was diagnosed with colon cancer during the first season of The Osbournes. When it became apparent that the cancer had spread, the celebrity started undergoing chemotherapy. This chemotherapy was then documented on the show’s second season. Around the same time that all of this was going on, Jack Osbourne broke his arm as a result of an illegal diving excursion that he and his friends made.

Jack Osbourne was a mere 16-year-old at the time that he broke his arm during The Osbournes. In the years since, the adult celebrity child has faced some more serious challenges, including heroin addiction. Today, it seems that Jack has managed to put all of his demons behind him. In 2004, Sharon Osbourne founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, which is located at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in California. The purpose of the program is to provide support to those suffering from colon cancer, and this support can be pretty in-depth! The program not only provides transportation and at-home help for those suffering from colon cancer, but it also provides childcare! Sharon believes that the program helps take the stress off of those suffering from colon cancer, and that alleviating this can help ensure that patients have more energy for their recovery.

Sharon Has Had Many Other Health Concerns

The same year that Sharon Osbourne founded the Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program, the celebrity figure also came clean about the fact that she had started suffering from bulimia. According to Sharon, her bulimia had grown to become such a serious issue that even her children had become aware of it. Several years later, Sharon had another health scare when she was deemed to have a fairly significant predisposed risk for breast cancer. As a result of this, Sharon underwent a double mastectomy in 2012.

Sharon Osbourne has certainly had her fair share of health scares over the years, but not all of them have been necessary and life-threatening. In 2021, Sharon got a botched facelift. Though the facelift didn’t result in any serious medical predicaments, it was still a gigantic nuisance that frightened the celebrity figure quite a bit. The procedure was done in October of that year, and Sharon claims that it was incredibly painful. When the bandages finally came off, Sharon was less than pleased with the results she saw.

Thankfully, Sharon Osbourne managed to right the wrong of her botched facelift rather quickly with a second procedure. Other health issues that Sharon has suffered from recent years including two bouts with COVID-19. Sharon was first hospitalized with COVID-19 in December of 2020, and then was hospitalized as a result of the virus a second time in May of 2021. More recently, Ozzy Osbourne was diagnosed with the virus. Like his wife, Ozzy has had a significant number of health scares in the years since The Osbournes.

Ozzy Osbourne Isn’t Doing Great, Either

If you’re an Ozzy Osbourne fan, you’re likely well aware of the fact that the rock-and-roll legend has been in dire straits health-wise for the past decade or so. Several years back, it was revealed that the singer had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. In 2019, he suffered a fall that saw him hospitalized for back issues. During the hospitalization, the singer suffered from a staph infection. As a result of all of Ozzy’s health concerns, the singer has been postponing live performances for years. The performances that he cancelled in 2019 were originally going to be made up for in 2021. However, they have since been pushed back to 2023.

It remains to be seen if Ozzy Osbourne will be in good enough health to make good on his promise to return to the world of live performing in 2023. At the age of 74, Ozzy is only a few years older than his spouse. Sharon and Ozzy have been married since 1982, and their marriage stands as one of the most unlikely and enduring love stories in the whole of the entertainment industry. The two may seem like a strange pair, but they provide lots of love for each other.

Fans that are skeptical about Ozzy making a full recovery in time for his alleged 2023 performances may be happy to know that the singer recently had his very own rehabilitation wing installed at his mansion. This rehabilitation wing has been customized to provide the best chance possible for Ozzy to get back to full health. Some of the many amenities that can be found in the singer’s personal rehabilitation wing include a garden room and an exercise studio. The rehabilitation wing is also apparently decked out with soft, non-slip surfaces, and features it’s own nurses quarters. If Ozzy does end up recovering in time for his upcoming 2023 performances, he’ll be supported live by Judas Priest.

Sharon Osbourne has had her fair share of health troubles over the past few decades, but she’s keeping her chin up! Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Sharon Osbourne was recently hospitalized as a result of an undisclosed medical emergency, and that her famous husband Ozzy is also in dire straits? Comment down below!

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