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Sinbad’s Family Shares a Saddening Update on His Health

In 2007, beloved comedian Sinbad fell victim to an internet death hoax. The comedian received a call from his daughter asking if he was still alive, at which point he realized that some prankster had falsely asserted the news of his death on his Wikipedia page. As soon as Sinbad got the first death hoax taken care of, another one popped up in it’s place. These death hoaxes made waves back in the day. However, in 2020, Sinbad suffered a debilitating stroke without many of his fans even noticing. The news of the stroke was drowned out in the headlines by the COVID-19 pandemic, but it was serious news for Sinbad fans. Today, Sinbad is still struggling to recover. Join Facts Verse as Sinbad’s family shares a saddening update on his health.

Sinbad Survived Two Death Hoaxes and a Stroke

In 2007, beloved comedian Sinbad was startled to find out that he had apparently passed away. The comedian received a call from his daughter, alerting him to the fact that some prankster had added the false news of his death to his Wikipedia page. The call from his daughter was just the beginning. As soon as Sinbad became aware of the death hoax, messages and calls started coming nonstop at the comedian and his loved ones. Eventually, Sinbad was able to clear up the discrepancy. However, by the time that the comedian was able to convince the world that he was still alive, a second death hoax had sprung up in the first one’s place. With this memorable incident, Sinbad became one of the earliest victims of the phenomenon that has come to be known as the “internet death hoax”. Since Sinbad, numerous other celebrities have been falsely rumored to be dead.

Sinbad took the multiple death hoaxes surrounding him in stride, and he was even able to laugh them off. According to Sinbad, he magically rose from the dead after the first death hoax only to be put right back into the ground by the second. At the end of the day, the comedian was able to have his Wikipedia page amended to get the false news of his death renewed. The world was glad to still have Sinbad on it’s side, and the comedian went back to work as if nothing had ever happened. Sinbad had a good sense of humor about the death hoax incidents, claiming that death hoaxes are just something that’s bound to happen on the internet.

Sinbad’s death hoax prank was chalked up to Wikipedia vandalism. The news of Sinbad’s supposed death took the world by storm. Oddly, the news of the comedian suffering a debilitating stroke a little over a decade later wouldn’t cause the same number of waves. In 2020, Sinbad suffered a debilitating stroke around the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the news of the stroke was made public to fans, it didn’t draw very much attention. A big reason for this was that people were too preoccupied with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to care about celebrity news.

Sinbad’s Stroke Led to Numerous Complications

So few people paid attention to the news that Sinbad suffered a stroke in 2020 that many are now surprised to learn that the comedian is fighting for his life in 2022. The reason that the comedian is still in the news today is because he’s still actively recovering from the debilitating stroke that sent him to the hospital two years ago. It seems that the recover process has not been easy on Sinbad, but the comedian is certainly trying his best to overcome.

The kind of stroke that Sinbad suffered from in 2020 in known as an ischemic stroke, and it occurs when the blood supply to the brain is either blocked or reduced. In Sinbad’s case, the stroke occurred as a result of a blood clot that was attempting to travel from the comedian’s heart to his brain. As soon as the stroke occurred, Sinbad was rushed to the hospital. The hospital that Sinbad was rushed to was West Hills Medical Center, which is located in Los Angeles, California. As soon as the comedian got to the hospital, the doctors went about performing a thrombectomy. A thrombectomy is a type of surgery wherein the doctors attempt to remove a blood clot to restore normal blood flow.

Sinbad’s first thrombectomy went off without a hitch. It seemed that the comedian was poised to make a full recovery, and he could even be found after the surgery talking to his family and moving around. Sinbad and his loved ones likely thought that they were in the clear. Tragically, they ended up being wrong. The very next day, a second blood clot formed. Though it was significantly smaller than the first blood clot, it was going to necessitate a second round of surgery. Sadly, this surgery ended up not being as easy as the first. Though the second thrombectomy was technically a success in that the doctors were able to remove the blood clot, it also caused some serious damage.

The Doctors Found That Sinbad’s Brain Was Swelling

After his second thrombectomy, Sinbad was in considerably worse shape than he was in after his first. In fact, many close to the comedian believed that he wasn’t going to make it through after his second surgery. It was revealed that Sinbad’s brain had begun swelling at some point during the second thrombectomy, and the comedian was subsequently rushed to another hospital nearby that was more equipped to deal with the problem, with that hospital being Los Angeles’ more popular Cedar Sinai Medical Center. At Cedar Sinai Medical Center, the doctors performed an operation on Sinbad known as a “craniotomy”. A craniotomy, of course, is brain surgery, and it’s purpose is to reduce swelling.

During that craniotomy, the doctors at Cedar Sinai Medical Center discovered that the reason Sinbad’s brain was swelling was because there was some internal bleeding going on inside of it. The problem was a good deal worse than anyone expected, but the doctors were still able to clear the problem up without the comedian passing away. Though Sinbad survived the multitude of scares, he didn’t come out of this whole medical debacle unscathed. In fact, by the time all surgeries had been successful performed on the comedian, he was in a coma that some feared he’d stay in.

After undergoing two thrombectomies and a craniotomy, Sinbad was free from blood clots and internal bleeding, but he had been placed into an induced coma with a ventilator. It would be several weeks before the comedian would even open his eyes. Sinbad’s family was incredibly happy when the comedian finally came out of his coma, but the victory came with the bittersweet caveat that it was going to be a long, long time before he was the person he once was.

More Damage Had Been Done Than Family Realized

According to Sinbad’s family, it took a long time to realize just how much damage had been done to the comedian as a result of his elongated medical episode. Once Sinbad opened his eyes, the doctors were then tasked with seeing how many of the comedian’s physical abilities were still intact. As it turns out, the comedian could no longer operate the left side of his face whatsoever. He couldn’t speak, and he also couldn’t hold his head up. Over the course of the ensuing months, Sinbad would gradually be weaned off of the ventilator that he was attached to. Once that happened, it was time for the comedian to start relearning how to move.

In May of 2021, Sinbad was transferred to a location by the name of the California Rehabilitation Institute. It was here that the comedian began making bigger steps towards recovery than ever before. A few months later, the comedian was allowed to return to his home. However, that doesn’t mean that he has made a full recover. Though Sinbad is once again living at home, he is still in seriously dire straits. The comedian is doing everything that he can to become the man that he once was, but it’s been a long, hard journey.

Sinbad may be struggling, but things could certainly be worse for the beloved comedian. There was only a 30% chance of the comedian surviving his initial stroke, and the ensuing medical difficulties made these chances even worse. When it was announced the Sinbad had survived, half of the battle was already over. Now, it’s simply a matter of the comedian slowly relearning his day-to-day functions. According to Sinbad’s family, the comedian is making some remarkable strides towards a full recovery. The comedian is now able to move the limbs on the left side of his body, but he’s not quite able to walk again. Another victory for the comedian has come in the fact that he is once again able to talk! Sinbad himself can be quoted as saying that he is going to do everything in his power to reclaim his full faculties.

Calling All Sinbad Fans!

Fans of Sinbad will be pleased to learn that the comedian is on his way towards making a full recovery, and they may even be anxious to help! As it turns out, Sinbad’s family has been asking for some financial support in the wake of the comedian’s medical crisis. It seems that the road to recovery has been an expensive one for Sinbad, who has never been the most commercially viable comedian. Though Sinbad has found plenty of success in the world of comedy over the decades, he only has a total net worth of around $100,000. The comedian is more a cult favorite than a full-blown superstar like Eddie Murphy, though there are still plenty of diehard fans that will be anxious to support him. A limited edition Sinbad action figure was recently released to help garner funds for his recovery. Though only around 40 pieces were sold, each one sold for upwards of $350.

Beloved comedian Sinbad is in some seriously dire straits medically as a result of a 2020 health scare, but it appears that he’s on his road to recovery. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that beloved comedian Sinbad nearly passed away in 2020, and that he’s still struggling to recover two years later? Comment down below!

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