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Some Say JFK’s Mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer “Had to Die”

John F. Kennedy is a notorious womanizer that is famous to have numerous affairs during his lifetime. Understandably, the majority of these affairs remain shrouded in secrecy. Besides his affair with Marilyn Monroe, another one of John F. Kennedy’s more controversial affairs may have possibly resulted in the death of the other party involved. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at why some say JFK’s mistress Mary Pinchot Meyer “had to die”.

Mary and John Met as Teenagers

Mary Pinchot Meyer met John F. Kennedy at a preparatory-school dance that the two were attending. According to legend, Mary was attending the dance with another boy, and John ended up stealing the young woman away. Mary and John are both just teenagers at the time. The meeting is the beginning of a lifelong friendship for the young woman that results in her death.

Mary Was Murdered Shortly After John Was

A year after John F. Kennedy’s assassination, Mary Pinchot Meyer murders herself. As with John’s death, the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer remains largely shrouded in mystery. In the case of Mary’s death, no one is ever convicted. They believe that the CIA kills Mary in an effort to cover up any information. She is privy to as a result of her friendship, and later romantic relationship, with John F. Kennedy.

Mary Pinchot Meyer is fatally shot in the head in October of 1964. At the time, the socialite and former lover of John F. Kennedy are only 43 years old. There were witnesses who claim to have heard screams at the time of the murder. These witnesses then claimed to have seen an unknown man standing over Mary’s body. Later, a man by the name of Ray Crump Jr. was arrested. The man was soaking wet and claimed that he had fallen into the Pontomac River.

Who Killed Mary Pinchot Meyer?

The authorities believe that Ray Crump Jr. is the man responsible for the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer. There is no evidence that can pin the crime on him. Ray had no weapon on him, and also had no motive. All of the evidence that authorities can gather is circumstantial. Ray Crump Jr. acts of the crime of Mary’s murder during his trial after pleading not guilty.

Following the acquittal of Ray Crump Jr., no authorities make an official movement regarding the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer. To this day, the murder remains unsolved. Some of them believe, or, at least, claim to believe, that Mary kills by Ray Crump Jr. And he gets away with the crime as a result of there being too little evidence. However, there are many more who believe that Mary Pinchot Meyer kills by the CIA.

Why Would the CIA Kill Mary?

They think that the woman knows too much because of her close friendship and romantic relationship with John F. Kennedy. The former started when the two were just teenagers at that aforementioned dance. Following their meeting at the preparatory-school dance, Mary and John were lifelong friends up until the time of John’s assassination. However, at some point during this friendship, things turned into a full-blown romance. It’s unclear exactly when things became romantically serious between Mary and John. Perhaps their romance started all the way back at that teenage dance and never ended. The only thing that’s clear is that the two had certainly become lovers by the time of John’s death.

There is certainly some weight to the theory that the CIA involves in Mary Pinchot Meyer’s death. Mary’s death occurs only a little over a week after the release of what is unofficially come to be the Warren Commission. For those that don’t know, the Warren Commission is the government’s official report on the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and there are many who believe that the report doesn’t hold up to much scrutiny. Some believe that Mary Pinchot Meyer holds information that contradicts the Warren Commission, and perhaps she needs to be quiet in order for the fraudulent report to have its intended effect.

The Case of James Jesus Angleton

There’s no question that Mary Pinchot Meyer was privy to a good deal of information that the average person was not. As a result of her friendship and subsequent romantic relationship with John F. Kennedy, Mary got to be a fly on the wall at the White House during much of his term of office. There’s also the matter that the chief of counterintelligence for the CIA reportedly broke into Mary’s artist’s studio only several hours after her death to reclaim her diary.

When James Jesus Angleton broke into Mary Pinchot Meyer’s artist’s studio in an effort to reclaim her diary, Mary’s brother-in-law caught him. That brother-in-law was Ben Bradlee, and he went on to write about the incident in his autobiography. Released in the 1990s, this autobiography served as a revelation for those still seeking answers about Mary’s unsolved murder. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

What Was in Mary Pinchot Meyer’s Diary?

When chief of counterintelligence for the CIA James Jesus Angleton was caught breaking into the recently deceased Mary Pinchot Meyer’s artist’s studio in an effort to steal her diary, he wasn’t successful in his mission. Instead, it ended up being Ben Bradlee who found the diary. Ben subsequently read through the diary and, according to him, the only major revelation that was afforded to him from the reading was that Mary had been John F. Kennedy’s lover.

According to James Jesus Angleton, he had wanted to reclaim Mary Pinchot Meyer’s diary simply to cover up the fact that she had been involved in an extramarital affair with John F. Kennedy towards the end of the latter’s life. Though the diary made an effort to never mention John by name, it documented an affair that Mary had been having with an unnamed and powerful politician. It didn’t take much of an effort to figure out who the politician was, but covering up this extramarital affair after John’s death seems like an unlikely motive for the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer given how well-known that recently deceased president’s penchant for womanizing was even at the time. Instead, if the CIA covered up their involvement in the murder of Mary Pinchot Meyer, it seems more likely that they were covering it up for more esoteric reasons that remain completely unknown.

After James Jesus Angleton claimed to Ben Bradlee that his intention for finding Mary Pinchot Meyer’s diary was to cover up her affair with John F. Kennedy, Ben ended up handing the diary over to him. However, this wasn’t until after Ben had already read the diary for himself. Later, Ben apparently found out that James had failed to destroy the diary, and had instead preserved it’s contents for unknown reasons. Following this, Ben allegedly managed to finagle the diary back from the chief of counterintelligence. Once the diary was back in Ben’s possession, he had his wife burn it.

Other Clues Regarding Mary Pinchot Meyer

If the diary of Mary Pinchot Meyer contained any clues about her murder that Ben Bradlee may or may not have understood upon his cursory reading, the world will never know now that the diary’s contents have been destroyed. It’s certainly suspicious that James Jesus Angleton didn’t make good on his promise to destroy the diary like he said, but there’s much that’s suspicious in this tangled narrative.

Mary Pinchot Meyer was the daughter of a wealthy socialite family, and she was largely John F. Kennedy’s equal. As compared to a majority of the famous politician’s other mistresses, Mary was someone who fit in amongst his peers. Following their initial meeting during their teenage years, Mary and John remained within the same social sphere. This is what allowed them to carry on their friendship, though there may have been more going on between them early on.

Mary graduated from Vassar College in the 1940s and went on to marry a high-ranking official in the CIA by the name of Cord Meyer. Mary and Cord were neighbors with John and Jackie Kennedy while John was serving as a senator. As neighbors, Mary and John found themselves better friends than ever before. It remains uncertain if Mary and John were romantically involved during these days or if the pair’s extramarital affair didn’t start until John’s presidency.

The Deceitful Nature of John F. Kennedy

In addition to the fact that they had become neighbors, Mary and John’s friendship also increased when Mary’s sister married the aforementioned Ben Bradlee. Ben was an incredibly close friend of John F. Kennedy’s, though the fact that Ben had no idea about John’s extramarital affair with Mary calls into question what else this supposedly close friend didn’t know. In his autobiography, Ben claimed that he was shocked at how deceitful John F. Kennedy had been.

Mary, John, and LSD

In addition to being John F. Kennedy’s lover, Mary Pinchot Meyer also allegedly tried to be a positive influence on the president. According to the late writer Timothy Leary, Mary had sought out advice from him on how to best give the president a positive LSD experience. Mary was allegedly fond of LSD and other mind-altering substances, and believed that LSD may have a positive political influence over her lifelong friend. John had apparently reciprocated interest whenever Mary brought LSD up, and it’s likely that Mary ended up giving the president his promised trip. Mary hoped that getting John high on LSD could end world conflict by providing the politician with some powerful revelation. Perhaps this happened, and the revelation was too much.

Though Mary Pinchot Meyer’s murder remains unsolved, there are many who believe the CIA killed her. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that the late Timothy Leary claimed Mary Pinchot Meyer got John F. Kennedy high on LSD, and there are some that believe that the CIA is responsible for Mary’s unsolved murder? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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