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Son Sees Parents Wedding Video, But One Unusual Detail Catches His Eye

Joe and Beverly

Joe and Beverly were high school sweethearts. She was a cheerleader, and he was a football player. They traveled in the same social circle, and they fell in love. Many relationships that start in high school don’t last, through college. Joe and Beverly were different. They were in love, and shortly after graduating from high school, Joe popped the question. They were just 19-years-old when they got married in 1953. There was a photographer at the wedding who was capturing video of the couple’s big day, and there was one shot that they liked the best. It was of the happy couple in front of their car.

Off To War

When the couple got married in upstate New York, there was a war going on across the world, and it would soon change Joe and Beverly’s lives. When Joe found out that he was being drafted, he didn’t know what to do. He and Beverly were still newlyweds, and the idea of leaving his bride was heartbreaking. To make sure that Beverly had enough money to support herself while he was gone, Joe had to sell many of his prized possessions. This included the couple’s beloved car.

Keeping In Touch

Beverly and Joe wanted to keep in touch as much as possible. They sent letters and photos daily, in hopes of keeping their love alive. This was something that many married couples did when they were torn apart because of the war. Beverly worried daily that her husband would never come home.

Starting a Family

Finally, it was time for Joe to head home to his bride. His military duty had been fulfilled, and finally, he could start his life with Beverly. They started a family, and growing up; Joe often told his children war stories from the time that he spent in Korea. They were your typical American family, and Joe says that his life was everything that he hoped it would be.

Celebrating a Milestone

Beverly and Joe had a wonderful marriage, and when they made to their 60th wedding anniversary, they decided to have a party. The celebration was great. Joe says that there was great food, friends, family, and lots of reminiscing.

A Blast From the Past, A Wedding Video

The couple was shocked when a friend pulled out a video of the wedding. Joe and Beverly were thrilled that they were going to be able to relive their wedding day on their 60th anniversary. They were watching the video when everyone noticed the look on Joe ‘s face when he saw his car. It was a 1948 red Plymouth convertible. Joe says that it seemed like he was watching a long lost family member on the video. He started to tell his family about the car and what it meant to him. He admitted that selling the car before he went to Korea broke his heart, but he had to what was necessary to make sure that his wife was going to be alright until he came back from Korea.

An Idea

The couple’s son, Joel, says that his earliest memories weren’t his own. They came from stories that their parents told them. He says that the car was part of many of the couple’s stories. He knew how much his father loved the car, and he wished that he still had it. This was when he got an idea. He was going to try his best to give his parents the best gift ever.

Joel searched online for weeks trying to find a car that was exactly like his father’s old car. He managed to find one, but it was on display in a museum. Two others had already been bought. Finally, he found a car just like his father’s on Craigslist. The description matched what Joel was looking for, but unfortunately, there were no photos of the car. He didn’t know if it was a scam, or if the car was legit. To Joel, it almost seemed too good to be true. The ad stated that the owner had never taken the car out during the winter, so it was in great shape. They also told him that the car also had relatively low mileage. The only problem was that there were no pictures. Joel decided to send a friend to Indiana to check out the car for him.


Joel’s friend went to look at the car and contacted Joel. He told him that the seller was an 81-year-old man who didn’t know much about technology. This was why he didn’t have any photos posted with the ad. The care came with all of the maintenance records, and it even had the original owner’s manual. Joel purchased the car and got it back to upstate New York.

The Reveal

Son sees parents wedding video, but one unusual detail catches his eye, and he managed to bring it home for his parents. When Joe saw the car, his eyes filled up with tears. He couldn’t believe that his son would give him such an expensive and meaningful gift. He says that as soon as he got in the car, all of the memories started coming back. Then, he says for him; the gift brought pure joy. He says that he is going to keep the car and make sure that it gets passed down from generation to generation.

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