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Soon After King Tut’s Tomb Was Unsealed, A Weird Series Of Phenomena Began To Occur

King Tut

King Tut, aka Tutankhamun, was an Egyptian pharaoh who lived over 3,000-years-ago. People had been hearing about King Tut for years, but nobody knew what happened to his remains. When an Englishman decided to dedicate his life to finding King Tut’s tomb. He hoped to be the person to find the tomb, so he scoured Egypt looking for it. Finally, in 1992, he made a history-changing discovery. Unfortunately, he didn’t pay attention to any of the obvious warnings.

King Tut

History says that King Tut took the throne when he was just 10-years-old in 1323 BCE. He ruled for just eight years. Unfortunately, he had to deal with many health issues during his life because his parents were brothers and sisters. He had genetic neck issues that made turning difficult. He also suffered from multiple cases of malaria and needed a cane to walk. His life wasn’t as glamorous as many people believed.

Tut’s Passing

When he was just 18 years old, King Tut passed away. He had no heirs to leave the throne to. He and his wife bore two stillborn daughters. The next in line for the throne was his Grand Vizier Ay, who married King Tut’s widowed wife, and took control of the kingdom. Sadly, the Tutankhamun family line had died.

Locked In a Tomb

When King Tut passed away, he was placed in a tomb with all of his worldly belongings. The tomb was sealed off, and over thousands of years of sandstorms, King Tut’s tomb vanished. For over 3,000 years, the tomb went unseen and untouched. This was until Howard Carter from England came along. He was a collector of Egyptian artifacts, and he knew that finding King Tut’s tomb would complete his collection.

Howard Carter

Ever since Howard was young, he had an interest in pieces of history. When he was just 17 years old, he left his home in England for his first expedition. The only thing he had with him was the chisel that his grandmother had given him. Shortly after Howard arrived in Egypt, he crossed paths with a very wealthy man named George Herbert, who was known as the 5th Earl of Carnavon. This was where Howard’s life changed, as well as King Tut’s legacy.


When the Earl met Howard, he saw right away how seriously he took his quest. He decided to fund Howard’s search, and for 15-years, the Earl kept funding the search, even though Howard kept coming up empty. Howard became desperate to find something, and he needed results to keep getting funding, so he grid-mapped the entire Valley of Kings. He planned to search every single one. Finally, 30 years after he began his search, he came to the last square. When he began excavating a tomb that belonged to Ramses VI, he found a set of stairs that led beneath the earth. He couldn’t believe it. Had he finally found King Tut’s tomb?

Warning Signs

Howard dug until he came to a sealed door. He knew that he had found something amazing, so he sent the Earl a telegram to tell him to come at once. While waiting for him to arrive, Howard started to notice warning signs. First, a messenger let Howard know that a cobra had gotten into his home, and ate his canary. This is said to be a symbol of peace. This scared Howard so much that he was ready to quit.

Everyone Arrives

Howard decided that maybe he was being silly, so he didn’t abandon the mission. Three weeks later, the Earl and his daughter, Lady Evelyn, arrived. They met up with Howard and his assistant, Arthur Callender to discuss Howard’s find. It was time to get into the tomb to find out if it did, in fact, belong to King Tut.

Opening Up

Howard didn’t want to wait for the proper protocol, so he smashed the door open. The tomb was divided into four different rooms, and each was filled with ceremonial objects that were designed to guide Tut in the afterlife. They found gold, massive statues, and even a pharaoh’s throne. On his face was an intricate death mask. There were also hieroglyphics painted on the wall designed to be a warning. It read, “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the King.” Howard ignored it. He wanted the jeweled amulets on the mummified body, but they were stuck in resin. Howard ordered that Tut be dismembered to retrieve the jewels.

Strange Happenings

Soon after King Tut’s tomb was unsealed, a weird series of phenomena began to occur. When the Earl was shaving, he nicked a mosquito bite on his face, which happened to be in the same spot where King Tut had a car. The cut got infected, poisoned his blood, and then killed him. Next, his dog was peacefully sleeping when he yelped and died instantly. Word got out about the curse, and people started flocking to Egypt. People still weren’t taking it seriously, and when a tom visitor became sick from an aggressive fever and died, it was determined that King Tut had been stricken with the same fever.

An Egyptian noble, Prince Ali Kamel Fahmy Bey was shot by his wife while visiting the tomb. Later, the British Governor-General of Sudan was assassinated. Anyone who entered the tomb ended up dead. Was it King Tut causing these things to occur, or were they just crazy coincidences?

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