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Stefanie Powers Confirms the Rumors About Hart to Hart Co-star Robert Wagner

Hart to Hart was a 1979 television series featuring Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner as a rich couple with a propensity for solving mysteries around the globe. The show proved a success with the audience. Thanks in no small part to the chemistry of it’s two lead stars. The Strong chemistry between Stefanie and Robert on the series that many still wonder if the two stars have ever romantically involved. While the two remain great friends, and also bonded over similar spousal tragedies during the show’s filming. They claim that they have never taken things to the next level. Join Facts Verse as Stefanie Powers confirms the rumors about Hart to Hart co-star Robert Wagner.

Hart to Hart a Family-Friendly Hit

For several years, Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner starred together on the hit television series Hart to Hart. The series came on the air in 1979, and stayed on the air until 1984. The series later revived with a chain of made-for-television features that released over the course of the 1990s. Solidifying the audience’s love for the show’s titular couple. That couple, of course, was the couple of Jonathan and Jennifer Hart. Who were a pair of wealthy socialites that used their connections across the globe to solve mysteries.

Hart to Hart was a hit with audiences for numerous reasons. The show was a major success for the ABC network. And it heightened the celebrity status of stars Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner. In an age where television programs were getting more and more risqué. Hart to Hart represented lighthearted programming that families could enjoy. The romance between Jonathan and Jennifer Hart was more heartwarming than hot. And the on-screen chemistry between the real-life stars that played them was another big part of what made Hart to Hart such a hit with the public.

Though the romance between Jonathan and Jennifer Hart was never too spicy and the program always stayed family friendly. It was clear to fans that the two characters had a strong romantic relationship. And this granted a great deal of heart to Hart to Hart. Of course, another aspect of the series that kept fans coming back for more was the fact that Jonathan and Jennifer were always travelling around the globe attempting to solve a new mystery. The show made up of much more than just a simple romance. And all of these ingredients came together to make it successful. Join Facts Verse as Stefanie Powers confirms the rumors about Hart to Hart co-star Robert Wagner.

Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner Had Great Chemistry

It was not for nothing that Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner had a great deal of chemistry on the screen. As Robert had actually stuck his neck out for Stefanie to get the part of his on-screen wife. The pair had apparently already friendly with each other before Hart to Hart began. Though they both married to other people at the time. In fact, both Stefanie and Robert would suffer significant spousal tragedies over the course of Hart to Hart’s production. And this would cause them to become even greater friends during the show’s run. Despite the fact that Stefanie and Robert already friends when the show began and only got closer during it’s filming. The two maintain that they have never romantically involved.

As compared to on-screen wife Stefanie Powers, Robert Wagner the older and more notable star upon Hart to Hart’s premiere. And he who had been cast in the program first. Initially, producers wanted to cast Robert Wagner opposite his real-life wife. Who was a fellow Hollywood star by the name of Natalie Wood. The producers understandably felt that Robert would have a good deal of chemistry with his real-life partner. Though Robert felt that his on-screen chemistry would be better with Stefanie.

Robert ended up convincing the producers that Stefanie Powers was the right actress to play his on-screen wife on Hart to Hart, and the rest is history! It would be hard for fans to imagine anyone besides Stefanie in the role of Jennifer Hart. Though it would certainly have been interesting to have seen Natalie Wood’s take on the part. Tragically, Natalie Wood ended up passing away during Hart to Hart’s run. In fact, some viewers may already know that Natalie Wood passed away under mysterious circumstances. And the true cause of her death remains a mystery to this day. Join Facts Verse as Stefanie Powers confirms the rumors about Hart to Hart co-star Robert Wagner.

Hart to Hart Won Audiences Over

According to Stefanie Powers, Hart to Hart didn’t become a smash success over the course of one night. The actress claims that the moment she realized that the television audience was truly fond of the show was when it won the People’s Choice Award for New TV Drama in 1980. The cheers of the fans made Stefanie realize that the show was truly catching on with people, and the ratings soon followed suit! Sadly, Stefanie would come to face her own spousal tragedy over the course of the show’s production.

And both she and Robert would be forced to carry out their time on the series despite their grief. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Stefanie and Robert Are Still Close Friends

Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner were friends before Hart to Hart started filming, and they are still friends to this day! Despite this, the two once again maintain that they have never been anything more than close friends. According to Stefanie, they are like a pair of siblings that are always making each other laugh. Following the tragic death of wife Natalie Wood in 1981, Robert went on to marry former Bond girl Jill St. John in 1990. This is one of many small connections that Robert has to the James Bond franchise.

In addition to Robert Wagner marrying former Bond girl Jill St. John in 1990, Robert’s former wife was also the sister of a former Bond girl. Natalie Wood’s sister is Lana Wood, who played a Bond girl alongside Sean Connery in 1971’s Diamonds Are Forever. Which also just so happened to be the very same movie that Jill St. John played a Bond girl in! To make matters even stranger, Robert Wagner. Despite being an American actor, had once offered the chance to play the role of James Bond, but he turned it down. Despite turning down the role of James Bond, Robert would go on to appear as the character of Number 2 in all three of the Austin Powers films, which are James Bond parodies. Join Facts Verse as Stefanie Powers confirms the rumors about Hart to Hart co-star Robert Wagner.

Robert Wagner is still with Jill St. John today, with the actor being 92 years old. Stefanie Powers is currently 79 years old. And she’s been single since divorcing second husband Patrick De La Chenais in 1999. Robert lives with his wife in Aspen, Colorado, but it appears that he and Jill get together with Stefanie whenever they’re in Beverly Hills.

Stefanie and Robert Were Like Siblings During Filming

Stefanie Powers claims that sometimes she and Robert Wagner would make themselves laugh so much during the filming of Hart to Hart that they’d have to postpone filming for the day. The pair certainly had incredibly chemistry, and new audience members are still experiencing Hart to Hart for the first time today. The show has become popular in reruns in recent years. And the chemistry between Stefanie and Robert holds up on the screen as much as in real life.

While Robert Wagner married to Natalie Wood at the time that Hart to Hart came on the air, Stefanie Powers married to actor William Holden. The very same month that Natalie Wood passed away, William Holden did, as well. Natalie Wood was 43 years old at the time of her death and drowned under mysterious circumstances. Meanwhile, William Holden was a 63-year-old alcoholic who died from apparently tripping while at home and hitting his head.

The loss of their spouses was hard to deal with for both Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner. Though they were contractually obligated to continue performing their titular roles on Hart to Hart. The pair’s friendship helped them cope through the production. And they ended up bonding through the shared trauma and becoming better friends than ever before by the time that the series was done filming.

How Stefanie Powers Feels About Natalie Wood’s Death

Those who are familiar with the story of Natalie Wood will know that Robert Wagner eventually became a notable person of interest in the case of his wife’s mysterious death. Many, including aforementioned sister Lana Wood, maintain that Robert was at least partially culpable in Natalie’s death. Stefanie has often been asked about whether or not she thinks that Robert had any hand in Natalie’s death. And she maintains that he couldn’t have. According to her, anyone claiming so is just trying to get some attention.

Being blamed by many for the death of his wife made it even harder for Robert Wagner to cope after Natalie Wood’s passing. But Stefanie Powers was there alongside him on the set of Hart to Hart to help him pick up the pieces. The death of her own spouse left Stefanie in similarly strange circumstances. As not everyone viewed her all that sympathetically in the wake of William Holden’s death. Stefanie and William were still technically married at the time of William’s passing. But they had been separated for a period of a few years.

Many felt that Stefanie wasn’t there for her husband in his final days. And were skeptical when she tried to garner sympathy in the presses after his death. Despite this, Stefanie Powers still does work with the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, which she established in 1982 in honor of her late husband. Her work with the foundation often sees the 79-year-old actress travelling to Kenya.

Although Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner were already friends before Hart to Hart’s premiere and only became closer over the course of the hit series’ production. The two maintain that they have never been romantically involved. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Hart to Hart stars Stefanie Powers and Robert Wagner both lost their spouses in November of 1981. And that bonding through their respective losses helped the two become closer friends than ever over the course of the series’ production? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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