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Steve Harvey Breaks Down in Tears Live on the Air

In a series of unforgettable broadcasts that gripped the hearts of millions. The ever-charming Steve Harvey captivated audiences like never before when he broke down in tears, live on the air. His candid emotional display shattered the facade of the unshakeable, wisecracking host we thought we knew, revealing a vulnerable and profoundly human side. With bated breath, viewers leaned in closer, eager to witness this extraordinary moment of raw emotion. Join FactsVerse as we bring you emotional reunions and moments that left Steve Harvey tearful.

Reunion with Richard Liss

On his birthday each year, the producers of The Steve Harvey Show take great pleasure in springing delightful surprises on the celebrated host, often moving him to tears. In 2013, they outdid themselves by reuniting Harvey with a long-lost friend he hadn’t seen in over ten years. The surprise guest, Richard Liss, was the kind soul who had financially backed Harvey when he was a budding comedian just starting out.

As Harvey caught sight of Richard’s face for the first time in years, he was instantly overcome with emotion, struggling to hold himself together. With a choked-up voice, Harvey exclaimed his love and respect for Richard. They engaged in a touching exchange that left Richard equally emotional. Richard then asked Harvey if he wanted to meet “his girlfriend,” likely an inside joke from their past. The floodgates opened anew as Harvey met Richard’s wife, Becky, who was also visibly moved.

Pausing briefly to regain his composure, Harvey spoke about the crucial role the Liss couple played in his life. He mentioned that he was a struggling 26-year-old when they, the owners of a furniture store in Cleveland, took him in and provided him with his first contract for his small carpet cleaning business. Harvey faced financial difficulties when he decided to become a comedian at 27. And as he lacked the funds to travel to his gigs across the country. The Liss couple came to his aid by giving him an account at their travel agency. And which he used to rack up a bill of approximately $11,000 in his efforts to make it in the industry. Overcome with emotion, Harvey expressed his gratitude for the invaluable support they provided during his early days.

With a newfound resolve, Harvey made it clear he intended to repay their kindness. Harvey exclaimed that he was now rich, drawing laughter from the audience. Harvey went on to say that he planned to send a plane to pick up Rich and Becky. Adding that he would fly them to Chicago for the show. He also mentioned that he had been searching for Rich for years. The heartfelt reunion soon drew to a close. But the touching interaction between old friends left a lasting impression on viewers, with some finding it even more heartwarming than others.

Embracing childhood friends

At 65 years old, Steve was on the verge of tears when he noticed two longtime friends sitting in the audience. As the host of Family Feud, he asked the contestants to pause for a moment and walked across the stage to embrace the two men in the front row.

After returning to the stage, the television star highlighted that one of them had been his childhood friend for an impressive 61 years. Steve shared that his friend, who grew up next door to him in Cleveland, had taken him by surprise. As he adjusted his purple blazer, he jokingly mentioned that his friend should have informed him of the visit, eliciting laughter and tender reactions from the audience. Steve admitted that seeing his friend almost made him cry.

Coming up from nothing

In a separate heartfelt moment, the well-known comedian opened up about his challenging beginnings as a struggling stand-up comic during an appearance on Hoda Kotb’s Making Space podcast. Steve recounted how he quit his job and announced that he was a professional comedian. Hoda inquired if he just persisted, to which Steve admitted that he ended up homeless and lived in a car for three years.

The star of The Original Kings of Comedy emphasized that he never considered a backup plan, as he believed it would prevent him from fully committing to his primary goal. Although he faced many difficult days, doubting his ability to succeed, Steve was determined not to return home as a failure.

College Farewell

Throughout the busy summer of 2015, which was filled with managing his businesses and releasing a new book, Steve Harvey cherished the quality time spent with his son, Wynton Harvey. During an episode of the “Steve Harvey Show,” the talk-show host reminisced about a deeply emotional conversation with Wynton before he left for college.

Harvey expressed his high expectations for his son, reminding him that he was a Harvey and that he was loved. The host shared this tender moment with his wife, Marjorie. And despite trying to hold back tears, he found himself with watery eyes as he joked about not crying.

Another memorable father-son moment took place when Wynton turned 18. In keeping with tradition, Steve decided to share a cigar with his son. He clarified to the audience that he wasn’t seeking their approval and encouraged them to raise their children as they saw fit. For Steve, enjoying a cigar with his sons upon turning 18 was a special bonding moment.

Wynton had eagerly anticipated the experience for a long time. And having seen his father share such moments with his older brothers. Steve recalled the late summer night when Wynton expressed his excitement. Stating that he had been waiting for this moment for as long as he could remember. This poignant event marked the last significant moment shared between father and son before Wynton embarked on his college journey.

Fathers’ Day surprise

As children across the globe worked on planning the perfect gift for their fathers on Father’s Day, Steve Harvey’s son Wynton demonstrated exceptional planning skills when he surprised his dad a week before the holiday on the Steve Harvey Show. The 17-year-old appeared on the talk show with some remarkable gifts in tow.

The first gift was an impressive pair of Tom Ford shoes. And which delighted Steve until he discovered how Wynton had purchased them. Wynton revealed that he used the family account at the store. And joking that it was as if Steve had bought them for himself, but the thought still counted. Harvey humorously questioned where his son’s allowance went.

However, it was the next present that genuinely moved both the audience and Steve to tears. Wynton, who at the time was soon starting his college journey at FIU, wanted to give his father a gift that symbolized their close bond. He presented a framed throwback photo of the two of them with the quote, “I’ll ride with you until the wheels fall off.”

Wynton shared that the gift would remind him of the significant influence his father had on his life. And how Steve had helped him become a good enough student to get accepted into college despite previous struggles. Visibly moved, Harvey put down the Tom Ford shoes, signifying that family was far more important than any materialistic item.

Later in the show, Steve expressed how much the gift meant to him. As they had a saying that they would ride together until the wheels fell off. He emphasized that no matter what happened, Wynton should always turn to him rather than anyone else. Making the gift all the more special.

Surprising his wife on Mothers’ Day

In 2015, Steve Harvey celebrated Mother’s Day with an emotional tribute to his wife of nine years, Marjorie. He invited her to appear on his show, claiming they would honor mothers everywhere. But unbeknownst to her, she was the one being honored.

Steve recalled the moment they first met at a comedy club. And where he told her he would marry her someday, even though they had just met. He expressed gratitude to his wife for transforming his life, helping his son become a better student. And aiding him in adjusting to his celebrity status.

Viewers praised the couple’s loving relationship, with one commenting on the beauty of their bond and another expressing admiration for Steve and his work. Some even shared their enjoyment of his show, which brought them laughter and tears.

In 2021, Steve once again aimed to pleasantly surprise his fashion designer and blogger wife on Mother’s Day. He presented her with several rose bouquets and gifts. And including stylish shoes and trendy outfits, all carefully arranged in a dedicated gift room.

A video shared on Marjorie’s Instagram feed titled “Mother’s Day surprise from my husband” showed her entering the room, followed by a stylishly dressed Steve. Marjorie, visibly amazed by the surprise, walked around the room, commenting on her speechlessness.

After examining her Mother’s Day gifts, she embraced her husband, who seated on a chair, and planted a heartfelt kiss on his lips.

Many consider Steve and Marjorie to be one of the industry’s power couples and a symbol of relationship goals. While they currently enjoy a splendid love affair, their journey to happiness was not without challenges.

Both Steve and Marjorie experienced unsuccessful marriages before finding each other. Marjorie had been married twice, while Steve had been married three times.

Destiny united them, and they exchanged vows in 2007, never looking back. Steve adopted Marjorie’s three children and raised them alongside his own from previous relationships.

Initially, blending their families was challenging. But the couple diligently worked together to create a loving and disciplined environment for their children.

Over a decade has passed, and they have no regrets about choosing to become one big family. Their children have formed strong bonds, and Steve and Marjorie continue to keep the spark alive in their relationship.

Tribute to mother

On May 6, 2013, during an episode of “Steve Harvey,” Steve took a break from his usual humor to deliver a heartfelt tribute to his mother in a segment titled “Things My Mom Taught Me.” Visibly emotional, Steve expressed hope that he had made his mother proud of the man he had become. As he concluded, not a single dry eye could found in the audience, and an overwhelmed Steve walked off the set.

The episode marked the beginning of a week-long celebration of mothers, featuring an array of special events. Highlights included the largest makeover event ever on “Steve Harvey,” with ten mothers from ten different states receiving completely new looks. The week also featured a “Mom of the Year” competition, a heartwarming reunion between a military mom and her daughter, a Mother’s Day Gift Guide, and more.

There you have it. It’s now time to hear from you. Did you shed a tear while witnessing those touching scenes? If so, which ones brought on more tears for you?

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