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Student Stops To Help Collapsed Girl But It’s The Runner Behind Her That Made Headlines

Winning Isn’t Everything

While everyone loves to win, many people understand that it isn’t everything. Sometimes, it is better to know that you are a good person than to win. This lets them know that they are winning in life. Two women were running in the ACC Women’s Cross Country Championship, and they decided that being good people was more important than running in a race.

Madeline Adams

On this day, Madeline Adams was running in the race. She spent months training daily to be able to run the race. Her goal was to win. She would go out running every day. She also trained in the gym. This race was huge for her, and she wanted nothing more than to win. She knew that it would be hard work and she was up to the challenge. She loved to run, and she loved to compete. She was hoping that this would be the race that she would win.

Weakness and Fatigue

On the day of the race, Madeline felt strong. She was ready for the race, and she was doing very well. She was coming up over the hill toward the finish line when a strange feeling rushed over her. She had run races in the past and knew what typical fatigue felt like. What she felt on that day was different. Madeline’s legs and her entire body grew weak. She couldn’t feel her legs, and she could no longer run. She couldn’t even stand up. She fell to the ground, but she didn’t remember falling. She just remembered being on the ground.

The Race Goes On

While Madeline was lying on the ground, unable to move, many of the runners ran past her. After the race, she says that she didn’t blame the other runners for not stopping. These girls were strangers to her, and she knew better than anyone how long it took to train for such an event. She didn’t expect the other runners to forget about the race to help her. When someone finally did stop, Madeline was shocked.

Two Heroes

While Madeline was lying on the ground struggling to move, Evie Tate, a runner from Clemson, came running by. She saw Madeline lying on the ground and knew that she couldn’t leave her there. She stopped and tried to lift Madeline off the ground. Evie couldn’t lift Madeline up because she was too heavy. This student stops to help collapsed girl but it’s runner behind her that made headlines. This was when Rachel Pease, a runner from Louisville, stopped when she saw Evie struggling to get Madeline off the ground. They both held Madeline up and tried to help her get to the finish line.

Medical Assistance

Unfortunately, the girls didn’t get Madeline to the finish line. The medical team that was on hand at the race came over to the three girls and told Madeline that they needed to check her out. Madeline agreed, and Evie and Rachel continued on and finished the race. Madeline stayed behind getting the medical attention that she so desperately needed.

Good People

After the race, Madeline said that it was the toughest race she had ever run in. She also said that it is great to know that there are still good people out there. She didn’t expect anyone to give up their place in the race to help her and the fact that Evie and Rachel, two complete strangers, would stop to help her was amazing.


Because Madeline was too weak to complete the race, she was disqualified. She said that this didn’t bother her. She ran the race of her life, and she was proud of her accomplishment. Madeline says that there will be other races to run and she has no intention of quitting. She says that she will train twice as hard for the next race so that she can make it all the way to the finish line on her own.

True Sportsmanship

After the race, Evie and Rachel were called true heroes. These two girls are living proof of true sportsmanship. They realized that winning isn’t everything. They both agreed that helping a fellow runner felt better than winning the race.

A Viral Story

It wasn’t long before Madeline’s story went viral. People all over the world were sharing the story. Not only was it going viral on social media, but bloggers all over the world were also writing about the story. The story was so popular because it gives people faith in others. Rachel and Evie put Madeline’s well being over theirs. With all of the world’s problems today, we need to hear stories like this one. Evie and Rachel are amazing women. Madeline says that she will never forget that day, those girls, and what happened to her.

YouTube Description

Cross country races aren’t really very newsworthy. A bunch of runners begins the race at the starting line, and they cross the finish line. The ACC Women’s Cross Country race in 2018 started out as your typical race, but when something amazing happened, people all over the world were talking about it. When one runner becomes too weak and fatigued to stand up after falling down, two runners who had never met the runner before decided that being a good person was more important than winning a race. The girls in question, Rachel and Evie, showed that there are times when winning isn’t everything. These girls decided that doing the right thing and being kind was more important than completing a race. The story is amazing, and the video is incredible. It is fortunate that someone was there taping the whole thigh. It gives you a chance to see what true sportsmanship looks like.

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