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Survivor Host Jeff Probst Is Absurdly Rich

In Survivor, the reality competition that has gone on for twenty years now, contestants are left in an isolated location where they take part in different tasks for food, shelter, and immunity. The contestants eliminate progressively and the sole survivor who survives until the very end takes home the grand prize of $1,000,000. The show is a massive hit and the one thing that stays constant through the 20 years of the show is Survivor host Jeff Probst.

Jeff Probst is a well-recognized game show host who entered the entertainment industry in 1996 with Backchat, a half-hour show that ran on FX and saw Probst answering various viewer letters. Probst hosted several shows and worked as writer/director on many others before finally landing the role of Survivor host, a job that has proved to be life-changing in every way for him. Though Probst has done many shows in the past, including The Jeff Probst Show which aired from September 2012 to May 2013, no job has filled his coffers the way Survivor has. Do you know Jeff Probst loads with money?

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Jeff Probst Is An Amazing Host

Jeff Probst is an amazing host — he does not shy away from sharing his colorful remarks during the various Reward and Immunity Challenges and it is fun to watch him take contestants to task most of the time. At the Tribal Council, he always comes up with new and innovative ways to throw contestants into lively debates and up the entertainment quotient of the show. Similarly, he is also the host who asks questions that no one dares to ask. In the last twenty years and forty seasons of the show, he perfects the catchphrase that is best associated with him — The tribe has spoken.

As the show’s host as well as one of its executive producers, Probst gives a lot of his time and efforts to Survivor, and therefore, it is no surprise that he also demands a massive paycheck. In this video, we tell you how much wealth has the Survivor host accumulated over the years. Let us tell you now only that it is a lot.

Pop Culture Podcast The Ringer

In 2017, the sports and pop culture podcast The Ringer reported, based on an article published in the TV Guide that Probst was drawing home a salary of $200,000 per episode. Since almost every season of Survivor has close to 15 episodes, the podcast reported that the show’s host was taking somewhere about $4 million every season, i.e. $8 million every year. Now even if we assume that Probst’s salary was less during the initial few seasons of the show, we know he must have surely taken yearly hikes later. Survivor has had 40 successful seasons. So, you can well imagine the kind of money Probst has accumulated in his bank accounts over the last twenty years. And if that isn’t enough, Probst is also an executive producer on the show and surely takes a cut of the total profits as well.

Other than playing the host on Survivor, Probst has also directed two films, made guest appearances on shows like How I Met Your Mother and Life in Pieces. After doing so much work, it is not very surprising that the Survivor host has a net worth of $50 million as of 2020. However, Probst also gives back a lot. In 2007, he started The Serpentine Project, an NGO focusing on helping young people moving out of foster care.

Now that we are discussing TV’s one of the most popular hosts, here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Jeff Probst.

His First Job Required Him to Clean Tables Between Customers

Jeff Probst’s net worth maybe $50 million now, but his first job was bussing tables. When Probst is in school, to make some extra money, he take up a job at a local restaurant calls Elks Lodge where he receives $2.20 an hour to clean tables between customers. Probst was 15 at the time but told the manager that he was 16 years old. Well, here’s a man who has known the importance of money since the very start.

His Brother Scott Was Also a Part of the Survivor Team

Jeff has two brothers: Scott Probst and Brent Probst, both younger to him. Scott has worked on and off with Jeff on Survivor. Between 2006 and 2009, Scott Probst worked as an assistant director on five episodes of the show. Then he came back in 2011 and was a member of the camera crew for 25 episodes of the show. H has also worked as a grip and video engineer on the show. Like Jeff, Scott has been a part of the entertainment industry for years now. He is the production coordinator for the game Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, which releases in 2003, and serves as the producer for Medal of Honor: European Assault, which released in 2005.

Probst Did Not Take up the Role of the Producer Until the 13th Season

Until the 12th season of Survivor, Jeff’s role in the show restricts to as a host. However, before the beginning of the 13th season, Jeff Probst had a word with the show’s makers and no one knows what happened but Jeff was promoted to the role of executive producer alongside being the show’s host. For Jeff, making the transition was quite easy. He said in an interview that a host is anyway always involved in everything going on with the show. Therefore, becoming an executive producer wasn’t all that difficult for him.

Jeff Probst Is Also an Ordained Minister

In 1999, Jeff’s parents decided to get remarried on their 40th wedding anniversary. Jeff wanted to marry his parents and therefore, he applied to become a minister. The whole thing cost him $25 and he was ordained by the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California. As an ordained minister, he has married many of his friends and even offered to marry Amber and Rob Mariano during the eighth season of the show titled Survivor: All-Stars – The Reunion.

He Was Outstanding Host for a Reality Show Four Years in a Row

Jeff Probst is one of the highest-paid TV show hosts because he is clearly one of the best hosts on TV. Jeff’s four Primetime Emmy awards prove just that. Between 2008 and 2011, Jeff Probst won the Primetime Emmy For Outstanding Host for four years in a row. After his four consecutive wins, The Los Angeles Times opined that what made Probst such a good host was his ability to interact with contestants on a personal level and his ability to figure ways to become their counselor and not just the show’s host.

He Is a Big Fan of David Letterman and His Wife Loves Liam Neeson

Probst is a huge admirer of David Letterman and if given a chance, of all the CBS hosts, he would choose to spend a day with David Letterman. When asked to justify his choice, Jeff said that surrounding oneself with great people is one of the best things for one’s soul. So, in simple words, Probst thinks Letterman is great.

Similarly, Probst was once asked if he had to choose one person to have dinner with, who would he choose. He chose Liam Neeson because Probst’s wife Lisa is a huge fan of Neeson. Such an adorable gesture.

He Has Been Married Twice

Probst married psychotherapist Shelley Wright in 1996 and after five years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2001. Thereafter, in 2004, while filming for Survivor: Vanuatu he started dating Julie Berry who was a contestant on the show. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between the two, and the couple split in 2008. Probst met his current wife Lisa Ann Russell at a holiday party and the two got married in 2011. Through his marriage to Lisa, Probst is a stepfather to Lisa’s two children with actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar — Michael and Ava.

You May Have Seen Him on Two and a Half Men

Probst is a rather handsome man and therefore, he constantly gets offers to do guest appearances on different shows. He has appeared in two episodes of Two and a Half Men. In 2013, he appeared in the episode titled Some Kind of Lesbian Zombie, and in 2014, he appeared on the 12th episode of the 11th season called Baseball. Boobs. Boobs. Baseball. Other than Two and a Half Men, Probst has also made guest appearances on How I Met Your Mother, Life in Pieces, and Family Guy.

While Travelling, He Always Has a $20 Bill With Him

As the Survivor host, Probst has traveled to some of the most exotic locations in the world and when you travel so much, you obviously pick up a few lessons with regards to traveling. One of the biggest lessons that Probst has learned from all the traveling that he has done is that one must always carry some cash with them. Thus, wherever Probst goes, he carries a $20 bill with him. According to Probst, he has used his $20 bill to tip people, pay for transportation, and get upgrades at hotels. However, shouldn’t he be carrying more than just one $20 bill?

He Devotes Only Four Months of His Year to Survivor

Survivor first aired in 2000 and since then, there have been 40 seasons of the show. Given that Probst has hosted all the seasons, it is normal for people to assume that Probst must be putting in many months every year. However, in an interview given to GQ, Probst explained that he is away from home for only four months every year. Each season is shot over 39 days usually. Since Jeff reaches the locations a few days before the contestants, at best, he spends 4 months on shooting Survivor every year. If only we too had a job that paid us $8 Million for just 4 months of work!

He Is a Social Media Star

Jeff Probst uses various social media platforms to interact with his fans and therefore, often also makes it a point to find the time to answer their questions. He is, therefore, quite popular on social media. The Survivor host has close to 4,89,000 followers on Twitter and approximately 1,60,000 followers on Instagram.

So, did you know that Jeff Probst is absurdly rich? Did you know that his net worth is close to $50 Million? Most importantly, do you think Jeff Probst is irreplaceable and that he deserves all the money he gets? Let us know what you think — it is always so much fun to know what our audiences think.

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