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Suzanne Somers is NOT SHY About What She Does in the Bedroom

Going public about one’s sex life is not something we hear very often. But apparently, to the Three’s Company alum, Suzanne Somers, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Not only did she get explicit with it, but she also used it as a basis to dispel myths associated with old age and sex. Join Facts Verse as we dive into the details of why Suzanne Somers isn’t shy about what she does in the bedroom.

In March of 2021,Somers made headlines when she went public about her active sex life with her husband. She has stated that they sometimes have sex three times before noon. During quarantine amid the pandemic, she received attention from the media for flaunting her thriving sex life. Additionally, she used the occasion to counsel other couples on how to rekindle their sexual lives. For a couple as old as they are, one would have a hard time believing her claim. She did state, however, that they achieve their desired sex life with the help of hormones.

Suzanne Somers reported that her husband, Alan Hamel, 85, has been on hormone replacement therapy for the past two decades. Whenever the couple decides to have a good time in the bedroom, she injects her husband with testosterone. They then wait until the following day, when the hormones have kicked in, to have a good time. According to Somers, she and her husband have enjoyed an awesome relationship and have done an excellent job raising their kids.

The couple has worked hard to pay for their college tuition, pay for their marriage, and have helped them to a great start in life. So now they are working on their romantic lives and having a good time by themselves. The pandemic also played a role in the flourishing sex life of the couple. The quarantine period provided them with more than enough free time. Which they chose to invest in their love lives, and believe me, it is paying off handsomely. Unlike many older couples, they seem very satisfied with each other, and they have the love life of newlyweds.

Suzanne Somers believes that other couples her age and older do not have an active sex life because they believe it is acceptable not to. She also claims that this is due to the fact that they have yet to identify the right triggers. Friends from her inner circle have expressed concern about the frequency of intimacy in her life. But Somers believes it is exactly what she and her husband require.

Her vibrant love life is sourced from her philosophy of what it means to be healthy. To Suzanne Somers, being healthy not only entails getting enough exercise, eating a balanced diet, and being free of illness. She believes that a healthy person is also sexual. Maximising her sexuality is essential to her in order to live a healthy and youthful lifestyle.

One might wonder how much Somers knows to be publicly confident in counseling others about their sexual lives. Indeed, she has authored a number of books on a variety of subjects ranging from wellness to ageing to hormones and everything in between. So it’s safe to assume she knows more than the average person. She is also passionate about teaching women how to rebalance their hormones and nutrients, which is what inspires her to write more. She also revealed one of the secret sauces to her juicy sex life: dates nights. You heard me. Date nights, according to Suzanne, are as important as anything else, especially in a long-term relationship.

Despite being together for over 54 years, Suzanne Somers and Alan only discovered the benefits of date nights five years ago when they first tried it. Initially, their date nights were held at an outdoor bar. They would both drink, sing, dance, laugh and have a good time like they were in their thirties. During quarantine, their date nights became a regular occurrence. So every other night, they’d meet at Big Al’s bar, their in-house bar, and have a real conversation over a bottle of tequila. And since they couldn’t invite anyone over, it would just be them having a good time like it was nobody’s business.

The 75-year-old gave out another of her secret sauces, and this time, it’s using progesterone cream and drinking tequila at 5 pm every day. It sure sounds weird, but she’s living proof. With regards to the progesterone cream, she recommends the melanocortin-based peptide PT-141, which stimulates sexual desire. And for those who love her books, you are in for a treat. Her 28th book is currently in the works, and it will teach you everything you need to know about the exciting new world of peptides.

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Suzanne Somers and her husband, Alan Hamel, have been together for 54 years but married for 45 years. Suzanne and Alan first met while working on the game show, Anniversary Game, in 1969. Somers was a prize model, while Hamel was the host of the show. After noticing each other for a while, the two went on their first date. At that time, the California blonde was 23 years old and naively went against the advice of her mother on what not to do on a date. She had her first pot brownie as a result of her fear and uncertainty about Alan’s feelings for her, which led to her first sleepover on a first date. Fortunately, they began dating soon afterwards and lived together for almost a decade before getting married in 1977.

Apart from being couples, they have established a variety of different types of relationships between them.

They are also best friends, business partners, lovers, companions, and a whole lot more. Somers attributes a portion of her marriage’s success to the amount of time and attention she and her husband devote to one another. For her, it’s the small gestures that matter, such as hugging him, rubbing his hair, and being told she’s beautiful by him. One of the most beautiful part of her life, she claims, is when they fall asleep and awaken still holding hands.

Over the years, the couple has never hesitated to display their affections for one another publicly. Whether they are in the comfort of their bedroom or under public scrutiny at award shows, they are always spotted getting cosy and wrapped up in one another. During the celebration of last year’s Valentine, Hamel set aside his pride and performed a striptease to the song “Let Me Entertain You” from the 1959 musical Gypsy for the love of his life. The pair commemorated their 44th wedding anniversary in November 2020. Somers took to social media to publicise her anniversary with a video that featured a timeline of their photos up to that moment. She captioned the Instagram post.

“Happy Anniversary Al! My darling, @therealalanhamel — how I love being your wife,” “Married today 44 years and together 53 years! I don’t want to spend a day without you. What a life! Happy Anniversary!

Before Somers became Hamel’s life partner, she was previously married to Bruce Somers, with whom she had her son Bruce Somers Jr. Their union fell into despair, and by 1968, they had been divorced. Hamel, on the other hand, was the father of three children from a previous marriage to Marilyn Shapiro. Somers and Hamel do not have children together, which is understandable given their combined family size of five.

Despite enjoying the undying love and longevity in their marriage, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride. Just like any marriage, Somers and Hamel had a fair share of the cake, which began with their children. After becoming stepparents to each other’s children, they had the responsibility of uniting the entire family as one. But that proved quite impossible as the children were not happy about the newly formed union. The attitude of the children almost jeopardised not only the stability of their home but also the foundation of their parents’ marriage. The children’s indifference set the marriage of the couple to a really rough start.

A large part of this was due to the couple’s lack of experience managing blended families. In those days, blended families were uncommon and no one anticipated that it would come with such a problem. Apart from the children’s constant misbehaviour, the couple locked horns over parenting styles. Somers tried to establish ground rules for the children, but Hamel wasn’t up for it, further complicating their disjointed household. Despite their diametrically opposed parenting styles and their children’s unwillingness to coexist peacefully, they managed to keep their family together.

To make matters worse, their children subjected to the influence of their estranged spouses, which only added insult to injury. The couple’s anxiety was compounded by their tendency to be overly protective of their children. The thoughts that were fed into the kids by their other parents were at odds with what the couple tried to establish. However, the couple was not ready to give up just yet.

Things took a turn for the better when the household went through therapy. Somers revealed that it took a great deal of soul searching for them to realize what hindered their progress as a family. The kids overlooked their egos and started treating one another like real siblings. They eventually developed into the close-knit family the couple had envisioned from the start. The couple took great pride in their children getting along and establishing a peaceful and harmonious household. The couple represent a beacon of hope that Hollywood stars can enjoy such longevity in their marriage.

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