Tabitha From’Bewitched’ Is An Absolute Bombshell Now At 55

Bewitched is one of the most iconic comedy series in the 1960s and 70s. It followed the story of Samantha, a good witch who marries an average guy and the ensuing hilarity that ensues when she uses her magic to solve average, everyday problems. Tabitha from Bewitched was Samantha’s daughter who first appeared in the episode “And Then There Were Three” and stayed a part of the main cast until the last season. She plays by actress Erin Murphy. The show ended over 40 years ago and most of the cast, including Erin, has retreated from the limelight. However, it doesn’t mean that they’re not out there living rich and exciting lives.

Today, Erin Murphy is a mom, entrepreneur, actress, and advocate. Read on to know how she has changed since she played her iconic role.

Tabitha from ‘Bewitched’ is an Absolute Bombshell Now at 55

Erin Murphy as Tabitha Stephens

Murphy was already acting before she was cast in the show, landing a gig in a Folger’s coffee and when she was just an infant. She also did a laundry ad with Ronald Reagan. When she was cast as Tabitha, she initially shared the role with her twin sister Diane for the first 18 seasons before eventually playing the role alone.

Murphy and her sister were only 2 when they joined the cast and essentially grew up on the set. However, it was Erin who enjoyed being in front of the camera and was often used when shooting the close-ups and major scenes.

Post-Bewitched Years

Commercials and Cheerleading

Murphy continued to be active in Hollywood after the show ended. She guest-starred in shows like Lassie as Molly Craig and did numerous commercials. In one interview, she revealed that she did over 80 commercials up until she reached junior high. She was also a model and worked alongside Jodie Foster and Helen Hunt.

Her family moved to Orange County when she was 6, which allowed her to live a normal life. She attended El Toro High School, was a popular cheerleader and was crowned homecoming queen.

First Marriage and Finding Herself

Murphy married when she was 21 years old and moved to Arizona. During this time she taught acting and worked on several acting roles, one as a stunt double for Virginia Madsen. She also worked behind the scenes, in film production and makeup.

Trying out different roles behind the camera provided her with opportunities to get out of her comfort zone and discover what she really wanted to. Clearly she enjoyed being in front of the camera, even if it meant doing something that she has never done before.

Reality Show Adventures

This openness to new challenges led to a gig as a reality show host with Fox Reality Channel. In an interview, she revealed that this was a perfect fit for her because the schedule allowed her to be a full-time mom to her kids and work on show at the same time.

Murphy also appeared in Hulk Hogan‘s Celebrity Championship in 2008. It was a wrestling show that pitted celebs with other celebs. She had fun filming the show and even created her persona, Mistress of Mayhem, aka M.O.M. True to form, Murphy enjoyed the show even though she was third to be eliminated.

She followed this up with a spot on RuPaul’s Drag U. In an interview with Socialite Life, she revealed that the experience was both exciting and educational, saying that the drag tricks she learned helped her out on the red carpet.

Advocacies: AIDs and Autism Awareness

Aside from acting and being a full-time mom, Murphy is an advocate for numerous charities, most notably for foundations that support AIDS research and autism awareness. She has been a long-time AIDs activist, volunteering in AIDS fundraising events. She delivers meals through Meals on Wheels, has participated in fundraising after Katrina and is a ChildHelp ambassador.

Also, she is very active in raising autism awareness. One of her boys was diagnosed with autism, which led to deeper involvement with organizations that raise awareness for autism. She has joined autism campaigns and even did a PSA for autism awareness.


Erin Murphy returned to show-business full time a decade ago and since then she has enjoyed steady work in reality TV, serving as a contestant, endorser, and even as a celebrity judge. But showbiz is not her only forte. Murphy is also a savvy entrepreneur, having launched a knitting business called Erin Murphy Knits, a company providing knitwear from renewable and eco-friendly alpaca fibers.
She funded the company through Kickstarter and successfully launched a winter collection. She also owns Slim Chillers, a business selling frozen vodka martini pops.

Erin Murphy Today: Life in Front of the Camera

Murphy, still gorgeous at 55, has taken on more and more roles in front of the camera in recent years. She starred in 2017 short called I Might Be Famous. In the same year, she starred in Life Interrupted as supporting character Nina Woodworth. Murphy is also active on social media, using platforms like Twitter to show loyal fans what she up to.

She has certainly come a long way from the wide-eyed blond-haired girl on the set of Bewitched. It has been over 40 years since the show aired but Erin Murphy continues to be grateful for her time on the set and all that happened after her years there.

“I think I kind of had the best of both worlds,” she said in an ABC News interview.

With a fulfilled family life, community advocacies, a thriving business, and a blossoming return to show business, we can’t help but think so too.

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