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Teen Accepts Stranger’s Offer For Ride Home Not Knowing He’s Going To Change His Life

Looking For Work

Most people want to make money. Some will sit around and hope that something will just fall into their laps. Others go out and make something happen for them. Chauncy Black is one of these people.

Chauncy Black

Chauncy didn’t have it easy. His mother struggled to keep a roof over their head, and she struggled, even more, to keep food on the table. There were nights when Chauncy went to bed hungry because there was nothing in the house to eat. When he turned 16-years-old, he decided that it was up to him to help his mother. This was when he came up with a plan to help put food on the table.

Chauncy’s Plan

Chauncy searched his home and the streets for spare change. He needed enough money to buy a bus pass to get to his destination and then back home again. He decided to take a bus to a Kroger grocery store located in a wealthy neighborhood. He was going to offer to carry customer’s groceries in exchange for something from the store. He thought that if he brought enough groceries, he would have enough money to put a nice dinner on the table for his mother.

His First Customer

Chauncy had been at the supermarket for a while and couldn’t find anyone willing to let him carry their groceries. When he approached a man named Matt White, he was tired, hungry, and a bit ashamed. He told Matt that he would carry his groceries in exchange for a pack of donuts. Matt says that when Chauncy asked him this, his heart screamed, “yes,” but to him, he just said, “yeah dude, I’ll get you some donuts.”

Getting To Know Chauncy

Matt asked Chauncy a few questions. He found out that the boy didn’t have a phone; he only had a bus pass to get him back to his house. He told Matt that he and his mother didn’t have much food and he wanted to bring dinner home for his mom. Chauncy told Matt that he was willing to work for the food and that he was depending on the good grace of strangers to help him get the food that he needed for the night. He told Matt that he only had an hour to do this because the bus to take him back home would be returning soon.

Going The Extra Mile

Matt decided that a simple pack of donuts wasn’t enough for this hard working kid. He filled up a grocery cart with food that Chauncy could bring home to his mother. In the cart, they put cereal, vegetables, pizza, fruit, pasta, peanut butter, milk, soap, and toothbrushes. Matt wanted to make sure that Chauncy and his mother had all of the things that they needed. While the two were shopping, Matt learned that Chauncy was a straight A student and he was trying to find a part-time job to help his mother with the rent.

Plans For the Future

During their shopping spree, Matt learned a bit more about this incredible boy. He told Matt that he and his mother were poor. He said that he was doing well in school so that he could one day own his own store. This would give him enough money to support his mother and to help other families like his. Matt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Chauncy had a rough life, but it didn’t prevent him from dreaming big.

Offering a Ride

After they cashed out at the supermarket, Matt offered Chauncy a ride home. He told him to hold onto the bus pass just in case he needed it again. On the ride to Chauncy’s house, Matt discovered that the reason Chauncy’s mother couldn’t make ends meet was that she was mentally ill and medically fragile. This broke Matt’s heart. This poor boy was working hard to help his mother who couldn’t help herself. The teen accepts stranger’s offer for ride home not knowing he’s going to change his life.

Chauncy’s Home

Matt brought Chauncy home, and he helped him carry the groceries inside. When they arrived, he saw that they didn’t have any beds and any furniture. They were sleeping on pads made from sleeping bags. Other than their sleeping pads, they had two lamps and the appliances that came with the home. The refrigerator was completely empty. When Chauncy’s mother came out to meet Matt, he saw how frail she was. Matt knew that he had to do more for this family.

More Help

Matt knew that he needed to do more for the family, so he set up a GoFundMe account to help them. Since the account was set up, Matt raised $341,000 for the family. This meant that they could find a safe place to live with furniture. There was money for Chauncy’s education and even enough for him to buy a lawnmower so that he could mow lawns for money. What Matt did for this family is amazing. This just goes to show that one kind act can change a person’s life.

YouTube Description

There are millions and millions of families in this world who are struggling financially. Some are struggling so much that they cannot afford to put food on the table. This was the situation for Chauncy Black and his mother. This boy was doing everything possible to bring food home for his mother. When he ran into a good Samaritan, his life changed forever.

This man saw that Chauncy was a good, hard-working kid and one small gesture turned into something that neither one of them ever expected. Watch the video to hear Chauncy’s hard luck story. Watch the video to see how the kindness of just one stranger can turn someone’s life around.

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