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The Day She Won The Lottery Her Husband Left Her For Her Sister

Laura and Jack

Laura and Jack met when they were in college. At first, they didn’t have much of a connection. Soon, after spending a lot of time together studying in the library, they started having feelings for each other. Soon, they were dating. Laura was excelling in college, and Jack dropped out. School just wasn’t for him, so he started working as a bartender. Despite the fact that Jack left college, the couple remained together.

Different Worlds

Jack and Laura come from two different backgrounds. Laura came from a wealthy family and was very goal-oriented. Jack didn’t have much ambition, which is why Laura’s parents didn’t approve of the relationship. They didn’t think that Jack was good enough for their daughter, and they didn’t feel that he could provide for her. This didn’t change Laura’s mind. She was deeply in love with Jack and didn’t care what her parents thought.

Moving In Together

When Laura and Jack decided to move in together, her parents weren’t happy at all. She had just graduated from college, and she moved into Jack’s one-bedroom apartment. The place was small, and it was falling apart. The paint on the walls was fading and peeling. The heater never worked, and the whole place was in desperate need of a remodel. This didn’t bother Laura, and she was ready to move in any way. She looked at the whole thing as an adventure. She was in love with Jack, and she didn’t want anything to come between them.

Struggling Financially

From the time they moved in together, Jack and Laura were struggling financially. Laura decided to get a job at a restaurant near their apartment. Laura made good money in tips, and things got better for the couple. They were finally living comfortably, but then something happened to ruin Laura’s happiness.


Laura wanted to be with Jack all the time, so she would often visit him at work. It was then that she started to suspect that Jack wasn’t being faithful. When she would visit him at work, the people who worked there would look at her strangely. It made her uncomfortable, so she started to visit him less often. She didn’t like the feeling of uncertainty.

A Letter

Laura came home one day and found a letter on the table. It was from Jack. When she opened the letter, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They had been married for seven years when she got the letter. In it, he wrote, “Dear wife.” Next, he told her that he was leaving her forever. In the letter, he told her that she stopped giving him the attention he needed. He wrote that he had on a new pair of silk boxers, and she didn’t give him a second look. He worked hard to make her dinner, and she barely touched it and went right to bed. And, he wrote that he got a call from her boss telling him that she quit her job, and it was the last straw.

At the end of the letter, he told Laura that he was leaving her for her sister. She couldn’t believe it. She had come home from work that day extremely happy with fantastic news for Jack, and now he was gone. At the end of the letter, he told Laura not to look for him because he and her sister were moving to West Virginia.

The Good News

The excellent news that Laura wanted to give her husband was that she booked a trip for the two of them to Hawaii. The reason that she was able to pay for such an expensive trip was that she had just won $15 million in the lottery. She never got to give Jack the good news because he was gone. She pulled herself together and called a lawyer. And, she wanted to know if Jack would be entitled to any of the money because they were married. The lawyer told her that because of the letter Jack wrote, she wouldn’t be required to give him a dime.

A Letter Of Her Own

Now that Laura knew the money was all her, she wrote Jack a letter of her own. In it, she wrote that she didn’t look at the new boxers because he left the price tag on them for $49.99, and just that morning, her sister borrowed $50 from her. She didn’t eat the meal because she stopped eating pork before they met. Pork was her sister’s favorite meat. Finally, the kicker. She told him that she won $15 million in the lottery, and he wouldn’t get any of it. That would be her revenge. She wrote that she quit her job because she wouldn’t need it since she was a millionaire.

Taking the Trip

Laura decided to make the trip to Hawaii to start her life as a free woman. The day she won the lottery, her husband left her for her sister. Fortunately, she had $15 million to ease her broken heart. The day she won the lottery her husband left her for her sister, but at least Laura had millions.

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