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The Fastest Speed Boats on Earth

Hello, everyone, and welcome back to another video. We are exploring the top 10 fastest boats on earth. Speed boats have become increasingly popular over the past 20 years. They used to be dangerous, but with modern safety techniques, these boats are perfect for a weekend adventure. These boats can pick up speed starting at 100mph, all the way up to 300mph. We will uncover the 10 fastest boats money can buy you. This is Facts Verse Presents: The 10 Speediest Boats on Earth. Make sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel. Click the notification bell so you never miss a new video.

Speed is an exciting part of any sport, even boating. Back in ancient times, the most popular activity involving speed was chariot racing. Romans and Greeks loved to race chariots, similar to our love of speed boats today. While we won’t be counting down any ancient Roman chariot artifacts, we will be taking a look into a whole new world. Let’s kick off this list with number ten…

NUMBER TEN: Outerlimits SV 52

Outerlimits SV 52 packs a punch, coming in at 100mph. The SV 52 designs for intense speeds and high-speed performance. As a result, the boat is steady and smooth, even with rough waters. This makes the Outerlimits SV 52 a favorite amongst drivers.

In fact, the cockpit has a variety of controls to make the ride smoother, including a GPS plotter. The boat customizes with an open or swim platform. The majority of Outerlimits SV 52 models come with a half cabin for the purpose of storage, equipment, and tools.

The half cabin uses as protection from the sun. The length of the boat measures at 52 feet. It can reach 100mph, even without optimal conditions. The fuel capacity comes in at 250 gallons. The seating limit is 4. The exterior features a unique red and grey design with the “Outerlimits” logo stretched across the front. The interior comes standard with white padded seats.

NUMBER NINE: South Bay 925 CR

SouthBay 925 CR is the fastest pontoon, reaching speeds of 114mph. This model is the world’s fastest pontoon, as it can travel over 110mph. This boat has surpassed expectations on numerous occasions including when Brad Rowland hit 114mph. This made a new record for the SouthBay beauty. This model equips with a high-tech Garmin GPS for best-in-class navigation.

The boat is 27 feet long with an 8 feet beam. These dimensions make the South Bay 925 CR ideal for compact and short trips. The boat loads with a 4 speaker stereo operated by Bluetooth, exterior LED lights, interior LED lights, and a customizable underwater LED option. This boat truly combines luxury and speed. The exterior features black and white striped design along with beige padded interior seats.

NUMBER EIGHT: Fountain 47 Lightning

Fountain 47 Lightning comes in a hair above SouthBay at 115mph. This boat is medium-sized and performs well in terms of speed, which is impressive for its long length. The length is 47 feet, with a total seating capacity of 6 people. The speed of the boat attributes to the twin Mercury engines. The engines are 1,075 HP. The Fountain 47 has earned a reputation of reliability and all-around performance. In fact, this boat can “go anywhere at any time.”

The boat comes with a fuel detection system for safety and performance, along with a 340-gallon tank. The boat includes high-performance features such as a Garmin GPS, navigation, and LED dashboard/buttons. The motorized hatches, bolster seats and luxury features add the finishing touches to this all-around speedy stunner. The exterior features a white body with red and black detailing with white padded seats.

NUMBER SEVEN: Cigarette 50 AMG

Cigarette 50 AMG produces by Cigarette Racing Team. This boat is famous to reach speeds of 135mph. This speedboat is both swift and sophisticated. It is electronic and renowned for its top-tier performance. In fact, it is one of the fastest on earth for its category (electronic). It derives its power from the 2200 HP AMG engine. As if this boat couldn’t get any better, its engine is the same used for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG coupe (the quickest and most powerful electronic car in the world).

The Cigarette 50 AMG comes standard with a host of unique features such as a lithium-ion battery, which has over 3,400 lithium-ion cells. The battery is super powerful, storing 400 volts of power and giving off driving currents of 6,000 amperes. The boat comes with two chargers to “refuel.” A full charge is complete in under 8 hours… Now that is truly powerful! The exterior features eye-popping yellow and black design. The “AMG” logo is stretched across the sides and top of the boat. The interior keeps a consistent black and yellow theme with padded seats.

NUMBER SIX: Nor-Tech 200 Roadster

Nor-Tech 200 Roadster raises the bar at 150mph. This model is larger than most other speedboats, allowing seating for 10 people. The 400-gallon tank also features 5400 HP engines to support the boat’s power and speed. The speed is intense while maintaining class and luxury. For example, the Nor-Tech 200 comes with padded sun lounge chairs, video monitors, and a swimming platform. In fact, the swimming platform comes with a boarding ladder. This boat is perfect for a variety of small gatherings, with no shortage of fun or excitement. This model features a state-of-the-art surround sound system, coolers with seats, and comfortable lounging for any occasion. The exterior features a blue and grey design. The interior features blue and grey seating, dashboard, and controls.

NUMBER FIVE: Skater 46

Skater 46 has a maximum speed of 175mph. This boat has been crafted with the highest standards. In fact, it has been called the “Rolls Royce of boats.” Not only does it feature twin custom engines, coming in at 1500 HP each, it also comes with dual 1,000-gallon fuel capacity tanks. The boat is designed to easily glide at 100mph for hours. The landings are soft, smooth, and comfortable.

The boat is designed to provide a comfortable, smooth ride, even in rough and choppy waters. A complete stereo system is included standard, air conditioning, and high-performance spacious setup. The exterior features a multi-color design. The colors include orange, red, yellow, and blue. This combination is eye-catching, especially while on the water. The interior features white padded seating.

NUMBER FOUR: Mystic Powerboat C 5000

Mystic Powerboat C 5000 is recorded to reach speeds of 250mph. This is due to its dual HP engines. The total engine power is 1850 HP each, therefore coming in at a whopping 3700 HP together. The boat is known to cruise at speeds of 150mph. In fact, the highest speed attained in the Mystic Powerboat c 5000 was 250mph, therefore setting the official record. The fuel tank features a 600-gallon capacity. Furthermore, the boat’s engine can run for 15 hours straight. This boat is lengthy, coming in at 50 feet long. It is fully-loaded with the best-in-class electronic tools/equipment. This includes navigation, GPS, speedometer, and other high-tech options. Along with these practical features, passengers can enjoy speakers, air-conditioning, and comfortable seating. The exterior is grey and red, with red interior seats.

NUMBER THREE: Problem Child

Problem Child is the world’s fastest drag boat. The name comes as a shock to many, but it was selected as a tribute to the engine’s undeniable speed. Coming in at 262mph, Problem Child features an 8000 HP engine and nearly limitless capabilities. For example, the boat can rev up to 262 miles in under 4 seconds. The boat’s extreme power, strength, and speed has allowed it to become one of the most popular in the industry. When the boat is on the water, it appears to nearly fly over it. From its head-turning name to ever-shocking speed, Problem Child is a force to reckon. The exterior is red and white, with many logos all over the boat’s body. It looks very similar to a race car, only this one is made for the water.

NUMBER TWO: Bluebird

Bluebird can reach incredible speeds of 276mph. Bluebird K7 hydroplane is the oldest and most popular speedboat in the 20th century. This classic boat has been regarded as a pioneer in the boating industry. The title for the fastest water speed was previously held by Donald Campbell. He held the title during the ‘50s and ‘60s. In fact, Campbell made 7 record-breaking speeds from 1955 to 1964. Bluebird K7 hit 276mph back in 1964, a major accomplishment for modern engineering. Campbell passed away from a tragic accident speeding in 1967 while attempting to reach a 300mph record.

The boat’s parts were located in 2000 and 2001. In fact, Campbell’s daughter donated the boat’s parts to a Ruskin Museum in honor of her father. According to sources, Bluebird is testing on Scottish waters for the return of the K7. As the name implies, the Bluebird’s exterior is fully blue, from all angles. The interior has a small hint of yellow, adding contrast and design to this iconic boat.

NUMBER ONE: Spirit of Australia

Spirit of Australia holds the official World Record for an unbelievable speed of 317mph. Spirit of Australia was uniquely designed by Ken Warby. In fact, Warby designed this incredible boat at his home. The engine used for this boat is the same used in fighter jets and aircrafts today. This boat remains on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum. It is said to be permanently on display, although most speedboat enthusiasts would love a chance to sit shotgun for a day. Many have attempted to break Warby’s amazing record, however, they have all failed. Furthermore, Ken Warby created Aussie Spirit after his initial successful design. The exterior is white with yellow detailing. The design is minimalist and sleek.

Made In Sydney, Australia

Now that we have covered all the boats on the top 10 list, let’s explore the winner, Spirit of Australia, a little more. This boat broke the record on October 8th, 1978. It was built and constructed in Sydney, Australia. This wooden speed boat broke the record on Tumut River. The boat’s engine was developed by Westinghouse Electrical Company. The boat was succeeded by Warby’s second project. While the official record has never been broken, even by Warby himself, many continue to try even today. In fact, Spirit of Australia II is currently in production with an engine inspired by the Italian Fiat Gina fighter plane. The attempted target year for release is 2020, with trials currently ongoing.

Thank you guys for tuning into a fast and thrilling episode (literally)! We hope you enjoyed learning about the top 10 fastest boats in the world. Once your boat reaches the 100mph limit, you’re in the big league. Don’t forget to give this video a ‘thumbs up’ if you enjoyed and subscribe to our channel for more. We want to hear your opinion on these speed machines! Let us know in the comment box which boat you would want to drive for a day and if you think the 300mph record will be broken by someone in the future. Thanks again and we’ll see you in the next one.

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