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The Funniest Football Signs Ever

NFL Fans

Nobody loves their sports more than an NFL fan. From the New England Patriots to the Cowboys, die-hard fans show up to the games with signs in tow, ready to cheer on their favorite team. Some of the signs are typical, and some are hilarious. Here are a few of the funnier ones.


Cleveland Browns fans have been through a lot. The team won three NFL Championships, but since 1964, they haven’t had much success. This die-hard fan has faith that soon, they will be winners again. He doesn’t look too happy about it though.

Calling Them Out

Not every sign needs to say, “go, team, go.” This Eagles fan decided to disrespect the opposing team instead. To be sure that he covered all of his bases, he took out two quarterbacks in his sign. Well played, sir.

Splitting Up

Splitting up with your girlfriend is terrible, but when you think that your favorite NFL team is done, it can be devastating. This man was worried that San Diego would lose their beloved Chargers to Los Angeles. He felt he had to beg them not to go. He even looks like he’s crying.

Neither Rain, Sleet, Snow or Hail

Everyone knows that the United States Postal Service doesn’t deliver mail on Sundays. The person who put this sign up wanted to slight the Eagles, by saying the neither of them would deliver on Sunday. The post office won’t deliver mail, and the Eagles wouldn’t bring it.


When a team makes it to the playoffs, tickets go fast. This means that fans have to grab when while they have the chance. This Vikings fan got tickets to the playoffs, but a missed field goal ruined it all. He made sure to let everyone know that he bought his ticket before that fateful field goal.


True football fans are optimistic, and they will take any win they can get. This Green Bay Packers fan wanted her team to go to the Super Bowl, but if they didn’t make it, her sign let the team know that if they didn’t make it, then it would be fine. They could still go to the Pro Bowl.

A Harsh Reality

Washington sports fans have gone through a lot over the years. The Washington Redskins may not be the worse team in the league, but many fans have just given up. The fan who made this sign has given up on rooting for the team and decided to just be honest. “We Are Horrible,” says it all.

Player Strike?

When the Baltimore Ravens fans heard talk about a player strike, many of them panicked. What would a Sunday in Baltimore look like without football? This Ravens fan had another reason to want the game to go on, beer. His sign reads, “Don’t strike, where else can I get six beers for $35.” At least he has a good reason to want the players to avoid a strike.

It Could Be Worse

New York Giants fans love their team, and they hate the Jets. This Giants fan knew that his team wasn’t doing well, but he wanted to look on the bright side. His sign reads, “At least we’re not the Jets.” Every other team in the league can use this sign, except for Cleveland of course.

Recycled Sign

This man is a disgruntled Cleveland Browns fan. Most fans don’t want to sit in the stands with a fair-weather fan like this. The woman next to him called him out for using the same sign two years in a row. The least he could have done was made a new sign. She knew exactly why the crowd was staring, and it is hilarious.


Ever since the Deflategate scandal, fans from most every other NFL team fans have been accusing the New England Patriots of cheating. The fact that they win Super Bowl after Super Bowl hasn’t helped calm the cheating rumors. When the Patriots played the Indianapolis Colts, Indy fans who had tunnel seats took advantage. They made a sign that read, “Cheaters Exit Here,,” and they hung it right over the Patriot’s tunnel.

Christmas Wishes

This Buffalo Bills fan went to a game on Christmas Day. He brought his checklist with him, with just one last thing to be checked off. The presents were delivered, the reindeer were fed, and the elves were back in the North Pole resting. The last thing left was for the Bills to win. At least he’s organized.

A Legendary Jersey

This isn’t a sign, but it sure deserves a spot on this list. This woman bought a Tim Couch jersey after the 1999 NFL draft pick. After that, they went through quarterback after quarterback. The funniest thing about this jersey is that Manziel is the last quarterback listed, and since then there have been seven more.

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