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The Hilarious Notes These Dads Left For Their Kids To Find

Notes From Dad

Dads need to be disciplinarians at times. Sometimes they yell, and others, they can let their children know that they are doing something wrong, but in a funny way. That is the case here. These dads wanted to let their kids know that they were doing something wrong, but they did so in a funny way. Here are some of the hilarious notes these dads left for their kids to find.

Refill the Toilet Paper Roll

Anyone with children knows that when they use the rest of the toilet paper, they very rarely replace the roll. The dad who created this wanted to remind his kids in a cute way. He created a monster out of the empty toilet paper roll, with a caption bubble that reads, “Feed me.”

Liam Neeson

The Dad who wrote this note must have seen the movie, Taken, many times. He created a note with most of the same lines that Liam Neeson said to his daughter’s kidnappers. The difference is that this dad didn’t want a kidnapped child returned. Instead, he wanted his kids to do the sink full of dishes they left in the sink. The punishment would be no more WiFi.


The father who wrote this note had a really disgusting mix-up. Someone left a tube of Vagisil on the sink beside the toothpaste, and the two look similar. Dad got a bit mixed up, and the results were nasty. He made sure to leave a note for his family, letting his family know that the two can’t be placed side by side.

Don’t Waste Your Lunch

It’s this dad’s job to make lunch for the kids, and they often come home with half-eaten sandwiches. To make sure that they finish their lunch, he packed a note that read, “Every time you don’t eat your sandwich, a unicorn dies. #dadfact. Love, Dad. It might not make them finish their lunch, but it is a cute note.


This dad is tired of coming home seeing the kids on their devices even though the chores haven’t been completed. He found a solution. Until the kids make their beds, vacuum the downstairs, and walk the dog, they don’t get the WiFi password. It’s a pretty smart idea.

Internet Porn?

The dad who wrote this note didn’t say precisely what he saw on his son’s computer, but it had to be bad if his grandmother would have been shocked after seeing his browsing history. His dad wants him to use the “incognito mode” or at least delete the browsing history. It had to be porn. What else would panic him in this way?

Getting Hungry

This dad is also responsible for making the kids’ lunches, and he got hungry. After taking a bite, he made sure to leave a note. How thoughtful.

King Of Memes

The dad who did this must love memes. He printed out a traditional meme template and put it around the sink of dirty dishes. It’s a pretty clever way to get the kids to do them.

Stop Unplugging Things!

The dad who left this note is tired of his kids unplugging essential items so that they can charge their devices. Apparently, his kids have unplugged essential devices in the past with the intention of plugging them back in, but forgetting. In the end, he gets a bit vulgar when he wrote, “Just f*ck off and find another socket.”

A Murder Weapon

When a son comes home with a new hatchet, he decides to leave it right on the entryway table. This is a problem for his father. He leaves an amusing note to a “murderer,” thanking him for leaving a dangerous tool inside the house. It was his clever way of telling his son that hatchets don’t belong in the house.

There’s No Food

The father who wrote this note is tired of his children, telling him that there is nothing to eat in the house. He keeps a basement refrigerator stocked with food, but the kids don’t bother to check there. After getting tired of hearing their pleas for food, he wrote a note. He let the kids know that if they can’t find something to eat, they should eat a cat, starve, or look in the basement refrigerator, which is where the snacks are located. He’s just tired of the kids crying about the cupboards being bare.

Eat Healthy

This note came from another dad who is responsible for packing lunches. He gave his kids a bag of carrots with a note that read, “Please don’t trade these for a Twinkie.” Dad doesn’t really need to worry because most kids wouldn’t trade a Twinkie for carrot sticks.

Use the Hamper!

Kids make no sense sometimes. The dirty clothes hamper is in the room, but the kids leave their dirty clothes on the floor, right beside the hamper. This dad was fed up, so he left a silly note on the hamper that read, “Put dirty clothes in me! Sincerely, your dirty laundry basket. P.S. I’m watching you.” Maybe this will get the kids to keep the dirty clothes off the floor.

Clean The Lint Trap

It’s great when kids do their own laundry, but it’s frustrating when they don’t clean out the lint trap. Not only is this laziness, but it is dangerous. The dad who wrote this note wanted to get his point across. He cleaned out the lint trap and wrote a note that read, “When I grow up, I’m going to be a dryer fire. Love, Lint.” It’s a pretty smart way of reminding the kids of how dangerous this can be.

Put the Ice Cream Away!

The dad who wrote this note is tired of his kids getting a bowl of ice cream and leaving it out after. He wrote a note reminding his kids that when you leave the ice cream out, it melts. They should know this, but its good to have a reminder.

A Color-Coded Reminder

The dad who wrote this note was tired of his kids turning off all of the switches on the wall. To remind them, he put a green “yes” with an arrow next to the ones they can use and the red “No” next to the ones they can’t. He couldn’t make things any more clear.

A Messy Room

The dad who wrote this note was in his child’s very messy room when he kicked something under the bed. He was too disgusted to see what it was, so instead, he just left a note.

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