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The History Channel’s ‘Ancient Aliens’ Might Be Completely Fake

The History Channel’s hit TV show Ancient Aliens aired on April 20th, 2010, and is it still going strong today! And it’s no wonder the show became so popular. This documentary series proposes theories about extraterrestrial involvement on Earth.

Aliens are a popular, although controversial, subject. Planet Earth boasts about 8.7 million species, with scientists estimating the number of species yet undiscovered to be even higher. The Universe in which we live, however, is unimaginably vast, holding over one hundred billion galaxies. More recent evidence has led scientists to believe that microorganisms may have inhabited the surface of planet Mars. Even newer evidence suggests there may even be life on Venus. That means that two planets besides Earth could have sustained life at one point in time. These are just the planets in our very own solar system! With trillions of planets in the universe, who knows how many could support life, intelligent or not?

Humans have not yet made contact with intelligent life outside of our own planet. It is a tantalizing hope, one that some scientists have dedicated their whole life to proving. However, some people take the theory of aliens a step further. They are proposing that extraterrestrials have played a part in Earth’s development for centuries.

Life Outside The Earth

Ancient Aliens does more than entertain the possibility of life outside Earth. The show combs through various texts and legends, presenting supposed evidence on why it suggests aliens visited Earth long ago. In today’s video, we’re going to look at why the whole show might be fake after all.

The show has sparked plenty of controversy among viewers, with people taking two very extreme sides. There are those who believe the entire show is bogus, while others ascribe to it wholeheartedly. If you are of the more incredulous variety, you might be thinking that only a small percent of the population could possibly believe in the wild theories proposed by Ancient Aliens. However, you’ll be shocked to learn that a significant amount of people adore and believe in the show. Even more surprisingly, some of the show’s fans are far more prominent than you would guess. Make sure you stick around to find out which famous celebrity is a huge believer in the show!

Many of the Show’s Experts Aren’t Really Experts

Any documentary series presents a team of experts who are interviewed to discuss matters related to their field of research. These experts provide a source of credibility to the shows they appear on or rather, they’re supposed to. However, many of the “experts” on Ancient Aliens aren’t nearly as educated as they make themselves out to be.

Giorgio Tsoukalos is considered to be the main expert of the show. However, it doesn’t take much research to find out he isn’t at all who he claims to be. While he did attend and graduate from Ithaca College, his area of study had nothing to do with science or archaeology. Rather, he majored in Sports Information Communication. He received no formal education on any of the subjects he speaks about, so why he considers himself an expert is something of a mystery.

The Show Used Fake Evidence to Support Their Theories

Rule number one when it comes to proposing any hypothesis; you need evidence and data to back it up! Unfortunately, the creators of the show seemingly had very little to go off of. With not enough actual evidence to support their theories, they decided to turn to fraud. One episode of Ancient Aliens claimed that the true reason dinosaurs went extinct was due entirely to aliens. Now, most people would be willing to at least give the crazy theory a listen, if only there was any sort of real evidence to back it up. Sadly, the creators of the show couldn’t seem to find anything real to support the idea. As a result, they used the Glen Rose dinosaur footprints as evidence.

However, the thing about the Glen Rose dinosaur footprints is that these supposed footprints from the long-extinct creatures have been known to be a hoax for several years. Even after the footprints were debunked as merely being carved by tourists, the creators used the footprints as evidence to suggest aliens wiped out the creatures millions of years ago.

The Show Inspired A Very Heated Documentary

Ancient Aliens sparked so much outrage within various communities that it even inspired a three-hour documentary dedicated entirely to proving the show wrong. The documentary is entitled Ancient Aliens Debunked, and throughout the documentary, Chris White carefully picks apart theory after theory proposed on Ancient Aliens.

However, it is important to note that the documentary itself is rather biased. Chris White is a known evangelical, and most of his arguments against the show are based in religion. Still, his attempt to debunk Ancient Aliens once and for all is a valiant one, and we can only hope that more people will work just as hard as Chris White to finally prove the show wrong.

The Show Far Surpassed Its Expected End Date

Originally, Ancient Aliens was only intended to be a 2-hour special on The History Channel. However, something about these conspiracy theories proved to be way more exciting than the network had anticipated. Audiences simply couldn’t get enough of the show, and after a highly successful first run, The History Channel realized it would grow into something much bigger. While the first season was only six episodes long, season 12 aired 16 different episodes. It seems as if the show is only growing more popular over time, with more and more people devouring conspiracy theory after conspiracy theory.

One Celebrity Can’t Get Enough of the Show!

On average, an episode of Ancient Aliens gets about 3 million views. Did you know that one of those audience members is none other than famous singer Katy Perry? Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise, especially after her hit song E.T. came out in 2010! While some people watch Ancient Aliens purely for fun, without believing in it at all, this isn’t the case for Katy Perry.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Katy Perry explained that the show “connected the dots” for her, and she also said that many of the theories “blew her mind.” Katy Perry isn’t afraid to admit that she wholeheartedly believes in aliens, and she regularly keeps up with every episode of Ancient Aliens. However, just because a prominent celebrity like Katy Perry believes in Ancient Aliens doesn’t mean it’s based in fact. There are a few more reasons why people are starting to suspect the show might have been faked from the beginning. In the end of this video, we’ll reveal the strongest evidence to suggest that the entire show is complete bogus! And if you’re enjoying the video so far, please take a moment to like the video and subscribe to our channel.

The Show Claimed that the Loch Ness Monster Was Really a Spaceship

Whether the writers of the show were simply throwing darts at a board and hoping some crazy theory would stick, or whether they truly believe their theories are real, this one still takes the cake! The first mention of the Loch Ness monster occurred in 565 A.D., in the text The Life of St. Columba. Various theories have circulated on what this supposed monster truly is, but Ancient Aliens’ proposed suggestion is likely the wildest of all.

According to the show’s main “expert,” Giorgio Tsoukalos, supposed electromagnetic fields near Loch Ness suggest that the Loch Ness monster was actually a creature capable of creating wormholes, which aliens would use to travel through space.

The Show Used Fake Evidence… Again

As if the Glen Rose dinosaur footprint fiasco wasn’t enough, the creators of Ancient Aliens decided to lie about yet another thing on their show. Ancient legends suggest that carved crystal skulls possessed supernatural abilities, although these myths have long since been debunked. Even though the writers and hosts of the show were fully aware that crystal skulls do not possess any of these abilities, they decided to claim they did on the show, anyway. Clearly, the creators of the show are not afraid to outright lie to their viewers simply to gain more attention for the show. While there’s nothing wrong with crazy theories, you should at least support your theories with real evidence rather than lying about it.

One of the Show’s Experts Wrote a Book While in Prison

One of the show’s “experts,” Erich Von Daniken, frequently cites his book, Gods From Outer Space. Despite the fact that this book is viewed as a credible source, few people know that he actually authored the book while he was in prison for both fraud and embezzlement. In fact, he was reported as being both a liar and criminally unstable by a court psychologist during the case. The New York Times combed through the book and also published many of the lies they found inside Daniken’s book, as well.

Real Archaeologists Don’t Believe a Word of the Show

As we already mentioned, the supposed “experts” of the show don’t have any formal education on the matters they claim to be well-versed in. However, actual archaeologists and scientists have watched the show and can safely say that it is all bogus. Scores of people who have earned degrees in the fields of science and archaeology have repeatedly explained that the show is based on false evidence, and nobody should believe anything that comes out of it.

There is tons of evidence which suggests Ancient Aliens is actually all fake. What do you think? Do you believe the show is bogus, or do you think there is an element of truth to it all? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to subscribe to Facts Verse for more!

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