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The Most Hilarious Windshield Notes Left On Cars

Angry Drivers

There is nothing worse than pulling into a parking lot only to find that you can’t park because of a driver he can’t park or who is just rude. Some people ignore it and find another spot. Others can’t keep quiet, and they leave nasty notes on the driver’s windshield. Here are the most hilarious windshield notes left on cars.

Political Issues

There is nothing more annoying that a person who takes up two parking spaces. This driver came out to his car to be insulted, politically. The note reads, “Your vehicle occupies two parking spaces. You must be special…or Republican. If the driver is a Democrat, this is hitting below the belt.

Printed Copies

This person is serious about striking back at rude drivers. Rather than writing a note, they have a printed version so many can be left on the windshield. This note calls drivers, “Parking Pigs.” In the person’s defense, parking in the neighborhood is scarce; therefore; they shouldn’t be taking up two parking spaces.

Wow. Just Wow

The person who left this note took things to a whole new level. They didn’t like the way a driver parked, so they left a note on the windshield that read, “Please don’t reproduce.” To add insult to injury, they left a condom with the note. That’s just wrong.

Parking Too Close

The person who wrote this note must have had trouble getting into their car because they were parked too close. Their note stated that the only way that they could squeeze into the car is if they were a sardine. If this note were left in the United States, the word, “bloody,” would have been replaced with f**k.


The driver who received this note was taking up more than one spot. The driver who was frustrated left a note with a picture of a dog named Spot. The note said that the driver might want Spot since they took up so many parking spots. Since this is a printed copy, the driver must leave these on windshields often.

Reserved Parking Spot

The person who left this note is clever and an artist. They were also angry that the driver parked in their spot. The driver drew a picture of Grumpy Cat. Apparently, Grumpy Cat doesn’t like when people park in his spot. The driver threatened to have the car towed next time.

Very Formal

This is a very formal note. The person who left it uses different fonts and colors. The note lets people know that they suck at parking and that the world doesn’t revolve around them. It’s simple, to the point, and pretty classy.

A Whole New Level

The person who left this note took things to a whole new level. Not only did they leave a written note, but they also covered the windshield with peanut butter and wrote, “Less expensive than having it towed.” The driver of this car must have been very angry.

A Bit Of Advice

Apparently, this driver revs their engine in the morning, waking up their neighbors. This person decided to give the driver some advice rather than insulting them. They let the driver know that revving the engine when the car is cold would blow a hose or a gasket. They hoped that understanding the damage that they could do would change their behavior.

A Threat

The person who received this note parked in a spot that wasn’t theirs. Rather than having the car towed, this time, the driver decided to leave a strongly worded threat. If it happens again, it will be towed, and then some.


In neighborhoods where people need to park on the street, they have to shovel a parking spot. The person who left this note worked hard to shovel a parking spot for their family, only to find that someone had parked there. This is rude, and the driver deserved worse.

Who Does That?

This driver took up two spots by parking directly over the line. Another driver came by, who clearly keeps chalk in the car, and drew a line. In front of the line, they wrote, “Parking Spot Just For You.” They decided to draw attention to the insensitive driver.

Breaking the Law

The person who left this note broke the law, and they are rotten to the core. They hit this car. Someone saw them, so they wrote a note. Instead of leaving their contact information, they wrote that they were pretending to write so that the police wouldn’t be called. That’s just wrong.

A Detailed Diagram

This driver was blocked in by someone who parked incorrectly. They drew a diagram with complete instructions.


The person who left this note hit the other driver’s car, but they didn’t feel bad. Because the driver took up two spaces instead of one, they thought that the punishment fit the crime. To make matters worse, they wiped the vehicle with a towel covered in sand to make the damage worse. This is a pretty harsh punishment for someone who just took up two parking spaces.


This retaliation for someone parking in the wrong space is great. They took the time to create potato people and left a note on the car. The driver threatened to return with an army if they ever park in the wrong space again. Someone has too much time on their hands.

Simple, Yet Effective

The person who left this note didn’t make threats. They simply asked that the driver parks in their own spot. They added a cute little picture too.

You’re Hurting Everyone

The person who left this note typed it out and drew a diagram. They wanted the driver to know that when they take up two spaces, every driver must also. This means that someone will be left without a place to park. It makes sense. Hopefully, the other driver agreed.

A Note For the Police

This person parked illegally, but they wanted to police to know why. They had to poop. When nature calls, there are times where you have no choice but to answer.

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