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The Not-so-Juicy Part Of The Deadliest Catch TV Program

Deadliest Catch, the program that airs on Discovery Channel. It is known for depicting the real-life risks faced by Alaskans as they catch crabs. This includes the physical and financial dangers of the trade and the reality of death. But this is not to say that this popular TV program does not quite catch everything.

For instance, do you know that some of the staffers of the show have been involved in drug smuggling scandal? Or do you know why so many crew members and captains have committed crimes, having been accused of among other things, being in possession of drugs, bank robbery, and assault? And that doesn’t even include the gravest scandal of all, which is that they don’t even love crab that much! Here are some of the most shocking things I bet you never knew about the reality TV show.

Elliott Neese’s drug problem

Those who are keen followers of Deadliest Catch will remember Elliot Neese. Then-captain, suddenly hand over the show to Jeff Folk before leaving the ship. After rumors first surfaced about his addiction problems, Neese twitted in 2015. He enrolled for a 60-day program for an undisclosed problem at Passages Malibu. He only wrote back then that he had issues.

Back in 2012, the courts slapped him with a restraining order after his partner Valerie Gunderson complained of harassment. Gunderson had said in her petition that she feared for her safety.

Feleti “Freddy” Maugatai’s assault case

Feleti Maugatai got into a fist-fight against a couple in the Grand Aleutian Hotel bathroom in December 2011. According to Maugatai, this was purely a self-defense issue that resulted in him shoving the wife of the man and putting the husband in a headlock. Despite his side of the story, the police apprehended him. He was later to be fired in an unrelated occurrence.

Jake Harris’ Numerous problems

Jake Harris appeared to have a problem transitioning from a crab fisherman to a mega reality star. According to People Magazine, Jake was arrested and charged for driving under influence, hit and run, and driving with a suspended license after he crashed his BMW in Seattle.

Son to Captain Phil Harris, now the late, Jake struggled to deal with losing his father.

Also, TMZ reported on November 2010 that Captain Derek Ray invited the police to come to the boat since he suspected Jake Harris to be abusing drugs while ashore. Police could not charge him with any crime as they only discovered ‘paraphernalia.” One year later, Jake was conspicuously missing from Deadliest Catch’s promos. His brother Josh said he was “lost in drugs.”

Jake’s problems seemed to get even worse. First, he was severely flogged, sustaining brain trauma and a cracked skull. This was after he was attacked in an alleged robbery while riding home from a casino.

TMZ reported a couple of months later that while “vacationing” with a married woman in Phoenix, he apparently stole the woman’s car and was busted by the police. Among the things he was charged with was being in possession of Xanax and crystal meth. He then missed court sessions for the charges and subsequently had a search warrant issued against him in May 12, 2017, as Fox News reported. But that isn’t the end of their woes. It appears the tragedy of ‘Deadliest Catch’ just gets sadder and sadder.

A show producer found murdered

In a rather isolated incident, Joseph McMahon, an associate producer, was shot down outside his home in Pasadena, California. According to CBS LA, he had gone to investigate a noise outside. In a strange turn of events, the suspect in the brazen shooting was found in his car the same day, dead. The Wrap reported that it appeared like a self-inflicted gunshot. The relationship between McMahon and the person who allegedly shot him has never been made public as of the time of filing this report.

Joshua thinks he is Billy the Kid

Joshua Tel Warner’s crime makes others committed by the Deadliest Catch crew look like a child’s play. As CBS News reported, the police were on the trail of Werner for a series of Oregon robberies that happened between 2007 and 2009. Oregon security officers recognized him in 2010 during one of the Deadliest Catch episodes and issued a warrant of arrest for him immediately. He pleaded guilty, which reduced his sentence to 9 and half years, from a maximum of 30.

The crew doesn’t love much crab

The obvious reason why they are not seen regularly sitting round a table to enjoy crab meat is because after risking their lives for the crab, it doesn’t make much sense to eat their profit.

From the look of things, it might appear like all is well at Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. But behind the scenes, the cast at this popular TV program are involved in all manner of crimes and criminal activities. The above are just some of the freakish things you never knew about this popular TV program.

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