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The Outsiders Cast Then and Now (1983 to 2023)

Did you have to read The Outsiders in school? Did its story and characters convince you to watch its film adaptation as well?

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00:00 – Intro
00:24 – C. Thomas Howell
01:11 – Matt Dillon
02:03 – Ralph Macchio
03:08 – Patrick Swayze
03:52 – Rob Lowe
05:06 – Emilio Estevez
05:50 – Tom Cruise
06:55 – Diane Lane
07:33 – Outro

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It was so beloved that almost everyone involved with it went on to become stars. That began with the director, Francis Ford Coppola, and his daughter Sophia. That wasn’t where it ended, though.
C. Thomas Howell of E.T. fame played the lead, Ponyboy. It launched him to fame, and he feels a duty to maintain the legacy of the story it’s based on and the state it’s set in. Ralph Macchio felt a connection to the novel as soon as he read it in English class. He knew he had the right physical appearance to play Johnny, even if he couldn’t connect to his backstory. His work got him into another major franchise The Karate Kid.

Even two of the most recognizable names in Hollywood were part of The Outsiders. Tom Cruise played Steve Randal before appearing in other hits such as Top Gun and Mission Impossible. Patrick Swayze was Darrel Curtis before he won the hearts of the nation in Dirty Dancing and Ghost. That’s only a small portion of the star power behind the movie. It had teen idol Leif Garret, experienced actress Dianne Lane, 80’s staple Emilio Esteves of the Mighty Ducks franchise, and more.

Even the actors who played smaller roles, such as Michelle Marnik, Galad Stanton, and Tom Waits, had some level of success. It all began with expert work in The Outsiders. There are also a few small appearances that only dedicated fans might notice. The author of the original novel even shows up as a nurse, Like and subscribe to Facts Verse for more classic cast updates. Watch our video to learn about The Outsiders cast then and now.

The Outsiders Cast Then and Now (1983 to 2023)

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