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The Sad Reasons You Don’t See Cybill Shepherd Anymore

Cybill Shepherd is a film and television actress that has seen a decades-spanning career in the entertainment industry since her breakout turn in the 1971 feature The Last Picture Show. Though the actress continues to work sporadically, she no longer occupies the spotlight like she did at the height of her success. Cybill’s lack of a foothold in the modern entertainment industry comes for a variety of reasons. And including tumultuous Hollywood romances and a bout with skin cancer. Join Facts Verse as we explore the sad reasons you don’t see Cybill Shepherd anymore.

Cybill Shepherd was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1950. She took an interest in modeling at a young age. And won a variety of beauty contests throughout her teen years. By 1970, she was a famous model. Her big break came when she’s given the cover of Glamour magazine. And her appearance on which caused her to cast in the 1971 feature The Last Picture Show, The success of the feature rocketed Cybill to superstardom. However, Cybill has experienced many bumps along the road of her career. And these started showing up as soon as she became famous.

On the set of The Last Picture Show, young Cybill became involved in at least two affairs with members of the film’s production. These two members were costar Jeff Bridges and the film’s director, Peter Bogdanovich. Cybill and Jeff reportedly couldn’t keep their chemistry isolated to when the cameras were rolling. Though their love affair didn’t continue after the film’s production. On the other hand, Cybill’s affair with the director broke off his marriage and lasted for most of the ensuing 1970s. Still, involved with Peter didn’t stop Cybill from having affairs with some other big-name stars, including both Elvis Presley and Charles Grodin.

Charles Grodin proved another one of actress Cybill Shepherd’s on-set romantic conquests, with the two having hooked up while filming 1972’s The Heartbreak Kid. After The Last Picture Show, The Heartbreak Kid proved another success for Cybill. As with her love affair with Jeff Bridges on the set of The Last Picture Show. Cybill’s affair with Charles Grodin didn’t last beyond the time that The Heartbreak Kid being filmed. Although Cybill showed a penchant for hooking up with her leading men. She did her best to give these habits up as her career progressed. She has shared that she had an incredibly hard time keeping this promise to herself later on in her life when she was starring alongside Bruce Willis in the 1980s television series Moonlighting.

By the end of the 1970s, Cybill had ended her relationship with Peter Bogdanovich. And given birth to a daughter by the name of Clementine Ford. Clementine’s father is David Ford, who was a prominent nightclub entertainer. Cybill and David married in 1978, though later divorced in 1982. Clementine was the only child that the couple had, though Cybill went on to have two more children with her second and hitherto final husband. A chiropractic doctor named Bruce Oppenheim.

Cybill took a step back from the entertainment industry after giving birth to Clementine, instead choosing to dedicate her time to being a mother. When Cybill returned to acting, she found most of the roles that she’s being offered were on television programs. Like many faded stars, Cybill made a guest appearance on Fantasy Island to help bring some attention to the fact that she was acting again. The plan worked, and Cybill given a major role on the aforementioned series Moonlighting, alongside Bruce Willis.

Moonlighting made Bruce Willis a star for the first time, and it made Cybill a star for the second time. Cybill’s success on the small screen would prove more stable than her success on the big screen. And her starring turn on the series Moonlighting kicked off a successful period working on television that only came to an end. It is due to the fact that Cybill spurned the advances of a since-disgraced executive.

Both Moonlighting and Cybill’s part in it were majorly successful. And with Cybil winning two Golden Globe Awards for her work on the series. Once the show came to an end, Cybill given her own self-titled sitcom in 1995. 1995’s Cybill proved to be almost as successful as Moonlighting had been. Though the series would meet a disastrous end that Cybill has since come to blame on turning down the romantic propositions of a CBS executive by the name of Les Moonves. In the years since, Les has been disgraced for apparently making similar advances to a variety of other women.

Sadly, the damage to Cybill’s career had already done by this point. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Cybill lasted for four seasons after premiering in 1995. And though it could’ve lasted for several more according to star Cybill Shepherd. A traumatic encounter with since-disgraced CBS executive Les Moonves apparently prevented this from happening. At the time that Cybill was on the air, Les was the president of CBS Entertainment. One night, unbeknownst to Cybill, she found her assistant had scheduled her to have a dinner date with Les. On the dinner date, Les expressed that neither his wife nor his current mistress could arouse him. And so he needed Cybill’s help. He then suggested that the two go back to Les’ place. And which prompted Cybill to express that she already had a ride waiting for her… from a former LAPD police officer.

Les was apparently not too pleased with the way his surprise dinner date with one of his company’s biggest stars went down. And he subsequently proceeded to use all the power at his disposal to make Cybill Shepherd’s life difficult on the set of her show. This including passing down notes to the writers’ room preventing Cybill from using the word “period” to refer to her time of the month on air. And to instructing the editor of the series to ban Cybill from the editing room. Cybill played a big part in the editing of the show before this occurred. And it proved a big blow to her enjoyment on the show’s production. Still, she persevered for the time being until the show was inexplicably cancelled after four seasons.

At the time that Cybill was cancelled, it was still doing very well. According to Cybill, the series could’ve gone on for five more seasons. The actress has expressed in the years since that she believes Les pulled the plug on the show. It is because Cybill refused to accept the since-disgraced executive’s romantic advances. Subsequent events seem to prove Cybill right. As it appears that Les had a habit of abusing his power when running CBS Entertainment. Sadly, the cancellation of Cybill still dealt a blow to it’s titular actress’s career. And despite the fact that she did absolutely nothing to deserve it!

Over the course of Cybill’s four-season run, the show received a total of 12 Emmy nominations, winning three of them. The show ended on a cliffhanger, which is another reason that fans of the series should hate Les Moonves! Many years late, Les resigned from his position as the president of CBS Entertainment after The New Yorker brought several allegations against the executive to light.

Though Cybill’s life was certainly altered by her encounter with Les Moonves. And it was nothing compared to the battle that she recently underwent with skin cancer! The actress suffered from melanoma in the new millennium. But was thankfully able to overcome the illness and survive to see the birth of her first grandchild. When Cybill survived her battle with skin cancer. And she gained a newfound spirituality that has hitherto guided the actress’s career choices. In 2015, she appeared in the faith-based motion picture Do You Believe?

While Do You Believe? may not have brought actress Cybill Shepherd to as many eyes as her roles in such classic films as 1976’s Taxi Driver have. Cybill feels it’s her duty to share her faith after overcoming all that she has. And from sexual harassment in the entertainment industry to melanoma. Cybill’s role in the film went deeper than her gratefulness to have survived skin cancer.

Cybill feels that her new faith has allowed her to atone for many of her past transgressions. And such as breaking off Peter Bogdanovich’s marriage on the set of The Last Picture Show half of a century ago! Though Cybill is no longer looking to bare all to the audience like she did in that classic film. She still looks just as beautiful as ever at the age of 71. If Cybill isn’t quite as successful as she used to be, it’s certainly not because she’s lost her beauty.

Cybill’s role in Do You Believe? saw her playing an atheist that develops a newfound spirituality after experiencing some life-altering events. And just like Cybill did in real life during her battle with skin cancer. According to Cybill, she saw a vision during the height of her suffering that told her that it wasn’t her time to die. She subsequently overcame the cancer, and seems to be doing better than ever. She continues to act sporadically, though prefers to take it easy for the most part and hang out with her family and dogs.

Nowadays, actress Cybill Shepherd is living in Encino, California. Her other recent acting work includes a role in the 2017 film Being Rose. Cybill has certainly had a career to be admired in the entertainment industry in the decades since she broke out on the scene as a model. And even if she’s nowhere near the star that she was at the height of her fame.

Although Cybill Shepherd isn’t anywhere near as big of a star as she used to be. And she continues to make sporadic appearances in the media. Now it’s time to hear from you: did you know that Cybill Shepherd is still around. Or did you think that the actress was a relic of the past? As always, like this video to show your support. And subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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