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The Scene That Took Gilligan’s Island off the Air

What is Gilligan’s Island?

Gilligan’s Island was one of the most popular sitcoms of the 1960s. However, the beloved comedic program ended up coming to an end earlier than expected. As a result of favoritism at the CBS network in favor of the Western series Gunsmoke. After three seasons, Gilligan’s Island ended. The series revived in the form of various made-for-television features. The final episode of Gilligan’s Island was it’s 98th episode, titled “Gilligan the Goddess”. The episode revolved around the plot of a native chief trying to take one of the show’s iconic castaways as his bride. Join Facts Verse as we explore the scene that took Gilligan’s Island off the air.

On April 17, 1967, the final episode of Gilligan’s Island premiered on the CBS network. The episode’s name was “Gilligan the Goddess”. And Where many of the show’s cast members had bought new houses closer to the studio. So that they’d have an easier time showing up for work during filming of the next season. After only three seasons and 98 episodes, Gilligan’s Island’s run was over by the summer of 1967.

Gilligan’s Island Final Episode Story

The creative team behind Gilligan’s Island didn’t even realize that “Gilligan the Goddess” was going to be the final episode. The episode didn’t feature an exceptionally ceremonious send-off for the castaways of the titular island. Instead, the episode played out largely like any other. With one of the few notable exceptions of the episode. Being the fact that it was the only episode to feature all of the male castaways in drag.

In the episode, Gilligan is toiling away on a project on the beach at the lagoon when a native chief by the name of King Kaliwani sails ashore. And begins talking about picking a bride out of one of the show’s female castaways. The castaways are initially weary of King Kaliwani, but they warm up to the idea of continuing communications. When the character of the Professor finds a lighter aboard the boat that the native chief used to sail ashore. The castaways quickly realize that the presence of this lighter means that King Kaliwani has contact with the outside world. That means that he can possibly get one or all of them rescued.

The female castaways of the island begin trying to seduce the native chief in order to secure the title of his wife for themselves. However, they decide that they aren’t that anxious to become the chief’s wife. Upon realizing the fate of the native chief’s bride-to-be, the male castaways of the island attempt to defend the female castaways by standing their ground against the native chief and his minions.

Gilligan’s Island Climax Story

However, the natives prove too strong. Realizing that they’re going to have to give the native chief what he wants somehow. The male castaways then all dress up in drag in an attempt to try and trick the native chief into choosing one of them as his bride. Gilligan proves to be the only male castaway that can successfully pass as a woman. Meaning he has to be the one to go off with the chief.

With the new name of “Gilliana”, Gilligan goes off to be the new bride of King Kaliwani. The native chief proves so taken by his new bride that he decides he’d rather keep Gilliana for himself than throw her into the aforementioned volcano. Fearing his future as the bride of the native chief, Gilligan eventually manages to escape from his captivity, leaving his female disguise where King Kaliwani can find it.

Gilligan the Goddess Final Story

Upon seeing the female disguise that Gilligan has left behind, King Kaliwani becomes convinced that the gods have taken his new bride forcefully. Of course, in King Kaliwani’s eyes, this has occurred as a result of the native chief refusing to sacrifice her. Because of this, the native chief and his minions decide to run away from the island, fearing further retribution. As they are heading out to sea, the character of Mr. Howell pleads with them from ashore to come back. And this scene ended up being the very last of the original show. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! Also, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Much to the chagrin and surprise of the show’s creative team when “Gilligan the Goddess” ended up being the last episode! Because of the show a massive hit, it earned a new timeslot for the fourth season. However, this fourth season didn’t end up coming to fruition for a decidedly unfair reason.

Gilligan’s Island New Timeslot

The new timeslot given to Gilligan’s Island had been the timeslot of the Western series Gunsmoke and been cancelled after 12 seasons. However, the executive who made the decision to cancel Gunsmoke was unaware that it was one of his wife’s favorite shows. The head of the network’s wife was not happy when she realized that her favorite western series had been canceled. 

After the debacle involving Gunsmoke and Gilligan’s Island, Gunsmoke went on to last for another eight seasons. The series Gunsmoke had arguably already worn out it’s promise. And then some by the time of Gilligan’s Island’s cancellation, whereas Gilligan’s Island still had plenty of steam left in it’s engines. The creative team behind Gilligan’s Island had high hopes for the series’ fourth season.

What Happened Between Gilligan’s Island and Gunsmoke ?

Although the show was revived in the form of various made-for-television feature over a decade after it’s cancellation. Fans have always speculated about what will happen if the CBS executives allow the show to air instead of Gunsmoke.

Before Gilligan’s Island was revived in various made-for-television features starting in 1978. It was adapted into a Saturday-morning cartoon series in 1974. The series was called The New Adventures of Gilligan, but it has never been considered to be canon with the original show. And subsequent reunion features. Instead, the first canon continuation of the original series was 1978’s Rescue from Gilligan’s Island, which was then proceeded by such subsequent features as 1979’s The Castaways on Gilligan’s Island and 1981’s The Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island. In 1982, Gilligan’s Island inspired a second animated series, this time in space!

Gilligan’s Planet Episodes

A Saturday-morning cartoon series by the name of Gilligan’s Planet premiered that year. Though ended up only lasting for one season of 13 episodes. Besides it’s odd premise of taking the concept of Gilligan’s Island into space. The series was perhaps most notable for being the very last Saturday-morning cartoon series by legendary animation studio Filmation.

Despite the fact that Gilligan’s Island ended after only three seasons, the show and it’s concept have continued to live on in the hearts and minds of the television audience. Even outside of the reunion features and subsequent animated series. The show’s premise was an incredibly relatable one, with creator Sherwood Schwartz. Sherwood reportedly received the prompt as part of a public speaking class, and it stuck with him.

Gilligan’s Island Concept

When it came time to pitch Gilligan’s Island to the networks, Sherwood Schwartz also saw the concept’s value as a satire relating to class and politics. The concept of Gilligan’s Island sees several people from largely different walks of life being forced to live together on a deserted island. These people normally wouldn’t interact in the real world. Due to the unique circumstances, the team works to make it possible. Through the interactions of these drastically different classes of people, the television audience was able to get some commentary about major issues of the time.

CBS wasn’t initially all that excited about Sherwood’s concept. But ended up showing a pilot for Gilligan’s Island to several test audiences that seemed to eat it right up. The CBS network then realized that they had a potential hit on their hands. The pilot featured some characters played by different actors, and also featured some entirely different characters!

Where is the Film Location of Gilligan’s Island?

Gilligan’s Island was originally filmed on location in Malibu, but fog made filming impossible. Because of this, filming had to be moved to a set that was constructed on the CBS studio lot. Even after filming had been moved to the studio, it was said that the water of the lagoon set could oftentimes get so cold during the winter months. That Bob Denver had to wear a wetsuit under his normal outfit. After all these years, people are still revisiting Gilligan’s Island. And they’re always disappointed when they realize that the show will end after 98 episodes.

Although Gilligan’s Island ended up being revived in the form of various made-for-television features. Now it’s time to hear from you: Did you know that Gilligan’s Island was taken off the air to make room for Gunsmoke. At the insistence of a CBS executive’s wife, and that a fourth season of the beloved comedic sitcom had originally been planned? As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell, f you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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