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The Scott Bakula Detail You’ll Never Unsee

Even if you’ve seen Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula a million times, you still may have never quite registered this one minor detail about his appearance… but you’ll never be able to look away from it once you do! Besides Scott Bakula, there are numerous other Hollywood celebrities with minor attributes about their appearance that you might not notice at first but that you won’t be able to forget about once you’ve seen them for the first time. Join Facts Verse as we take a look at the Scott Bakula detail you’ll never unsee.

Scott Bakula

Quantum Leap and Men of a Certain Age star Scott Bakula will certainly be recognizable to most television viewers, but there is something about the star’s appearance that not many have ever noticed. When Scott was four, he woke up one morning with a strange gray streak of hair. This streak of gray hair never went away, and Scott has simply had to make do with it over the course of his career.

Although many Quantum Leap fans have never even thought twice about the strange gray streak in Scott’s hair, it actually referenced in an episode. In one scene, his character looks at his reflection and remarks on having gray hair. Nowadays, Scott’s gray hair doesn’t stand out much at all, given that the actor is now 67 years old. Although he remains best known for his role on Quantum Leap, his role alongside Ray Romano on the series Men of a Certain Age revitalized interest in the star in the 2010s. Now that you know about Scott’s gray streak of hair, you’ll never be able to unsee it while revisiting classic episodes of Quantum Leap!

Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer is another celebrity with a unique physical attribute. Fans of Michael Mann’s seminal 1990s action masterpiece Heat may have noticed a strange growth on Val’s elbow during a scene where the actor is exposed. While many may have considered this growth to be an odd makeup choice from the film’s director, this growth is actually the result of an injury that Val received on the set of the 1991 Oliver Stone feature The Doors.

The legend goes that Val Kilmer filming a scene where he meant to stage dive when he accidentally fell to the floor on his elbow. This injury resulted in the abnormal growth on the actor’s arm that could later seen in Heat. Nowadays, Val is struggling with cancer. And the actor’s lines in 2017’s The Snowman had entirely dubbed over by someone else because Val wasn’t able to open his jaw properly.

Vince Vaughn

When Vince Vaughn was a teenager, he got into a car accident that caused one of his thumbs to become severed. Though this deformed thumb is often obscured in the star’s films, it has often pointed out during interviews.

Matthew Perry

When Matthew Perry a child, his finger slammed in a door. This injury permanently deformed the singer’s middle finger, although not even the most diehard Friends fan will have likely ever noticed it. Despite the fact that Matthew’s deformity was rarely ever visible on the show, the writers referenced it when the character of Chandler lost one of his toes during a Thanksgiving incident.

Joaquin Phoenix

While the aforementioned actors didn’t have a hard time keeping their physical abnormalities unspoken, Joaquin Phoenix’s microform cleft stands out a bit more. Still, there are many who haven’t thought twice about what exactly is going on with the famous star’s upper lip.

According to Joaquin, the scar on his upper lip is the result of some unknown incident that occurred when his mother was pregnant. Joaquin was born with the scar, and his mother attributes it to a sharp pain that she experienced while pregnant. Though she is still unsure of what exactly caused the sharp pain, she feels certain that whatever caused the pain was also what caused the microform cleft.

While Joaquin Phoenix’s microform cleft may stand out more, there are numerous other celebrities that have similar issues. Besides the Gladiator star, other celebrities that have a form of cleft lip include Cheech Marin and Stacy Keach.

Elizabeth Taylor

The aforementioned abnormalities certainly wouldn’t generally considered gifts, but Elizabeth Taylor’s mother claimed that her daughter’s physical abnormality was! Anyone that has seen Elizabeth Taylor will have noticed the actress’s stunning eyes, but few know that the actress’s prolific eyelashes were actually the result of a mutation. Elizabeth Taylor didn’t just have very full eyelashes… she had two sets of them. This disorder is known as distichiasis.

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Tina Fey

If you look long and hard enough at comedic actress Tina Fey, you might notice a very faint scar that appears just above the star’s chin. This scar is the result of a traumatic incident that occurred during Tina’s youth, and she does her best to hide it when she’s performing.

Although Tina doesn’t much like to talk about the incident that caused the scar above her chin, she has explained it’s origin before. Apparently, the scar the result of her approached by a strange man while she’s out playing in her front yard. The man proceeded to take a knife and drag it across the girl’s chin. According to Tina, she didn’t initially realize what the man had actually done, with her instead thinking that he had drawn on her face with a pen.

Tina eventually realized what had happened, and the accident left permanent marks on both her face and her psyche. According to the comedian, the reason she doesn’t like to talk about the incident much is because she feels there’s no way to do so without being overly sensational. Despite this traumatic incident, Tina has gone on to become a positive presence in the lives of the television audience through her comedic roles in shows like Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock, the latter of which she also created.

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington loved playing football while growing up, though this hobby led to the star sustaining an injury in his early life that would go on to leave a permanent mark on him. Though Denzel does his best to obscure his hands during his film performances. Diehard fans may noticed that one of Denzel’s pinky fingers is completely twisted around.

Dan Aykroyd

Everyone knows that Dan Aykroyd is a weird guy, but few know that the comedic star has webbed toes! The Ghostbusters writer and star isn’t ashamed of his abnormality and has often taken off his shoes and shown people when asked. The genetic mutation isn’t uncommon; as nearly 1 in every 2000 people is said to have some form of webbed feet. Dan isn’t even alone in Hollywood when it comes to his webbed feet. As television star Ashton Kutcher has publicly revealed that his toes are webbed, as well.

David Bowie

When David Bowie was growing up, he got into a schoolyard brawl with one of his friends over a girl. This schoolyard brawl resulted in the future star’s depth perception becoming altered, as well as one of his pupils becoming permanently dilated. Thankfully, the singer’s dilated pupil only added to the otherworldly look that he attempted to convey through his work. As well, the friend that landed the fateful blow went on to become the designer of some of David’s most iconic covers. That friend George Underwood, who is known as the designer of the cover for The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, as well as Hunky Dory.

Stephen Colbert

When Stephen Colbert growing up, he underwent surgery that meant to correct a minor issue that he was experiencing with his eardrum. The surgery went wrong, and it permanently deformed the young boy’s ear. Today, Stephen can’t hear out of his right ear, though he can do strange party tricks with it thanks to it’s unique concavity.

Megan Fox

Despite Megan Fox considered one of the most beautiful women in the world during the height of her fame; the actress suffers from a rare condition colloquially known as “clubbed thumbs”. The actress’s thumbs aren’t quite as large as the average human’s, which the actress likes to attribute to her mother’s overconsumption of mercury-laden canned tuna during her pregnancy. There are many other beautiful actresses afflicted with clubbed thumbs. Malin Akerman, for example revealed that she has them as well.

Bill Nighy

While Bill Nighy doesn’t have short thumbs, he does have weird-looking fingers! However, Bill Nighy has made a living off of looking weird, as compared to sex symbol Megan Fox who has made her fortune for his beauty. Bill Nighy’s fingers may permanently bent into a strange shape. But that hasn’t hurt his performances in films such as Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End and Underworld.

Bill has also been able to play more dramatic roles despite his abnormality. Bill uses his charm and gentlemanly demeanor when acting in films such as Love Actually. Bill’s unmatched dramatic range allows him to distract from his Dupuytren’s contracture. Which is the name given to the condition that resulted in the peculiar bend of the ring and pinky fingers on both of his hands.

Besides Scott Bakula and the rest of the aforementioned celebrities, there are plenty of other Hollywood stars that have unique physical attributes that don’t always stand out until you know they’re there. Comment down below to share if there are any stars with physical abnormalities that you feel should’ve included in this video or if you surprised to learn about the interesting and rarely seen physical features of any of the stars discussed. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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