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The Sneaky Ways Cities Are Designed To Completely Manipulate People’s Behavior

City Living

Most people who live in big cities love it. They love the energy, the many restaurant choices, and the entertainment. Big cities mean large populations; therefore, it is up to the city to keep the peace. Some cities do this in such genius ways that the public doesn’t even realize that the changes affect the way they behave. Here are some of the sneaky ways cities are designed to completely manipulate people’s behavior.

Playing Classical Music

A few lucky commuters got to see Yo-Yo Ma play Bach is a subway. City officials can’t get a legendary musician to play in all of their subways, but many are experimenting with playing classical music over the intercom to reduce riders’ stress, which could deter crime.

Mimes in Bogota, Columbia

Between the multitude of car crashes and the corrupt police force, the mayor had an idea. He hired mimes to work as traffic directors, and they have the power to mock drivers who break the law. Surprisingly, the accident rate dropped after the mimes came on board.

Empty Cruisers

When people see police cars, they automatically slow down. In some cases, the police cars are empty. Due to budget cuts, large cities cannot afford to have as many officers on duty as they would like, so putting empty police cars on the streets keeps people from speeding, and it doesn’t cost the city a dime.

Blue Lights In Nightclub Bathrooms

Many nightclubs install blue lights in their restrooms. They don’t do this for the ambiance; they do it to deter drug use. The blue lights can make it very difficult for IV drug users to find a vein.

Fake Cameras

It seems that everywhere you go in a big city, you look up and see cameras watching you. What you may not know is that many of these cameras aren’t even real. They are just props to make people think they are being watched. When a person thinks they are being watched, they behave. And they manipulate people’s behavior The fake cameras are less expensive than the real deal.

Red Light Camera Sign

It is a lot cheaper for cities to post signs that say that red light cameras are in use than installing actual cameras. Many cities have realized this, and the number of accidents has dropped. People don’t need to know that there isn’t a real camera taking photos of bad drivers and that’s how they manipulate people’s behavior.

Mall Escalator Locations

The up and down escalators are found at different parts of the floor. This is done intentionally so that shoppers are forced to walk by as many stores as possible. This is a standard layout for mall designers.

Straight Up Water Fountains

There are water fountains located in most public parks. Many of them now shoot straight up. There is a reason for this. The upward angle makes it impossible to fill up a plastic bottle of water, which reduces the landfill waste.

Uncomfortable Benches

This is a very strange looking bench, but its odd appearance has a purpose. It is made of concrete, and it slopes in different directions. This is comfortable for a quick rest, but it will keep loiterers away because it will be uncomfortable quickly.

Metal Studs On Stairs and Benches

Many cities are installing metal studs on public stairs and benches to keep skateboarders away. The studs make it impossible to perform tricks in these areas.

Metal Spikes

Many urban planners today are installing metal spikes on the ground below underpasses and other areas where the homeless often sleep. They think that these are necessary to keep the homeless away, and many people do not appreciate this hostile approach.

Mosquito Devices

In Europe, many businesses are tired of teenagers hanging around outside the store and not planning to buy anything. They have installed mosquito devices, which are boxes that emit an unpleasant, high-pitched sound that only younger people can hear.

Placebo Controls

When you push a button at a crosswalk, have you ever wondered if the button actually works? In some cases, they don’t. Some urban developers put placebo controls in the streets to make people feel like they have some control.

Live-Action Signs

The streets of Sweden were littered with cigarette butts, and the smoke pollutes the air. To try to get residents to stop smoking, a Swedish company debuted an interactive sign that could discourage people from smoking. When the sign senses smoke, it makes coughing and wheezing sounds.

Anti-Pee Ramp

These small ramps with spikes are common on stoops and street corners. City planners are trying to keep people from urinating in corners, and these ramps do just that. If a person does pee in the corner, it will splash back up on them.

Yellow Arrows To Avoid Crowding

New York subway developers think that these yellow arrows will help with crowding issues. The graphic reminds people to stand away from the doors, which would leave more space for people to get on and off the train.

Help Recycle

Many people don’t recycle while they are out in public, which is bad for the environment. This rubbish can is perfect because the design only allows properly shaped items to fit into the compartment.

Your Speed

These speedometers are found all over the place. They may tell you how fast you are going, but they don’t have cameras or any other way to enforce the law if you are speeding. They are just reminders to watch your speed.

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