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The Surprising Truth About Pat Sajak’s Family

Pat Sajak has been a beloved presence in the lives of television audiences across the nation for decades due to his long-running gig as host of Wheel of Fortune. But he has also been a beloved presence in the lives of his family. Pat’s first wife was a woman by the name of Sherrill Sajak. The two married in 1979 and divorced in 1986. A few years later, Pat married Lesly Brown and they are currently still married. As well, they have two children together. Join Facts Verse as we explore the surprising truth about Pat Sajak’s family.

Before Pat Sajak met his second wife and started his family, he married to his first wife. Pat’s first wife was a woman by the name of Sherrill Sajak. Sherrill was born in 1945, and wasn’t a notable celebrity outside of her marriage to Pat. However, her marriage to the celebrity game show announcer in 1979 brought her plenty of tabloid attention.

Over the years, Sherrill grew increasingly displeased with the amount of attention she was getting as a result of being a famous game show announcer’s spouse. She preferred to keep her private life to herself, which caused a schism between the two of them early on. Still, the two made it work for nearly a decade before deciding to party ways in 1985.

Although Sherrill was hesitant to take the spotlight during her marriage to Pat. The tabloids were still able to glean quite a bit about the celebrity couple’s personal life. Over the course of the decade that they were together, it became apparent that Pat and Sherrill simply weren’t spending enough time together. Before the first decade of their marriage was up, they decided it was best to part ways.

Sherrill and Pat met for the first time in Nashville, Tennessee. They had only been dating for around a year before the two decided to tie the knot. And they did so during a small and personal family ceremony in 1979. The ceremony included their closest personal family, which was an effort by the bride and groom to keep things tidy and simple. However, things proved not so simple once the two entered into their new daily life together.

Soon into their marriage, Pat and Sherrill began finding that they had trouble spending time together. The two became involved in separate interests, and gradually began spending more and more time apart. Although the two seemed to be inseparable during the earliest days of their marriage. They couldn’t have seemed further apart during their marriage’s last days. Over the years, it became more and more apparent that something needed to change.

Pat and Sherrill had grown apart and separated in 1985, preceding their official divorce in 1986. Sherrill was likely glad to have separated from Pat due to the fact that she was no longer going to have to spend her time in the spotlight with him. It is a situation she was never comfortable with. However, the divorce for Pat meant a void that he was going to have to fill in his personal life. Leading to a second marriage a few years down the line. Join Facts Verse as we explore the surprising truth about Pat Sajak’s family.

After Pat and Sherrill’s separation in 1985, the tabloids took notice. Many surprised to learn that the couple hadn’t been spending enough time together. As they had made numerous public appearances together since the time of their marriage ceremony. However, it appears that the two simply became disinterested with each other behind closed doors. Sherrill gladly made her escape from the eyes of the public. While Pat left to fill the void in his love life. Thankfully, a second wife came along in the following years that fulfilled Pat’s dream of a family once and for all!

Pat and Sherrill became officially divorced in 1986. After which point Pat once again became a bachelor in the eyes of the public. Given the star’s celebrity status, it’s likely not too surprising to learn that the game show host had a lot of success in the dating scene. Pat made his way around the local singles for a couple of years before making his pick in 1989. And making a second wife out of Playboy model Lesly Brown. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

After his divorce from Sherrill in 1986, Pat Sajak certainly didn’t waste much time in finding a new love interest. The celebrity game show announcer was at the peak of his fame. And used that to his advantage when pursuing Playboy model Lesly Brown. Thankfully, his marriage with Lesly turned out to be much more successful than his first marriage.

Despite the fact that Pat was able to recover from his divorce from Sherrill. It appears as if Sherrill never married again after Pat. As it turns out, not much is known about Sherrill’s life or whereabouts after divorcing from Pat, though one can assume that this is exactly the way that Sherrill wants it to be! Join Facts Verse as we explore the surprising truth about Pat Sajak’s family.

Sherrill and Pat might not have had any children, but Pat had a few children with his second wife! Pat and Lesly had two children. Their first child named Patrick, and born in 1990. They waited a few years before having their second child, Maggie Marie, in 1995. Since then, Pat and Lesly have remained together but have refrained from having any more kids! However, Pat has maintained consistent success as the host of Wheel of Fortune, a position he continues to hold to this day.

Pat’s second child, Maggie, has even walked in her father’s shoes! She has filled in for her father as host of Wheel of Fortune a few times. Although Maggie isn’t looking to host any game show of her own anytime soon. She’s also found some personal success elsewhere in the field of entertainment. Maggie began playing music when she was only 13 years old. And even made an effort to make a career in the industry! Maggie’s first official song released in 2011, and she released two other singles since.

Despite Maggie’s success with releasing and recording her own music, she has since turned her attention to becoming a doctor. This is a dream that Pat wholeheartedly endorses. Knowing how rare it is that a child is as successful in entertainment as their parent.

It appears that Pat’s marriage to Lesly Brown has been happy and healthy since it’s 1989 inception. However, many have wondered if the marriage between the two has always been as healthy as seems. Many have wondered if Pat has ever cheated on Lesly with his Wheel of Fortune cohost, Vanna White. Join Facts Verse as we explore the surprising truth about Pat Sajak’s family.

Vanna has been Pat’s cohost since near the beginning of his time on Wheel of Fortune. And they have become permanently intertwined in the eyes of the television audience. As such, many have speculated over the years that the on-screen chemistry the two share has somehow translated over into the real world. However, both parties have routinely expressed that their relationship remains entirely professional and friendly, and not at all romantic.

Although Pat’s marriage to Lesly has been incredibly successful over the years, he has found himself in other types of controversy. Much of this controversy is due to Pat’s standing as a Republican in a largely Democratic entertainment industry. Pat has often flaunted his conservative attitudes, including in a notorious tweet that he made in 2014. Said tweet was merely a sarcastic joke about gay marriage, but still managed to catch the ire of many avid Wheel of Fortune fans.

Since Sherrill’s divorce from Pat, many onlookers have been curious about how much of Pat’s wealth Sherrill was able to receive. Thankfully, Pat’s ex-wife was able to receive a modest amount of wealth in the settlement that came about from their mutual divorce. As of today, it appears hat Sherrill retains a net worth of nearly $1 million dollars, thanks to both cash settlements and received property in the wake of her divorce from Pat.

When all is said and done, Pat and Lesly have been together for over three decades. However, Pat has recalled that the romance didn’t immediately blossom. According to him, the two took the time to get to know each other before deciding that they should start dating.

At first, Pat says that the relationship between him and Lesly was something a bit more casual than the two were hoping for. However, the two eventually realized that they were made for each other, and began allocating a great deal more time to each other. Eventually, the two were married, and it was a marriage that would prove a great deal more substantial than Pat’s previous marriage to Sherrill.

Pat suffered from some health issues in 2019, which caused heartache amongst both his family and his fans. He had to go undergo emergency intestinal surgery to remove a blockage. Afterwards, the host had to recover for a period of time, and was therefore unable to appear on Wheel of Fortune. Thankfully, Pat soon made a full recovery and he returned to the show later the same year.

Pat is currently signed onto Wheel of Fortune until 2022. He has an estimated net worth of $70 million, and that number will likely only grow higher and higher in the following years as more and more episodes of the hit game show are produced. As of today, the show has produced over 7,000 episodes.

Pat Sajak and his wife Lesly Brown have been married for almost as long as Pat has been the host of Wheel of Fortune! Comment down below to share what you think Sherrill Sajak might be up to today, or if you think that Pat and Vanna’s relationship has really always been as innocent as the two have claimed. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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