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The Tragic Death of Linda Lovelace, Adult Film Star

Linda Lovelace was perhaps the most famous porn actress that has ever lived. While she might not be the most searched name on porn sites today. She has certainly done more than any other actress to popularize the controversial form of media. However, alongside Linda’s fame came a dark tale that many are still trying to wrap their heads around. While Linda appeared to be a willing member of the sexual revolution on the surface. She maintained until her tragic death that she had coerced into her sexual lifestyle at the threat of death from her first husband, Chuck Traynor. Join Facts Verse as we explore the life and the tragic death of Linda Lovelace, adult film star.

Linda Lovelace was born Linda Susan Boreman on January 10 of 1949. She was born in the Bronx, New York, to a cop father and a waitress mother. Her childhood was incredibly unhappy, with abuse and neglect coming from both sides. In addition to their abusive ways, her parents were also devoutly Catholic. They enrolled their daughter in strict Catholic schools that instilled oppressive values into the young woman. Her strict religious upbringing lead to Linda dubbed “Miss Holy Holy” by her peers. After a quick move with her family to Florida, where she graduated high school, Linda returned to New York and began attending a computer training program at the age of 20.

In 1969, Linda suffered a car accident that was going to change her life forever. Although she survived the accident itself. The event incidentally lead her on a path that no one could have ever foreseen. The car accident had taken place in New York, and Linda suffered some serious injuries. In order to recuperate peacefully, she went to stay with her parents back in Florida. It was there that Linda met the man who was soon to become her first husband, Chuck Traynor.

21-year-old Linda was hanging out by the pool when she approached by a 27-year-old bar owner named Chuck Traynor. The man offered her a joint, which she begrudgingly accepted. However, she was much more enthusiastically receptive to the man’s advances when he showed her his brand new Jaguar. The two went for a ride, and some might say it was a ride that lasted Linda her entire lifetime. The two hit it off, and the relationship quickly grew out of control. Within weeks, Linda had moved out of her parents’ place and moved in with Chuck. Chuck had told Linda that he was a photographer, but that turned out to be a lie. Instead, the bar owner’s true life was a bit more dubious.

As soon as Chuck had convinced Linda to move in with him, he began to lower the friendly facade that he had used to win her over. According to Linda, Chuck became increasingly possessive and controlling as soon as she stepped foot into his home. As well, the man obsessed with sex and drugs. Linda has said that he forced her via hypnosis to undergo a sexual transformation. In time, she became the man’s sex slave. Soon, she was prostituting herself out to other people with Chuck as her pimp. And the two were using the money they earned to continue funding their lifestyle of methamphetamine abuse.

According to Lovelace, she forced to take part in all of this at the threat of death from Traynor. However, it remains inconclusive whether or not this is completely true. Regardless, it is generally agreed upon that whatever occurring at least somewhat predatory. Whether Lovelace coerced into her new lifestyle or forced, she’s not of sound mind to make the choice.

For her time, Lovelace never considered to be an especially attractive woman by traditional beauty standards. However, her sexual spirit gave her a unique charm that was soon to win audiences over. After a drug charge pressed against Traynor going to require Linda to testify against him, the two married. The marriage made it so that the courts couldn’t force Linda into giving testimony. Traynor then took the power granted to him by this marriage to become even more of a controlling force over Linda’s actions.

Soon, he was going to use his power and control over Linda to turn her into a household name for his own benefit. That is, if Linda’s story is to be believed. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are coming your way!

Soon after the marriage, Chuck was having Linda star in small pornographic films. Eventually, Chuck met a man named Gerard Damiano, a small-time porn director. Chuck introduced Linda to Gerard in the hopes that Gerard might possibly hire her to be in one of his films. Gerard blown away by Linda and decided that he’s going to write the young woman her very own pornographic film. The script that Gerard Damiano wrote called Deep Throat, and the ensuing film became notable for more than just the introduction of it’s star.

The film is generally consider as the first pornographic feature ever made that has a plot and character development. Linda paid $1200, and the film shot predominantly in motel rooms. After production ended, Gerard came up with Linda’s stage name. Finally, the world ready to introduced Linda Lovelace.

When Deep Throat released in 1972, it became a massive hit. Despite the limiting nature of it’s pornographic content, the film ended up seen by millions of people. Word of mouth spread, and Linda soon became a household name. The film nearly banned in 1973, resulting in even more media exposure. Ironically, this controversy only served to make the film even more popular. Initially, Linda seemed to take to the fame. Traynor paraded her around Hollywood, and set her up on dates with such notable figures as Sammy Davis, Jr. For a time, it became a popular thing for celebrities to seen going on dates with the pornographic actress. However, things soon took a dark turn.

In early 1974, Linda arrested for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Later that year, she ended her relationship with Chuck Traynor and began to become more vocal about the abuse she had suffered during their marriage. Soon, the world was going to learn Linda’s side of the story about what really happened during the filming of Deep Throat and her marriage to Traynor.

According to Linda, she had forced into filming Deep Throat under threat of death from her husband, just as she had forced into prostitution. When Linda began sharing this story, people were quick to ask why it appeared that Linda was so enthusiastic during her Deep Throat scenes. She responded that she could either smile and go along with what was happening or Chuck was going to kill her. While a lot of Linda’s story made sense, there were other aspects that people took issue with.

For one thing, other people in the industry have testified that Linda always seemed to be personally passionate about her own sex positivity in the days of Deep Throat. According to them, the star didn’t need to “forced” into doing the things she could seen doing in the film. However, Linda maintained her story. Traynor himself has never admitted to anything more than hitting Linda during consensual roleplaying sessions.

After divorcing Traynor, Linda decided to move away from the porn industry. She married a man named Larry Marchiano. Larry had no ties to the porn industry, and also came into the marriage with two kids. The two remained married for over 20 years before divorced in 1996. During their marriage, Linda became a dedicated anti-porn activist and a devout Christian. However, Linda soon became disenchanted with both Larry and the anti-porn movement.

She claimed that Larry was an abusive alcoholic, and said that the anti-porn movement used her and never gave her enough monetary compensation. Soon after divorcing Larry, she could seen at porn conventions signing VHS copies of Deep Throat. It has never made clear what is true and what isn’t true when it comes to the story of Linda Lovelace. In 1997, the star said on record that she was “not ashamed of [her] past” and didn’t care “what people might think of [her]”. She soon moved to Denver, Colorado, the place that was to be he resting place.

Linda maintained that she had been forced into the pornographic industry up until her death in 2002. On April 22 of that year, she got into a car accident. Unlike the accident that she had suffered as a young adult, this accident was one that the star wasn’t going to be able to recover from. The accident proved fatal, and Linda Lovelace was announced dead soon after being taken to the emergency room in critical condition. Larry Marchiano and his two children were by Linda’s side when her death was announced.

Since her death, Linda’s tragic tale has been further popularized. In 2013, a biopic of the pornographic actress was released, simply titled Lovelace. Given that it was never determined whether Linda was forced into the industry or simply coerced, the film opted to tell the story from both angles in two different sections.

It seems that the world will never know just how much of Linda Lovelace‘s personal testimony regarding her entrance into the world of porn was true or false. Comment down below to share if you think that Linda was forced into the industry by her husband through violence, or if you think she was simply lead down the path psychologically as a result of his negative influence. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell to be among the first know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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