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The Tragic Reasons Frank Fritz Left American Pickers

Fans of the hit History Channel show American Pickers have likely noticed that cohost Frank Fritz has been missing from the show for the past year. Recently, fellow cohost Mike Wolfe has come forward with an official statement that Frank will no longer be appearing on the show. Many have speculated that Frank left the show as a result of Crohn’s disease, which he publicly admitted to suffering from after fans noticed he was losing weight. Join Facts Verse as we explore the tragic reasons Frank Fritz left American Pickers.

For over a decade, American Pickers has followed cohosts Frank Fritz and Mike Wolfe as they travel the country seeking out interesting and valuable antiques. The show also often features Danielle Colby, the woman responsible for running and operating Antique Archaeology, which is Mike’s antique store in Le Claire, Iowa. The show achieved success thanks to the chemistry of it’s cohosts, but Frank has been missing from the show for the past year. Before his disappearance, many began noticing that Frank was dropping a massive amount of weight. This caused Frank to have to give a startling confession to fans of the show.

Frank began looking much thinner during American Pickers’ ninth season. Fans immediately began to wonder about the weight loss, and Frank was soon forced to address their concerns. As it turns out, Frank suffers from Crohn’s disease. At the time of the revelation, Frank had already been suffering from the disease for decades. The many symptoms of the disease can include abdominal pain and reduced appetite, which could potentially have led to the weight loss that fans were seeing. However, Frank was adamant that the weight loss was simply a result of his choice to eat healthier, something that he was doing in an attempt to get his Crohn’s disease under greater control.

Fans were satiated with Frank’s response, and it appeared as if the American Pickers’ cohost was actually healthier than ever. As a result of his healthier eating, Frank had lost nearly 70 pounds. In addition to eating healthier, the cohost had also given up drinking. Frank had developed an alcohol addiction after a painful separation, and was finally able to let go of it around the time of American Pickers’ ninth season. This, in addition to his healthy eating, is said to have been what caused the antique collector to lose so much weight.

After Frank’s disappearance from American Pickers in 2020, many fans were scared that the cohost’s Crohn’s disease was perhaps the cause. However, it was revealed that the cause of Frank taking a leave from the show was actually surgery that the cohost had to undergo on his back. When Frank didn’t return after a couple of months, his continued absence was blamed on the COVID-19 pandemic. After several months of silence and further continued absence, Mike has finally revealed that Frank will not be returning to American Pickers at all, though no clear reason was given.

Frank had apparently been planning on returning to American Pickers after recovering from his back surgery and was simply waiting for the word. Frank has said that he hasn’t spoken to Mike since he filmed his last episode of American Pickers, though he is unsure why his former cohost would be harboring any negative feelings towards him. Many have speculated that there were other issues that caused Mike to not want his cohost to return to the program.

In addition to his troubles with alcohol, Frank has also been known to have issues with prescription medications. In 2017, he was arrested while under the influence of the prescription drug Xanax. Apparently, the drug had been prescribed to the popular television host as a result of his anxiety. According to Frank, he developed said anxiety after becoming famous due to his role on American Pickers. Frank’s use of the medication had spiraled out of control, and it’s possible that his use of the drug caused issues during filming.

Before filming American Pickers, Frank and Mike had known each other for decades. They had a shared passion for antiques, and each ran separate shops. Frank is unsure of why Mike hasn’t talked to him since he left American Pickers, though he has sour feelings about it. Frank began holding a grudge against his former cohost as soon as he failed to call him to ask how he was feeling after his back surgery. If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

In light of Mike Wolfe’s announcement that Frank Fritz would not be returning to American Pickers, fans began wondering about the fate of the show’s third star. In addition to Frank and Mike, American Pickers has always featured Danielle Colby. Of course, Danielle is the one responsible for running Mike’s shop, Antique Archaeology, which operates out of Le Claire, Iowa. Fans have expressed concerns that Danielle may end up facing the same fate as Frank, or that she could possibly decide to leave the show herself due to the fact that Frank will no longer be appearing. Thankfully, it appears that the fans’ worries have been put to rest, as Danielle has announced that she will be returning to the show.

Just like Frank and Mike, Mike and Danielle go way back. While Mike hasn’t known Danielle for as long as he has known Frank, the two knew each other for at least a decade before the filming of American Pickers began. Fans became increasingly worried that Danielle was leaving after noticing that she had changed some of her handles on social media to remove any mention of American Pickers, but it appears as if these changes were made for other reasons. Danielle will continue to operate Antique Archaeology, as well as make frequent appearances on the show.

Sadly, the same can’t be said for Frank Fritz. After a decade of involvement with American Pickers, and many more decades of friendship with cohost Mike, Frank remains saddened by the snub from his former friend and colleague. However, he remains publicly ambivalent to the fact that he will no longer be appearing on the show. According to him, he could take or leave the attention from the show. The fame that he received from appearing on American Pickers is what led to him developing an addiction to prescription medication, and the aging antique collector may view his removal from the show as a blessing in disguise.

Although Frank will no longer be seen on American Pickers, he can still continue pursing his passion on his own terms. Frank was an antique collector long before the show aired it’s first episode, and he will continue loving antiques now that he’s no longer in front of the camera. However, it’s unlikely that any visiting fans will be seeing Frank behind the counter alongside Danielle at Antique Archaeology.

As soon as it was announced that Frank was officially not going to be returning to American Pickers, ratings began dropping and fans began expressing on social media that they were no longer going to be tuning in. The show had already been experiencing waning ratings after airing reruns for extended periods during the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since Mike’s return without Frank, ratings have been lower than ever for the successful reality show. However, it appears that Mike intends to keep filming the show for further seasons, alongside Danielle.

Many have speculated that Mike had Frank removed from the show because he wanted to hire his brother on to replace him. Mike’s brother is named Robbie, and many have theorized that Mike wanted Robbie to come be his cohost on American Pickers. However, neither Mike nor the show’s producers have expressed any intention to hire Robbie on as a replacement for Frank. Instead, it appears as if the show will be going forward with Mike as a solo host.

American Pickers is currently airing it’s eleventh season. If Frank’s removal from the show continues to affect the ratings, it’s unlikely that the show will remain on the air for many more. However, Mike and Danielle will likely continue producing episodes for as long as fans keeping tuning in.

When Mike made his statement that Frank was not going to be returning to American Pickers, he was sure to state that he had no ill will towards his longtime friend and colleague. However, many fans were quick to point out that this didn’t quite jive with the comments that Frank had been making up until that point about his intention to return to the show. If Frank wanted to return to the show and Mike wasn’t holding a grudge against him, how come Frank wasn’t returning? This is what led many fans to speculate that there was some ulterior motive behind Frank’s absence.

Unsurprisingly, Frank has since come forward with some decidedly frank opinions about Mike’s announcement that he will no longer be returning as a cohost of American Pickers. It seems that Mike’s statement that he and Frank are on good terms couldn’t be further from the truth. However, Frank is trying not to be bitter about it. Though he doesn’t understand why his longtime friend has turned his back on him after all these years, he could take or leave his gig on American Pickers. All he cares about are his antiques!

American Pickers is currently airing it’s eleventh season on the History Channel, though the show’s future remains uncertain now that longtime cohost Frank Fritz will no longer be appearing on it. Comment down below to share whether or not you have any intention of continuing to watch American Pickers without Frank, or whether you side with Mike or Frank in the apparent and mysterious feud that has developed between the two after decades of friendship. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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