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The Truth About Morganna Roberts, the Kissing Bandit

Morganna Roberts, the Kissing Bandit, is an exotic dancer and comedian that rises to fame during the 1970s. Thanks to public stunts where she takes to the stage at notable baseball games and “stole” kisses from famous players. Though this series of stunts cause some trouble for the curvy comedian early on, it makes her a famous millionaire! Join Facts Verse as we explore the truth about morgana kissing baseball players, the Kissing Bandit.

Morganna Roberts has always had a love for the sport of baseball. This love was born from the time that her grandfather took her to see a game when she was young. Morganna develops a connection to the sport when she meets the man that becomes her husband at a baseball game. She’s 22 when she meets, Bill Cottrell at a World Series game, and they are still together these years later! Because of Bill’s love for the game, he never gets jealous when his wife takes him to the field. Her wife becomes the Kissing Bandit to snag kisses from some of the game’s most famous players.

Morganna was born to a fairly poor family. Her mother is Jane, and she disavows Morganna when she is still very young. Because of this, the young girl raises predominantly by her grandmother. She stays with her grandmother and takes care of her for six years. Morganna goes to a boarding school by the name of Mount Mercy Catholic Boarding School. The school was located in the young girl’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky. Morganna didn’t much enjoy her time at Mount Mercy Catholic Boarding School. She sends to school at the age of 13 and runs away from it later the same year.

She runs away from Mercy Catholic Boarding School at the age of 13. Morganna hitchhikes with one of her friends to the city of Baltimore, she lives homeless for a period of time. She lives off of scraps from local shop owners, also the food that she gets in dumpsters behind local restaurants. She works a traditional job, but the young girl realizes that she is too young to receive a work permit. After around a month of living homeless, Morganna saw an advertisement that was going to change her life. Join Facts Verse as we explore the truth about morgana kissing baseball players, the Kissing Bandit.

The ad that Morganna saw is a poster that puts up by the Flamingo Club seeking exotic dancers. The poster dictates that anyone who is interested in a position will be above the age of 18. Morganna wasn’t quite sure what an exotic dancer was, and she wasn’t 18. However, she was desperate for work and decided to give the opportunity a chance. Morganna Roberts ended up getting a job dancing at the Flaming Club by lying about her age.

It isn’t until Morganna’s first performance that she learns what an exotic dancer is. She is unready for what the job requires of her. She isn’t aware that she will bear it all before the club’s audience. When the rowdy audience of the Flamingo Club shouts at Morganna to “take it off”, she breaks down in tears. Unaware of what they were asking for, Morganna had likely thought that the crowd was heckling her.

They saw Morganna Roberts crying on the stage, they take the girl to the back to give her some slight coaching. Once Morganna realized why the crowd had been shouting at her, she came to terms with what the job demanded. After that, Morganna didn’t have much of a problem baring all in front of the audience. In fact, she became quite successful at it!

By the age of 17, Morganna had become one of the Flamingo Club’s most successful exotic dancers. As she grew more comfortable on the stage, she began to incorporate comedy into her routine. Eventually, the girl became just as well known for her comedy as she was for her provocative dancing. One of her most memorable routines at the time consists of a fairly spot-on impression of film critic Gene Shalit.

All throughout Morganna’s incredibly problematic early days as an exotic dancer, no one questioned her age. This is due to the fact that the young girl lies about it. Also, she becomes supernaturally busty at a young age. By the time Morganna was 12, she could pass for 18 in the eyes of the audience. Thankfully, workplaces nowadays would require much more stringent documentation for their exotic dancers than they did back then! If you’re enjoying this video so far, be sure to hit the like button to show your support! As well, subscribe to the channel if you’d like to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

Morganna, the Kissing Bandit, becomes famous for her large breasts, but she refuses that she isn’t a true sex symbol. Instead, Morganna has always considered herself simply a well-endowed comedian. Her breasts are nothing more than stage props that she can use to get a laugh from the audience. Her favorite joke is that her bras are custom by the same people that put together the domes for stadiums. Join Facts Verse as we explore the truth about morgana kissing baseball players, the Kissing Bandit.

Of course, Morganna Roberts has since become much better known for her days as the Kissing Bandit than for her days; as an exotic dancer. Morganna’s career as the Kissing Bandit began in August of 1969. After receiving a dare from one of her friends, Morganna took to the stage at a baseball game and kissed one of the players. The game is at Crowley Field in Cincinnati. And the player that Morganna dares to steal a kiss from is Pete Rose. Pete memorably didn’t have the most positive reaction to Morganna’s theft of the kiss but tracked her down the next day to apologize for his negative reaction, even giving her some flowers.

The incident that occurs between Morganna and Pete Rose is about in Cincinnati papers, and that is when Morganna officially receives the nickname of “the Kissing Bandit”. Morganna took to the name and decided that kissing baseball players could be her new career.

Over the course of Morganna’s time as the Kissing Bandit, she says to kisses nearly 40 Major League Baseball Players, as well as dozens and dozens of players from less notable leagues and other sports. In addition to kissing players, Morganna also kissed managers, umpires, and even owners of the teams! On one memorable occasion, Morganna even kissed the San Diego Chicken.

As Morganna gained notoriety as the Kissing Bandit, she was eventually able to make somewhat of a career out of it. However, the pastime didn’t come without its share of dangers. Not only is Morganna injures multiple times while performing public stunts as the Kissing Bandit, but she also gets into legal trouble on several occasions. Morganna shares that she is arrested and charged with trespassing somewhere around 20 times over the course of her career as the Kissing Bandit. As well, she injures multiple times while jumping form the stands, and once even hit by a pitch while out on the field. It says that she is having several violent run-ins with security guards.

When it came time for Morganna to stand trial for her crimes in Houston, her lawyer argued that Morganna was far too small to present a threat to the players. As well, he claimed that Morganna’s original kissing incident had occurred without prior meditation, with Morganna’s heavy bosom having caused her body to fall onto the field by accident. Morganna’s body had an overall weight of 112 pounds at the time, 15 of which were made up of her hefty breasts. Join Facts Verse as we explore the truth about morgana kissing baseball players, the Kissing Bandit.

Although Morganna certainly got into some trouble as the Kissing Bandit, the career choice paid off for the comedian in the long run. Morganna has made millions of dollars thanks to her time as the popular baseball character. The Kissing Bandit also proved profitable for Major League Baseball, with appearances from Morganna sometimes doubling profits at games during the height of her notoriety.

Morganna’s monetization of the Kissing Bandit character led to her getting her own set of baseball cards. As well, she became a part owner of the Utica Blue Sox during her career. At some point, Morgana was given her own line of snacks by Carolina Fine Snacks, and she even has her picture featured in the Baseball Hall of Fame! The picture memorably shows her trying to kiss Frank Howard. Although Major League Baseball originally considered the Kissing Bandit a nuisance, teams eventually took a liking to her both for her incredible good looks and for the fact that she helped increase attendance at games. The Kissing Bandit was good not only for Morganna, but for baseball!

Nowadays, Morganna is 74 years old. She has been retired from her career as the Kissing Bandit since 2000, and prefers to take it easy in her old age. She’s still with her husband, and the two live together with their dog in Ohio. Before retiring from her role as the Kissing Bandit in 2000, Morganna made an appearance as herself in the cult comedy Kingpin, which was released in 1996. The film was directed by the Farrelly brothers, and featured comedic actor Bill Murray. With all of the millions of dollars that Morgana made during her years as the Kissing Bandit, she is likely living the high life in retirement with her husband and dog. Join Facts Verse as we explore the truth about morgana kissing baseball players, the Kissing Bandit.

Although Morganna Roberts took some risks when becoming the Kissing Bandit, the choice certainly paid off for the well-endowed comedian! Comment down below to share if you wish that you could have had a kiss stolen by the Kissing Bandit, or if you were shocked to learn about her incredibly problematic early days as an underage exotic dancer. As always, like this video to show your support, and subscribe and hit the notification bell if you’d like to be among the first to know when more Facts Verse videos are on their way!

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