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The Truth Behind the Marilyn Monroe Dress Scene

Norma Jean Baker is the most famous blonde to ever live, but you probably know her by another handle. A movie star, model, singer, and icon in her time, she took the world by storm in every aspect of her life. And she did all this under the name of Marilyn Monroe.

Monroe is a pop culture icon. Staring in more than 30 films this beauty had Hollywood dangling from her finger for a decade.

Staring in classics such as Some Like it Hot and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Marilyn Monroe is ranked by the American Film Institute to be the sixth greatest female screen legend.

There is a reason she was so prominent, the golden globe winning actress is responsible for many famous movie scenes. For example, who can forget the famous dress-blowing scene from The Seven Year Itch? Join Facts Verse to know the details about the Truth Behind the Marilyn Monroe Dress Scene.

Keep watching as this video will look at the history behind that famous movie moment and other interesting facts about The Blonde Bombshell.

The Truth Behind the Dress Blowing Scene

Directed by Billy Wilder, The Seven Year Itch released in 1955.  The film was one highest-grossing of the year. However, this was not a surprise. Billy Wilder was one of the greatest filmmakers of the Golden age of Hollywood, and Monroe one of the biggest stars. When the two worked together, it always had huge box office returns.

Starring Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe, The Seven Year is the story of a faithful family man. However, when his wife and son leave for the summer, the man’s imagination begins to wander as he becomes friends with the beautiful and flirtatious neighbor. 

The title refers to the inclination that a monogamous relationship can grow stale after 7 years of marriage.

The film is widely regarded as one of the best comedies of the decade. Moreover, the New York Times considers it to one of the greatest 1000 films ever made.

However, part of the film’s notoriety is owed to one specific scene.

Ewell and Monroe are walking down a city street discussing a film. Just then, Monroe’s character is sidetracked by the sound of a subway. She steps onto the grate and exclaims:

“Do you feel the breeze from the subway? Isn’t it delicious?”

As the train passes, the gust of wind blows her white dress up.

The rest is history.

But how did Marilyn Monroe feel about filming this scene? Was she comfortable with Wilder’s direction?

Well, it turned out she loved it.

Her biography suggested that the scene was a dazzler for Monroe. She was always one who sparkled in the spotlight. This racy movie moment gave her a chance to show off her exhibitionist side.

They did multiple takes of the scene and Marilyn relished in all of them. Off-screen the crowd cheered, and cameras clicked. She smiled, amazed, and impressed everyone.

It was partly due to Monroe’s willingness to give it her all that makes The Seven Year Itch so memorable and perfect.

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The Scene is Still Making Waves Today

The dress-blowing scene has not forgotten. Monroe is still turning heads by way of a 26-foot tall statue in Palm Springs.

The statue titled “Forever Marilyn” is crafted from steel and aluminum and it’s a perfect reproduction of the dress-blowing stance. Its massive size is rather fitting as Marilyn Monroe always did have a larger-than-life personality.

However, not everyone is as in love with the statue as they were with her.  Although it has been around since 2012, the artwork has recently moved to its permanent location outside the Palm Springs Art Museum. Some in the area are claiming it is offensive to have a giant Monroe mooning the museum guests. A petition has started gathering steam in an effort to have the statue removed. Others think the statute is an amazing tourist attraction celebrating one of the most famous actresses ever. It also makes for a killer photo op.

Some believe the statue is dated, misogynistic, and vulgar. Alternatively, many more think it’s a very cool larger-than-life piece of Hollywood history.

You’ll have to make your own mind up if you take a visit to Palm Springs.

She Nearly Played Holly Golightly

Since Marilyn Monroe was so interesting and accomplished much more than The Seven Year Itch, let’s take a look at some other bits of trivia.

For example, Monroe almost played another very famous role.

In 1962, author Truman Capote was campaigning for Marilyn to play the lead in the adaptation of one of his most famous books. The movie was Breakfast at Tiffany’s and the role was Holly Golightly.

Golightly is among Capote’s most memorable characters.

Monroe was considering the part, but she ultimately turned it down on the advice of her acting coach. They agreed that she was not right for the type of character that was Golightly.

The part ultimately awarded to Audrey Hepburn. This news did not thrill Capote.

However, perhaps both Monroe and Capote thought twice about the part after the movie released. Hepburn was hailed as terrific as Holly Golightly and she was nominated for an Oscar– an achievement Monroe never reached.

The Crystal Dress Sewn On

Marilyn always brought life to her wardrobe. The white dress from The Seven Year Itch isn’t the only iconic getup. She was responsible for many legendary clothing items.

One that specifically jumps to mind is the crystal gown she wore to JFK’s party in 1962. Certainly, you remember it. It was the skin-colored, perfectly fitting crystalline dress she had on when she sang Happy Birthday to the President.

You may be wondering how a dress, even a tailored one, could be that form-fitting. Well, the trick is that the crystal gown was sewn onto Marilyn Monroe. It didn’t have any clasps, zips, or buttons.

The dress caught the eye of everyone. So iconic was the gown that in 2011, broke records as the world’s most expensive dress. Ripley’ Believe it Or Not purchased it for $4.6 million.

She Had Some Equally Famous Husbands

Marilyn Monroe was married three times. Two of her marriage were to very famous folk.

In 1954, she took vows with the New York Yankees legend Joe DiMaggio. As far as iconic power couples go, this has to be among the all-time greats.

However, trouble in paradise came about pretty quickly. Despite being a professional baseball player, DiMaggio liked to keep a low profile in public. Alternatively, Monroe attracted the spotlight everywhere she went. DiMaggio grew upset with Monroe’s sex-icon status.

Things really came to a head when shooting The Seven Year Itch. DiMaggio was on set during the dress-blowing scene. After a few takes, he became angry with the cast, crew, and onlookers egging her on. The two were divorced by 1955. Though the two rekindled years later. DiMaggio had roses delivered to her grave 3 times a week for 20 years.

Her next husband in 1956 was the playwright, Arthur Miller. Miller was responsible for plays such as Death of Salesman and The Crucible.

The public found this to be a strange combination as Miller was an Intellectual and Monroe was a socialite. At the time, Variety magazine called them “The Egghead and the Hourglass”. And though this was the perspective, Monroe was much more of an intellectual than the public realized.

Miller wrote the role in the 1961 film Misfits specifically Marilyn Monroe.

The marriage only lasted 5 years before the two grew apart.

Monroe Helped Launch Ella Fitzgerald’s Career

Monroe was responsible for launching one of the greatest jazz musicians’ status.

She was great friends with Ella Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald was already recognized as talented, but in 1955, race issues kept her from booking gigs anywhere she liked. This limited her exposure to audiences.

However, Monroe was compelled to help her friend last a huge gig. Monroe pleaded with the owner of Mocambo to book Fitzgerald.

Mocambo was one of the most popular spots in Los Angeles. The owner was hesitant at first, but Monroe sold the idea by promising to sit in the front of the house every night Fitzgerald played.

The friendly gesture played a major role in launching Fitzgerald to stardom.

There you have it. These are just a few of interesting details about one of the most captivating personalities to ever grace the screen. After seeing some of the details on that famous scene, you may have an itch to re-watch The Seven Year Itch.

So, what did you think? What do you think is Marilyn Monroe best film? Where do you think she stacks up in the list of all-time film icons? Sound off in the comments below.

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