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The Worst Fast-Food Chains In The United States

Fast Food

People all over the world love fast food. Not only can you get your meal quickly, but it also tastes great. The food served at most fast-food restaurants may taste great, but it isn’t the healthiest choice. However, over the years, more and more fast-food restaurants have been offering healthy food options;
Many fast-food chains are great, but there are others that aren’t the greatest places to eat. Here are the worst fast-food restaurants in the country. Some of them may surprise you.


Arby’s is famous for its roast beef sandwiches, and many people keep coming back for more. However, a recent survey revealed that 44 percent of customers who eat there never go back. Some even claim to have become sick after eating at Arby’s. There have been rumors over the years that the roast beef comes in a synthetic liquid form, and are converted into meat in the restaurant. While this rumor has been debunked many times, people still believe it, and it keeps them from coming back.


Many people love Starbucks, but there are a lot of people who don’t like the outdated menu, the high prices, the desserts, and the merchandise sold in the stores. Most Starbucks are located in stores and supermarkets, which isn’t convenient for people who are trying to get to work on time. After the 2018 incident where two black men were arrested in Starbucks, it made the chain known for showing racial bias. In response to what happened, all Starbucks closed down for one day so their employees could receive racial sensitivity training. Despite this, Starbuck’s reputation never recovered.

Boston Market

During the ’90, there were over 1,100 Boston Markets in shopping plazas and malls. Today, there are only around 400. Over the years, more and more supermarkets are offering rotisserie chicken. This has led people to leave Boston Market, and pick up a fully-cooked rotisserie at the supermarket, chicken, which is more convenient. The only way that Boston Market will keep the customers that they still have would be to offer more menu selections that include vegan options and multicultural food.

Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is best known for its Blizzard. The restaurant has been making these ice cream treats for almost 80 years, making them a pioneer in ice cream. They also serve hot dogs and hamburgers. Today, Dairy Queen is more of a joke than anything. They no longer use actual milk in their ice cream recipe, making it melty and oily. Many people have said that it tastes more like plastic than ice cream. People also say that the hot dogs are more like Slim Jims than hot dogs. Dairy Queen is also famous for its soggy and burned buns.

Taco Bell

Taco Bell is one of the most popular Mexican chain restaurants in the United States. In 2018, Taco Bell earned the title of America’s Favorite Mexican Restaurant. The most popular items on the menu are the Beefy Chalupa, the CrunchWrap Supre, the Nacho Fries, and the Questito. Unfortunately, some people say that these are more like appetizers, and they are left feeling hungry after a meal. There have also been complaints of people getting diarrhea after eating Taco Bell. Others say that the food is unsanitary. Taco Bell has been trying to improve its reputation, and this started with the $5 box.


Subway has been advertising healthy food options for years. Today, there are over 24,000 Subway restaurants around the United States. In 2018, around 1,000 locations have closed. The current generation prefers organically prepare meat rather than the processed meats offered by Subway. They are also dealing with the competition from other sandwich shops. Firehouse Subs, Jimmy John’s, Planet Subs, and Mike’s have taken many of Subway’s customers. They have been trying to spice up their menu a bit by adding a few specials to the menu, but they are still struggling.


Domino’s had a horrible reputation for years. People said that the pizza crust tasted like cardboard, the pizza sauce was basically ketchup, and the toppings were stale. They decided to change their recipe about ten years ago, hoping to bring their customers back. Some people have returned and love Domino’s, but others still aren’t impressed. Between the poor service and the unhygienic environment, they have never been a good pizza place.

Long oh Silver’s

Long John Silver’s has a very basic menu, and it mainly focuses on Fish ‘n Chips and Hushpuppies. Many people say that the food on the menu is often stale or too greasy. The fish to batter ratio is also a problem with many. There really isn’t much fish in each filet compared to the amount of batter they use. Also, people complain that the food is overcooked, cold, and salty. One final issue that has kept people from eating here is the long lines and the orders being wrong.


KFC was once called Kentucky Fried Chicken. After the US Food and Drug Administration stepped in, and they could no longer have the word, Chicken in the restaurant’s name, so they shorted it to KFC. Since then, name change, things haven’t been going well. In 2002, there were 5,500 branches, and in 2016, there were 4,300. People stopped going there because of the antibiotics and the hormones injected into the chicken to make them bigger. People call them “mutant” chickens, and people just don’t want to eat this. They are also known for serving low-quality food. The chicken is often called slimy, lousy tasting, too salty, and covered in grease. The skin isn’t crispy like most people want. Even the extra crispy is too soggy. The only time that you will get crispy chicken is if it is burned.

White Castle

White Castle is famous for its small, square-shaped burgers, which has caused the fast-food chain to be criticized. Most people say that unless they buy multiple burgers, they will still be hungry after eating. The buns also aren’t something that White Castle should be proud of. They are too big for the meat inside, and they are restaurant quality. They also get very soggy. Nobody wants a tiny thin burger in a large, soggy bun.


Wendy’s is famous for its square burgers, Frostys, and sea salt fries. In 2005, when a customer got a finger in their food, Wendy’s took a real hit. Those who still love Wendy’s say that it is all in the past, but last year, a living mouse was found in a bag of burger buns. This has driven people away. The fact that the company made contributions to Donald Trump’s reelection campaign didn’t help either. The food is pretty good, but their reputation is horrible.

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is famous for their $5 pizza deals. You can get a “hot and ready” pizza in seconds, and many locations have a drive-thru window. Despite their claims that the pizza ingredients are fresh, many people complain that it is stale and has no taste. They also say that the pizza tastes like cardboard. Little Caesars is great if you want a cheap pizza quickly, but if you like high-quality pizza, you might want to go elsewhere.

Sonic Drive-In

Sonic Drive-In has a retro theme. The carhops and carnival food remind people of the good old days. They are famous for their milkshakes, shushes, burgers, and fries. They are also known for their horrible cheeseburgers. Many people say that they are under seasoned, undercooked, and then use too much lettuce. While the concept is great, the food is lacking.


A&W is one of the oldest fast-food chains, being in business for over 100 years. They have a food menu that consists of burgers, hot dogs, and fries, but they are most famous for their root beer and root beer floats. Most of the complaints are about the fries. People say that they are too greasy and taste gross. The inside of many restaurants is said to be unsanitary. Between the dirty tables and the overflowing trash bins, it makes for a horrible dine-in experience. Finally, even when there is nobody there, the food still takes a long time.


Quiznos has really gone downhill over the years. In 2008, there were 5,000 restaurants. Now, there are only about 800. In 2014, the company filed for bankruptcy. The main problem was the cost of the sandwiches. Their major competitor, Subway, was selling subs for $5, and most people thought that it was the better option. They made some desperate attempts to save the business, but things were so bad that the chain never recovered.


This is by far the worst fast food chain in the country, but it hasn’t stopped people from eating there. While they sell a lot of burgers in record time, the quality is lacking. Many complain that the burgers are dry, and they have little or no sauce. Despite the fact that McDonald’s has been ranked one of the worse fast-food chains in the country, millions of people still eat there every day.

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