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These Creepy Small Towns Actually Exist In America And You Can Visit Them

Strange Town

There are millions of towns all over the world, but some are much stranger than most. These creepy small towns actually exist in America and you can visit them.

Centralia, Pennsylvania

Before 1981, Centralia was your typical small town, and about 1,000 people were living there. By 2010, there were less than a dozen. In 1962, a coal mine fire started burning beneath the town. Since then, the town has been plagued with sinkholes, toxic smoke, and gas. By 2010, less than a dozen people were living there because of the conditions. The highway is too hot to touch. Experts believe that the fire will burn for another 250-years. If you are thinking about moving there, think again. The state seized the town in 1992 and condemned it. They allowed the few residents left to stay, but when they are gone, Centralia will be gone as well.

Monowi, Nebraska

There is just one person who lives in his town. Her name is Elsie Eiler, and she once lived there with her husband, Rudy. When he died in 2004, she became the only resident. She is the mayor, the town bartender, and the librarian. She even pays taxes to herself. Since she is very old, the town may soon be abandoned.

Whittier, Alaska

This is a small town in Alaska, 58 miles from Anchorage. The population of the town is 214, and they all live in the same building. It was once an army barracks, and today, it is home to all of the residents. Also in the building is a police station, a store, a church, a video rental store, a playground, a bed and breakfast, and a gym. These people never need to leave their building. For some, this sounds like a very strange way to live.

Colma, California

There are 1,200 people living in this town. What makes it so strange is that there are 17 cemeteries in the town’s two square miles. It has been dubbed, The City of Souls, and there are over two million dead people buried there.

Miracle Village, Florida

If you have children, you don’t want to move to this town. It was created by a minister named Richard Witherow, and it is home to over 100 registered sex offenders. Richard worked in the prison system for 30 years and decided to create a town where sex offenders could live away from the public. It is best to stay far away from this town.

The Villages, Florida

The Villages is a town that many people retire to. There are 70,000 residents living there, and there is an STD epidemic. This town is proof that your sex life doesn’t end when you retire, and these residents are jumping from bed to bed.

Gibsonton, Florida

There are 14,234 people living in this town, and most of them are carnival workers and sideshow human attractions. There was a time when the police chief was a dwarf, and the fire chief was an 8-foot tall giant. This is the town where carnies go to die.

Hildale, Utah

This town is also known as Polygamyville. It is where the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is headquartered, and most of the residents are married to multiple people.

Roswell, New Mexico

In 1947, residents of Roswell claimed to have seen a UFO crash. The military claimed that it was a weather balloon, but the residents disagree. The town is known for UFO and is home to many extraterrestrial conspiracy theories. You can visit alien-themed restaurants and hotels. You can even talk to people there who claim to have seen aliens and even been abducted. The good news is that the tourist industry is thriving.

Santa Claus, Arizona

This is an abandoned town on Route 66. It was once a booming tourist destination. It was open all year, and you could visit Cinderella’s Doll House and the Santa Clause Inn. They also had a post office where kids could send their letters to Santa. When the letters were answered, they were postmarked, “Saint Nick.” By the mid-70s, Route 66 was traveled less, causing the town to shut down. It has been deserted ever since.

Nameless, Tennessee

This town is called, Nameless, because when the town applied for a post office, they left the name of the town blank on the form. When it was approved, the town was officially dubbed, Nameless.

Maharishi Vedic City, Iowa

This town is strange because every house in the town looks the same. Town officials wanted every building in the town to reflect the Maharishi Sthapatya Veda, which is the ancient architecture of Hindu yogis. There are 250 people living there, and all of their homes are the same.

Tangier, Virginia

The people in this town have an accent like no other place in the US. The locals have an accent that is a mix of an American accent with a mix of old British twang. It is believed that the founding fathers had this accent, and it stuck.

Casey, Illinois

This is a small town that is full of very big things. There is a pencil that stands 32-feet, 6-inches, and a rocking chair that is 56-feet tall. At least eight items in the town have been certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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