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These Parents Needed A Walker For Their Disabled Child, But Home Depot Had An Insane Reaction

Justin and Christian Moore

Justin and Christian Moore live with their son, Logan, in Cedartown, Georgia. Logan has a condition called hypotonia, which is the technical term for reduced muscle tone. He is a typical little boy who loves to swim and play with his toys, but his condition makes it difficult for him to get around. The problem isn’t actually muscle-related, it is neurological. There is no amount of exercise or diet that can help the condition. It is also something that will progress over time. Facts Verse: These Parents Needed A Walker For Their Disabled Child, But Home Depot Had An Insane Reaction.

A Child’s Walker

Justin and Christian worried about Logan. He desperately wanted to get around and be independent, but because of his muscle issues, this wasn’t possible. He often became frustrated because he couldn’t do the things that he wanted to do because he’s a disabled child. To make his life easier, Christian and Justin decided to look into getting him a walker. He would have extra support getting around, which would make his life easier.

Getting Prices

The Moores called around to medial aid stores online to get prices for walkers. When they found out the average price was $666, they realized that they couldn’t afford something so expensive. They decided to contact their medical insurance company to find out if they would cover the cost or at least a portion of it.

No Luck

When Christian called the insurance company, she found out that the only walkers that they covered were incredibly expensive, and they only covered a portion. In the end, they would end up paying more than if they were to buy one outright from the online medical aid store. They knew that Logan needed the help getting around, so they decided to think out of the box and try to make a frame themselves.

Getting Some Answers

Since Justin and Christian didn’t know much about building a safe and secure walker themselves, they decided to check online for instructions. They found a YouTube video that gave instructions to make a walker, and it looked relatively easy. They found out that they could build a walker using common DIY materials. They learned that they could use PVC piping to make the frame, so they went out to buy the materials.

A Trip To Home Depot

The family took a trip to Home Depot to buy the materials that they needed. When they arrived, they spoke to one of the area managers, Jeffery Anderson, to help them find the materials that they needed. They told Jeffery about Logan’s medical condition a disabled child, and how the insurance company wasn’t going to cover the cost of the walker. They explained how they found plans on the internet, and they could make one of out PVC piping. The store manager overhead them talking to Jeffery, and went over to join the conversation.

“We Got This”

The store manager took a look at the plans, and told the couple, “we got this.” The Moores assumed that he meant that they had the materials that they needed. They had no idea that he had much more in store for them. He told the family to go out and get some ice cream and come back in an hour. The family couldn’t believe that the manager was going to take care of everything for them.

A Surprise For Logan

The Home Depot staff looked over the plans, gathered the materials, and got to work. Christian and Justin went back to Home Depot an hour later with Logan and his grandparents, and there was a wonderful surprise waiting for them. They used the PVC piping to build the walker, and they decorated it, especially for him. They used bright materials to make it fun, and they put his name on the front of the walker. It was amazing.

Logan Was Thrilled

Logan went over to his new walker, he held on, and he started walking. The smile on his face said it all. Christian said that she was so happy for her son and so impressed with the employees at Home Depot that she started to cry.

An Amazing Gesture

These parents needed a walker for their disabled child, but Home Depot had an insane reaction. They went above and beyond to do something special for this family. Logan’s family weren’t the only ones who were brought to tears when Logan beamed with pride while he used his walker. All of the employees involved in the project were brought to tears as well. When the family tried to pay for the materials used to build their son’s walker, the employees refused. They said that the walker was a gift for Logan, and the family owed them nothing. Justin and Christian were incredibly grateful. When they posted the story and the photos of Facebook, it quickly went viral. People from all over the world were praising Home Depot and its employees for doing something so beautiful for Logan.

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