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These Photos Were Taken at the Perfect Time!

If owning a camera was enough to become a photographer, every second person in this world would have been making money selling photographs. The art of photography isn’t about just pressing a button and clicking a picture. Instead, it is about capturing that perfect time. After all, a good picture is one that’s worth a thousand words.

Through this video, we bring to you a compilation of some perfectly-timed photos. Some of these pictures are result of a person with a camera at the right spot at the right time. Others showcase the skills as well as the meticulous planning and clear vision of the man behind the camera.

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Cargo Overload

This almost-inverted cargo ship and you’re convinced that you’re witnessing a picture that only partially represents a bigger accident. In reality, the truth is this cargo ship never toppled over, which explains why those on the rescue boat aren’t too concerned. Thankfully, no one was hurt and what’s most surprising is that only four of those big shipping containers actually fell into the water.

A Pilot Making an Emergency Exit from a Burning Harrier RAF

This incident happened in 2002 during the Lowestoft Air Show, which used to attract close to 400,000 visitors each year. Flight Lieutenant Cann had almost reached the end of his display when he bowed his RAF Harrier to the audiences before taking the final exit. However, something went wrong at this precise moment and the RAF crashed. Everyone was surprised to see the Flight Lieutenant emerge from the RAF Harrier jet and make a surprise ejection from the plane. One smart audience member captured the moment and when you look at it now, you feel like you’re watching a superhero movie.

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The Man Who Was Almost Swallowed by a Whale

There have been some cases of whales attacking humans but none of these attacks has ever resulted in the human being swallowed by a whale. This is primarily because many whale species have baleen plates in their mouth which make chewing food impossible. Whales, therefore, feed on small aquatic organisms that can be digested without chewing. This particular human in the picture could have very well become the first man to have been eaten by a whale. However, the whale quickly decided that humans don’t taste good and went back to planktons and small fish. Phew, no harm was done!

Nigel Corner’s 2000 Goodwood Crash

This picture was taken by Alain de Cadenet and is quite a famous picture — it depicts Nigel Corner’s crash at Gatewood. One look at the picture and you realize Nigel Corner is one lucky man to have survived this crash. Fortunately, the Ferrari Dino that Nigel was driving during this race was recovered to its original condition. In an interview, Nigel confessed that the only reason he survived the crash is that he had forgotten to put the seat belt that day. We call that destiny.


If we had to name this picture, we would call it Confidence. You look at this daredevil kid and imagine how can anyone even think of doing something like this. Though you see the mother looking concerned and worried, the sister is definitely enjoying her brother’s antics. If you are thinking if anything went wrong once the frame moved to the next instance, the answer is no. Everyone and everything was safe.

Man Walking into a Pole

It happens to all of us — sometimes, we see someone or something so beautiful that we are unable to take our eyes off them. Thankfully, we have never been caught on camera doing so. This guy here wasn’t so lucky. He was admiring a woman’s backside and he was doing it with such focus that he walked into a pole. Funnily, someone took a photo of the exact moment when he walks into the pole. Safe to say, the man in the picture will be careful and won’t repeat this mistake for the rest of his life.

Titanic Pose Gone Wrong

AfterTitanic hit the screens, everyone decided to be Jack and Rose. We are pretty sure all of you have tried the iconic Titanic ‘I’m flying’ moment at least once in your life. Unfortunately, a seagull decided to ruin this couple’s Titanic moment. They were about to have the perfect picture taken when a seagull decided to emerge out of nowhere and nip at the lady’s nose. One look at the girl’s expression and the overall picture and you can’t help but fall on the floor laughing.

A Surfer Meets a Shark

This picture is breathtakingly beautiful. In the picture, you see Seth enjoying surfing even when he knows there is a shark closeby. Seth’s body language reveals that he is not afraid of the shark and is in fact, ready to make a move towards it. Everything could have gone wrong from here, but it didn’t. The shark sniffed Seth but did not attack. Both of them then parted ways and went their own way.

Not a Funny Joke

A husband decided to scare his wife by holding a stingray against her back. The wife is shocked and scared. Though we can’t see the husband, we see other divers enjoying a good laugh. Well, in our opinion, this joke wasn’t funny. Though deaths by stingrays are rare, their possibility cannot be denied, especially after we all know what happened to Steve Irwin. More importantly, it’s not funny to scare someone and then laugh at their plight. Things could have gone terribly wrong. Thankfully they didn’t.

An Officer Holding a Gator at Gunpoint

This picture is from Port St. Lucie in Florida. There are two stories about how this picture was taken. One story says that Officer Chuck Lamm got a call from a frightened Port St. Lucie citizen who wanted the officer to get rid of an alligator that had entered his lawn. The other story goes that Office Chuck Lamm was on the highway, asking someone to pull over when a gator crawled from behind and gave him the scare of his life. Only Officer Lamm or the person who took this photograph can tell what happened that day. For now, enjoy this sight of an officer holding an alligator on gunpoint. After almost a 20-minute standoff, the gator went back into the wild.

The Whale That Crashed into a Small Boat

As far as we know whales have never attacked humans and therefore, these massive marine mammals are considered harmless by the human species. However, these two individuals on the boat witnessed a different kind of whale attack. These fishermen were out on the sea, having a normal day when a whale jumped out of the water and crashed into their small boat. Of course, the boat collapsed completely. Fortunately, the two fishermen swam safely to the shore.

Elephant Attack

This is one of those photos that were taken before everything went wrong. In 2014, Sarah Brooks, a school teacher, and her fiancee Jans de Klerk decided to visit the Kruger National Park. Everything was going fine until an elephant stopped their car and attacked it ruthlessly. The elephant rolled their car over and Sarah sustained severe injuries in her pelvis and leg during the attack. She had to spend weeks in a hospital in South Africa. Just look at the size of that elephant and you can imagine how scared Sarah and Jans must have been.

A Bee Sting Caught on Camera

When a bee stings, it hurts. However, it hurts the bee more than it hurts the human. Not many people know this but when a bee bites a human being, it cannot pull out its barbed stinger. It flies away but leaves behind a part of its digestive system and abdomen on the human. This, in turn, leads to abdominal rupture, which proves to be fatal for the bee. This picture here captures a part of the process. We are sure after knowing this little fact you won’t hate a bee as much as people normally do when it bites them.

Special Delivery

If you have an elder sibling, you must have been told at least once in your life that you were adopted or that your parents picked you up from some random place. When this kid grows up, their siblings will tell them they were dropped by a bird. In truth, this picture is nothing but good timing.

Car Dropped on Lake

No, there was no one in the car and therefore, no one was hurt. This was not an accident. This car was actually dropped from the sky because the photographer wanted the perfect shot and they did get a perfect picture! However, when you look at this picture, you can’t help but think who has so much money that they would drop a classic muscle car into a lake, just to get the perfect shot?

A Harry Potter Wedding?

Is it just us or does this look like a wedding from the Harry Potter universe? We are certain that when the photographer delivered these wedding photos, they must have been certain that they have done a fabulous job and we aren’t denying that they have done a good job but this picture just looks odd once you let your imagination run wild.

Rough Landing

Those who ride horses know that it isn’t always easy to control an animal and therefore, the possibility of accidents cannot be completely negated. However, this picture here shows how badly things can go wrong on a bad day. There are two things that could have happened here. Either the horse jumped and the rider lost his balance and fell away or the horse suddenly decided that he did not want to carry anyone on his back and therefore, decided to send the rider flying in the air. Only the rider and the photographer can tell us what really happened here. Until then, we can only make guesses and just enjoy this picture.

Photobombed by a Fish

Those of you who have gone snorkeling know how important it is to get a perfect photo for keepsake. This person here was perhaps also trying to get a beautiful picture clicked when a fish decided to photobomb him. The result is a mythical character we can call fish-man.

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