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These Totally Normal Things Are Forbidden By Royal Protocol

British Royals

As a British royal, there are plenty of rules that need to be followed. It is called protocol, and it dictates what a royal can wear, eat, and how they should behave to keep royal life running smoothly. Some of the rules make sense, but some are just crazy. These totally normal things are forbidden by royal protocol. Prepare to be shocked.

Don’t Fly With Another Heir

It is a rule that heirs cannot travel with another family member who is in line for the throne. For example, Prince William is technically not allowed to fly with Prince George. When they went to Australia and New Zealand in 2014, they flew together. However, when George reaches 12-years-old, and he can fly alone, that will come to an end. The rules have become less strict since air travel has gotten safer, but it is still a rule that must be followed.


British royals are forbidden from public displays of affection when out with their significant other. This is especially true when they are in a place where people are more traditionally minded. This is the reason that when you see royal couples together, they don’t look at ease with one another, and in some cases, they don’t appear to like one another. Stealing a kiss from your partner on a night out can be fun, but not if you are a member of the royal family.

No Nicknames

When a person is a member of the royal family, people are expected to call them by their full, formal name. For example, she grew up as Kate Middleton, but now, people only refer to her as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. While most royals follow the rule, some choose not to. Prince Harry, whose given name is Henry, is only called Henry on formal occasions.

Hold Your Clutch

Royal ladies take their clutches everywhere. Not only do they contain essentials, but they are also great for blocking their cleavage when getting out of a car. The clutch can also get them out of an unwanted handshake. When it comes to carrying their clutches, royal protocol says that they must hold it in their hands. They can never hold it under their arm. This is considered unacceptable.

Don’t Show Up the Queen In Charades

Queen Elizabeth loves a good game of charades. She also loves to make impressions of world leaders and celebrities. When Megan Markle joined the royal family for Christmas, Prince Harry warned her to let his grandmother win. This isn’t technically royal protocol, but it is something that every member of the royal family understands and follows.

Monopoly Is Forbidden

It may sound crazy that a board game is forbidden for the royals, but it is reported to be true. Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, was at a public even years ago, and someone gave him Monopoly. He apologized, saying that he couldn’t accept the gift because the royal family is not allowed to play Monopoly. There is no word of who put this rule in effect or why.

Hold the Garlic

According to two chefs who used to cook for the Queen at Buckingham Palace, garlic was not allowed. The Queen hated too much garlic and too many onions, so she didn’t want it in the palace kitchen. She also wouldn’t let them cook meat rare. She likes her meat well-done, and that is how she expects it to be prepared.

Tiaras Only After 6 pm

The women in the royal family often wear hats in public, as it is protocol. It the women are at a public event that runs later than 6 pm, they have to remove their hats and replace them with tiaras. According to the Royal Butler, it is a sign of status and would show that you weren’t looking for a husband. Whether this rule remains in place today is unknown.

No Shellfish

You won’t see a member of the royal family dining on lobster or clams. This is because shellfish is off-limits to the royal family. The reason that the family cannot eat is is that of all the food groups, people tend to get food poisoning the most often from shellfish. They don’t want one of their own getting sick in public, or worse, deathly ill.

Pack a Black Outfit

Wherever a member of the family travels, they have to pack a black outfit in their suitcase. This rule goes back to when Queen Elizabeth’s father died while she was traveling, and she couldn’t get off the plane at home until someone arrived with her black “mourning” clothes. Ever since every member of the family must pack a black outfit just in case.

The Bride’s Bouquet

It isn’t a formal rule, but it is a tradition that the bride’s bouquet should have myrtle plant in the center. The tradition started when Queen Elizabeth was given this plant from Prince Albert’s grandmother. She brought it all the way over from Germany. Since them, it has been seen in Queen Elizabeth II’s bouquet, Princess Diana’s, Kate Middleton’s, and Megan Markle’s.

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