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These Villagers Believe That Their Unusual Diet Offers Eternal Life

Strict Diet

Sticking to a strict diet is not easy. Many of the foods that are bad for you, such as fatty, sugary, and fried foods are all delicious. Dieting becomes even more difficult when you see someone eating a candy bar or a large plate of fries. Once you see the food and you smell it, it can be impossible not to partake. If everyone around you stuck to the same diet and you didn’t have access to the foods that tempt you, dieting would be much easier.

A Village In Israel

Israel’s Negev Desert is a massive stretch of land that doesn’t contain much. There is a village located in Dimona in the middle of the desert where about 5,000 people live. They call themselves African Hebrew Israelites. They have a very unique outlook on health. For these people, living a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing in their lives.

Nuseir Yassin

Nuseir Yassin is a travel vlogger. He had the opportunity to visit the village so that he could see first hand what set this village apart from other places in the world. When he got there, he was pretty surprised by what he saw. It wasn’t too often that you find people who are so serious and dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle. He was very surprised by the lengths the villagers went to in order to live long and healthy lives.

The Dirt

The diet is incredibly strict, and every resident must stick to it. They say that it makes it easier for them to maintain. Everyone in the village avoids eating meat, dairy, and anything processed. They also don’t smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol of any kind. If you are passing through the village, don’t expect to find a burger joint, a smoke shop, or a local pub. These things are all not part of the villagers’ diets. Everything that they eat is plant-based. If it doesn’t come from the ground, they won’t eat it. They believe that a Vegan, plant-based diet and avoiding animal fat will keep them in great shape. They also believe that it keeps them in peak physical performance.

Monthly Massages

Every resident in the village is required to get monthly massages. It is highly unlikely that the residents complain about this too much. Villagers can get more than one massage if they like, but they must meet the one massage a month requirement.

The Proof

The villagers say that they have proof that their healthy lifestyle actually works. They say that if you take a walk around town and talk to the elderly, you will see that they are youthful and full of energy. The combined age of the three women here is 244. Everything considered this is pretty good.

The “Garden Of Eden” Diet

While the rest of the world calls the diet vegan, the people in the village call it the “Garden of Eden” diet. They believe that a particular verse in Genesis tells them that God’s intention was for people to eat only plants. The verse reads, “Genesis 1:29: And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb yielding seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in which is the fruit of a yielding seed; to you, it shall be for food.” These villagers believe that their unusual diet offers eternal life.

Ben Carter

The man who started the movement of the African Hebrew Israelites was Ben Carter. He went by the name Ben Ammi Ben-Israel. He began the movement in the 1960s, and he had many beliefs. One of them was pretty outrageous. He believed that diet and lifestyle would actually lead to immortality. Even though he died in 2014, the people in the village still share his beliefs. The thought of immortality is nice, but the people of the village know that it cannot be attained by anyone, no matter what you eat.

Feeling Great

Even though the villagers know that they cannot obtain immortality through eating the right foods, they know that it can help them live longer. Most people in the village live to be over 80-years-old, which is not common in many parts of the world. It is also rare for the villagers to get terminal diseases like cancer.


The next time you think about sitting down and enjoying a Big Mac, think about the people of this village. With a little bit of willpower, you can start living a healthy lifestyle like these villagers. You don’t need to get monthly massages, even though that would be really nice. Even if you can’t go completely vegan, making a few changes in your diet and exercise regimen can add a few years to your life.

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